To help pull me out, people ask me what's the benefit of riding in your skid steer or outside. Instead of inside – and I can see everything perfectly – these are my controls just like in a full size. Well, because it is a full size. I'Ve been ripping up my track lately, so everything in here is super wet. You can see, I sunk it good. I slid right off the embankment here and then it just got wedged worse and worse, so I'll use this get steer to pull it out. Yeah look see, sir. I was doing mudding videos recently and it's, been they're good tried to get out there's no way stuck in there, like my boots, linking it there so back to skid, steer up we'll hook up a towline and wilt ourselves out smart face down in the mud feels Like a girl, okay, so they this is going to have to have some finagling to it, because I have to drive the lawn more and the skid steer at the same time: Music, Music, Oh dude, that is deep! Well, I was soaking, wet it'll need a thorough cleaning now, and that is why I have a radio control.