I know the title of this: video is how to make money on youtube and its not really misleading, but i am going its kind of a rant video, so its not what youre looking for. I will give you some examples, but anyway, dont want to be clickbait, so stick around ill get into it, just a second Music. All right guys, thanks for joining me today, theres different ways that us content creators make money on youtube and uh. Some of it is very little of it is what we get paid from youtube. Thats literally amounts to pennies guys. We dont make money on youtube where content creators make money is in their affiliate links and their different, innovative ideas that they can do like. Sometimes i mod drones for people. I get a lot of people that send me their drones so and i do this for them and i dont do it for free, i charge for that, and so i came up with a way i said, lets design a course. People can purchase its very very cheap now. I think udemy charges like 10 bucks or 13 bucks for this course that lines up step by step now. Yes, this information is out there youre free to do this. Software on your own purchase the license and everything else and do the hack on your own and youre good to go um. There are certain things on there that will drive you crazy. Sometimes the software.

The program is kind of glitchy, sometimes especially with the mavic 2. Pro theres a part in there, where it wont accept the firmware you dont want dont know what to do. I laid it out in the troubleshooting section on the video, but i do have a couple people with sand in their vaginas. That uh have sent me messages and theyve got a real problem with me charging for a course now uh. The question that comes to mind is, i wonder, are these: do these same individuals, uh contact, drone academy and so on and cuss them out for charging to prep for the 107? When that information is out there free theres practice practice courses, practice tests out there for free information on how to study for free, yet theyre charging hundreds of dollars for a course for the 107 and people are buying it. I dont know. I think these individuals that are actually attacking me for this are just 99 of them are probably people who hate dji, no matter what and theyre pissed off that im, offering a service that will make that dgi drone fly how they wish it would no restrictions. The other one percent are just miserable people, typically im, not the kind of guy who will go back and forth just to argue and have fun and have a screaming match a cussing match or whatever some people may find that fun. I dont its, not productive. So with that type of people, if thats your intent, i will just block you plain and simple forget about you: ive had a couple people who have sent me constructive messages and we have gone back and forth and talked about this, like you know, adults and thats, One thing i value their opinion, i havent blocked them and i continue to uh.

They watch my videos. I continue to to interact with them, but the guys who just want to bash call names. Cuss me out tell me how stupid i am well all that stuff ive got no use for you. I will just block you plain and simple. So, if youre sitting there going, oh this guy cant take criticism uh! Yes, i can and ive got other people who can testify for that. I talk to them back and forth. I dont block them because theyre not now. If youve got a content creator who say who says theyre not doing this for money, they are flat out. 100 percent lying to you if youve got a content creator out there, who has thousands of subscribers guys, we all do this for money. I guarantee you look on their videos and they have their videos monetized, because theyre hoping for that little bit of change from youtube. We all are but again youtube. Doesnt pay us jack very little, so we make monies in other ways. Some guys have gotten up to a status where dji and everybody else sends them drones for free they do their reviews and so on. They have affiliate links. You think dji doesnt set them up with affiliate links. They do. They can also take that drone and sell it. So if they take a thousand dollar drone and sell it for 800 bucks, when theyre done with the review, they made a whole lot more money than they would have on that video on youtube.

Now other affiliate links amazon, you name it it doesnt matter. What it is were all in this for money, guys, no matter what anybody says plain and simple thats the truth guys. So yes, i made a course actually ive made a couple of courses and theres a couple of people that have had an issue with me charging for information thats out there, but this course not only do you not have to buy it, you can just turn the Other way, which is the simple thing to do this course, lays everything out step by step by step, even in a troubleshooting situation which youre not going to get out there online sorry. So, even though this course is available, i still have people that dont want to buy the course that want to send me their drone and pay much much more and thats. Fine too. I will still continue to do this. I still get drones in all the time, but yes this course is available. Yes, i made a course – and yes, im charging a tiny little bit for it, so you either have a problem, whether you dont the adults, pretty much know whats going on the kids out. There are going to still scream you know: theyve got sand in their vaginas or whatever to the people who have a problem with me. Charging for a course get over it too bad to everybody else. Happy flying and ill have other courses out there on 3d printing and so on, like that also but um anyway.

We all try and make money on youtube, guys, thats the point of this video and just because i found a way to make a few pennies elsewhere.