You guys got this guy off amazon, a couple different features: it has hd camera dual camera conversion. Optical flow position hold hand, gesture, foldable trajectory flight, headless mode 15 minutes worth of flight time lets get into it, whats, going on guys, drones and dogs here. Welcome back to the channel. All right, you guys so today were gon na, be checking out this maker fire 1080p foldable brushed wi fi fpv drone. Now this should be a good drone for beginners thats looking to get into the hobby. Now, if youve been flying, djis and all tails and stuff like that, youre – probably not going to be interested in this, but if youre a beginner youre. Looking for your first drone, your first quadcopter learn how to fly cheap decent. This is the video for you, so lets take a look and see what we get inside this box so were greeted with this box. Now i did get this guy from amazon ill post a link below fairly cheap. I think it was like 50 bucks, something like that um. So it has a couple different features on the front of the box that it says says: hd, camera, dual uh, camera conversion, optical flow hand, gestures, foldable, blade, blaster, blase, whole bunch of different features, packed into this little budget, quadcopter guys so were gon na. Take a look at this bad boy, thats, what its all about is made by this company called maker fire.

I actually believe this is the first time ive ever had anything from them, so were gon na see what this bad boy is about. Okay, nice presentation, you guys know i think presentation is key. I love when uh they present you with a nice box and its presented very well. I think that that that means a lot. You know im saying. First impressions means a lot so heres our user manual uh as it says, foldable optical flow drones, user menu, it doesnt really say the actual model of the drone. You know what im saying, but here it is smaller manual and it does say english leases, english. You know im saying so so it looks like they have a couple different versions in here: english, uh, spanish. So whatever language you are youre gon na be able to get it. It looks to be fairly detailed, a nice small little manual. I like these smaller menu, because these are a little small menu. You could actually take with you and have it in the field which you should you have to refer to it, for anything, just forget how to do something. A larger manual is hard to carry something like this is its good to keep like in your pocket or something, maybe in your backpack, where you are flying your drone, so thats pretty good lets. Take this top tier off, so everything looks really good man. Everything looks presented very very well. I do like that.

I appreciate that so we get two flight batteries and these flight batteries are supposed to have 15 minutes of flight on each battery. You guys so lets see what the size of these batteries are. 3.7 volt thats. A single cell, one cell 1800 milliamp hour, lipo so thats supposed to give us that 15 minute flight time, uh and yeah lipo batteries, not uh lithium ion these actual lipos. So you get two of these 1800 milliamp hour batteries here, which is nice. I love when they give you two everybody always wants to fly more. You guys know that everybody always wants to fly more more flight. Time is always better, so you are greeted with a set of plot guards. Now for indoor flying, i do recommend for outdoor flying. I do not recommend, especially if you are a beginner youre, going to probably hit some trees or run to the trees, at least, if you do it without the prop guards, you can get your drone back. Possibly you do it with the prop guards. Youre gon na probably get this bad boy hung in a tree. These are like tree. Hangers is what i like to call them, so i mean fly with the prop guards inside if youre a beginner that will help your motors but outside yeah. You might help your motors, but what whats the point of helping your motors if your drone is stuck in the tree, it doesnt matter if youre gon na save the motor, if you dont get the drone back, so it doesnt matter so at least id rather get The drone back than trying to save the motors you know um so thats, just how i look at it so, but they do give you proper hearts.

Um got a little goodie bag here. What is inside this little goodie bag here? This part is going to be an extra set of foldable props. If i had to guess yeah extra set of foldable propellers, you get a screwdriver, a little phillips screwdriver you guys and of course you get the charger for the batteries, one of them little pinhole chargers. Little barrel pinhole chargers thats going to stick inside the battery on the side here so heres our connection for charging im pretty sure this is going to have a led light or something thats going to light up. You know so simple charge method: okay, so thats nice. You get a charger theyre nice to get two chargers, but it is what it is, and then you get two sets of foldable props and, of course, the hardware to put these bad boy on with youre gon na need. Oh, maybe get three props a four, a four set: oh they give you four. Usually sometimes they only give you two. They give you a full set of uh extra props, so you can change the props out. Usually they only give you two thats good. So you get a full set of extra foldable propellers to change these bad boys out. You need to should you crash a wreck and of course they have the screws inside here to attach those you guys all right, so thats pretty cool. They gave us a full set thats nice, i was thinking it was gon na, be two to be honest, to be completely honest with you, and then we have the controller here.

So weve seen this controller layout a ton of times before guys is that toy grade. Like i said like its like a dji ish style, dji, ish style transmitter, you know so i believe youre gon na need three double a batteries for the back. Well, get to that once we get to the flight review, put three double a batteries in the back. Here everything is labeled on this bad boy. You got antennas up here that i believe are fake um. Let me see yeah. These are fake, theres, no wire or nothing going through these antennas guys. So you cant put them up for looks, but they are fake. Theyre. A dummy antenna, theres no wire or nothing going through there um spring loaded joystick, so that means altitude hold foam out under here. A real nice phone model power button got your traditional trim buttons here and one over here lets see. You got your unlock. The motor button and your automatic lan button so press it once the motors will unlock and then you can just you cant automatically take off, but you just throttle up and itll take off and then press this to land. The bird you got your gyroscope calibrate. The bird on a level flat surface so before you take off or after any crash, you want to put the drawer on a flat level. Surface hold this button for a few seconds and thats going to calibrate the gyroscope of the drone, basically telling the drone hey youre on a flat surface.

This is how you should be when you take off. You know what im saying and thats pretty much it guys. Uh, we have a 180 button here now. This 180 button is not going to do flips its not like a 360 flip button, its actually going to just yaw the quad 180 degrees. So if you was facing this way, you press this 180 button its going to turn around and face the quad, the opposite direction. Do a full 180 turn um its like. You got speeds here on this button. You got uh lets see photo video on this button and im guessing. This is headless mode right here on this button, headless mode and maybe one key return and thats pretty much it. The layout of the controller, like i said, weve, seen this controller a ton of time before on the channel. We know what its pretty, what its about, what its capable of so well get it tested in this review and see how it performs with this maker fire drone im excited to see what it does so last but not least here is the drone nice foldable. Looking drone nice 1080p lens right here with the lens protector, guys dont forget to take that lens protector off before you fly. So you see this, i got a little lens cover there, like nice, clear film to keep the lens from getting scratched. Um drone is a nice compact size in my hand, you can see pretty much fits in the size of my hand there and nice foldable brush motors brush motors foldable arms and from the lookup.

It looks like you have to go from there from the um front to the rear, with the bottom arms. So take the bottom. Arms go from front and fold back to the rear and they snap into place. And then you want to go from the rear to the front with the top arms so from the go to the rear and fold out to the front and boom there you go. You have the drone here. It is so you have an optical flow camera there. Underneath and the optical flow camera is basically going to help this guy. With holding this position, the camera looks down, focuses on something on the ground and keeps it positioned. It helps it. It makes it more easier to fly for beginners. I, like the foldable design, this guy has a ton of leds on this bad boy. As you will see, when we get to flying this bad boy, it has led lights here up top its going all the way through the body. So you got a light here and its going all the way through on each arm, and you also got led on top of it. So this guy is super well lit. You guys know i will be popping out for the night flight im, not sure the size of these gear brush motors but brush gear motors. Here on the top. You can see the motor here connecting to the gears in there so thats gon na um.

You aint gon na be able to fly this guy too much of a like a windy day like brush motors are not good for high. When you know what im saying so, keep this guy on a relatively low wind day, you should be all right. The camera is manually adjustable you guys, so you can adjust it to about like a 45 degree angle right there, so thats pretty sweet. There is no sd card slot on this bad boy, so everything is recorded via wi fi directly to your phone guys. So all your footage is, via wi fi, recorded directly into your phone, no sd card to be put in there, so thats kind of inspected, though at this price point battery slides in here clicks into place on and off switch here on top lets, see what these Colors these leds look like look at that, like i said, look at these bright leds guys. Look at that leds! This thing is super well lit, look at that ill mix that lets go ahead and turn that off. So i am excited to fly this guy guys. So this is the maker fire hd 1080p drone guys. I will drop a link below for this bad boy. If you guys are interested in checking this bad boy out. Um stay tuned, subscribe, click notification bell ill, try to possibly pop out for a flight today, its getting later in the evening, so the sun is already beginning to set so but stay tuned.

We will get a review of this bad boy here, this maker fire drone. I mean boy drawings of dogs dont forget to like and subscribe catch.