So you know what that means and im going to review some toy grade drones for you for those perfect christmas gifts, so today were going to be talking about the marker fire drone. This is a 1080p camera, so it says uh its supposed to be dual camera. I havent figured that part out yet, but it does have an optical flow sensor anyway. Let me tell you all about this: stick around Music, all right guys, thanks for joining me today and again christmas time were going to be talking about gift ideas. Now this one was sent to me by marker fire um if its got a different name other than marker fire. I dont know what it is. It just says marker fire, so this is the drone. You can see how big this is. So it does have a stationary camera, but you can tilt it, so this is supposed to be 1080p and im going to se im going to show you guys, while were going here, some examples of the pictures and the video quality. Now, while this is toy grade drone, its got two batteries it comes with and they charge with a little little cable that plugs into a usb charger. It does take forever in a day to charge these, and i was getting probably about 10 minutes flight time. Out of this little drone, now its supposed to have altitude hold, which it does a pretty good job of holding its altitude, but its not going to be anything like uh gps, where its going to hold its position exact out here today, its pretty windy out, and It was a challenge for this little guy, so, although typically with this type of drone, i will only take them.

You know maybe six feet up quiet, no wind conditions are inside. I wanted to see how this one would do outside for you guys, because its its a lot of fun out here um, i did go up, probably 30 40 feet and in the wind it was a bit challenging its got two speed settings on the controller. Now its got a little place where you can put your phone theres no cables. These right here are theyre supposed to simulate antennas, but you can leave them down. If you want, they really do nothing. Um its complete wi fi. So its wi fi signal from the controller to the drone and from the to your phone there im gon na caution. You guys up front. The instructions are not very clear, so youre going to want to do a couple procedures when you try and start this up. The first thing youre going to want to do is youre going to want to power everything on and its just a simple press to power on, and you can hold the drone down for three seconds and itll power up theres a calibration button here. Once you get going, you want to hold that down. While the drone is flat on the ground and it will calibrate itself when you first turn it on to pair the two youre going to have to once its powered up, move the left, stick up and down and let go and itll pair it in order to Get the app theres a a qc code, you can, you can do and you can get the laptop.

You can just go to the play, store and download marker fire im on android. It does have it for ios as well um, but trying to get it to actually see something on your app is is confusing. So let me tell you what you do number one before you try and connect wi fi. You show your drone put your phone in airplane mode, go back in and turn your wi fi on. Then you can connect to the marker fire, which will be in the the uh down in the menu for uh wi fi connections. Once you connect to that pull the app up, youll start to see an image and youre good to go starting the drone um. Typically, you know down and out down and in whatever up down theres a place on the on the app where it looks like you can push that button, then it just makes the drone go. None of that worked. So to start the motors on this youve got this button right here, just push it and the motor start, and then you can fly like normal. Its got a speed button, theres two modes: if you push this down and hold it, one beep is slow mode. Two beeps is fast mode in the wind uh it did. It was a challenge like i said uh when i was up about 30 40 feet. It was a real challenge to get this to come back down, so uh be careful in the wind.

You can lose this fairly easy. My recommendation, so you get used to it, is to put the included prop guards on it and fly it inside or flight in your backyard or somewhere, where theres uh limited wind so get used to it. Fly it around play with it, like i said i was getting about 10 minutes of flight time out of it, you get two batteries with it and its got things like headless mode. If you dont know what headless mode is normally when youre flying you push the stick forward, itll go this way if youve got it in headless mode, no matter what youre looking at push it forward, even if youre facing this way its going to go forward, but Its going to go forward sideways or backwards headless mode does that um youve got trim buttons on here. You can trim if youve got it sitting there. Stationary and youve got a little bit of wind blowing it backwards. You can actually trim it to where itll compensate for that, but uh yeah other than that its got a 180 button. If you push this down, the drone will spin 180 degrees and uh. I have not figured out it says: dual camera now, unless theyre talking about the optic flow sensor down here, i dont know, but there are not two cameras on here. So dont get confused not as far as two cameras that you can. You can view through. This is your main and only camera.

This is the only image youre gon na see through the app and its not stabilized guys, so its gon na do better on pictures than video, but, like i said throughout the course of this, video youre gon na see the actual images coming from the camera. That does store them on your phone or your device that youre flying from it does not store it on the drone or an sd card of any type. These do fold away, so it makes a little compact only folds one way, and this is the drone when its all folded up. So, if youre interested in this for a gift idea, uh its not too bad, you know it flies decent and for a toy grade. Drone now guys keep in mind toy grade drone. This is not like some of the other drones like the the uh evos and the mavics that i and the inspires, and so on that i constantly deal with in fpv drones. This is a toy grade. Drone comes in about 65 bucks ill leave a link in the description where you can pick this up, but its not a bad little drone for a kid for a beginner um christmas time. Cant go wrong its its not going to break the bank thanks for watching this review on the marker fire drone and ill see you next time ill have more gift ideas for you coming up. This is my week of doing reviews.

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