I think it’s, like version 0.12 at the time of this video and for those of you guys have been following me on instagram, are like crazy to find out how to make your esds um play those different. You know tunes and music and stuff like that. I’Ll get to that here at the end of the video, so just hang on, so i want to get through a little bit of the sort of the technicals first. So for those of you guys that i want to use rpm filter on bles, you pretty much were limited to either jazz maverick firmware or jesc, and that was, i think, was paid. You had to pay for those. I had to get a license now: i’ve pretty much been using just the jazz maverick firmware up to 16.9 and it seems, like development, has stopped on that i’m. Not really sure why, but it was working for me. I know i’ve heard some stories of people having uh, you know, burn dsc’s and other problems. You know desyncing issues. I have um jazz, maverick firmware and probably close to 100 quads. By now that i’ve tried and haven’t had any of those problems so i’m not really sure what people are doing wrong. Um they’re set up to have that issue. I did a video like a year ago on how to set up rpm filter and all that all that stuff still applies here. This is just going to be how to get the blue j firmware on to the esc’s.

Now again, you know just saying this is experimental. You know uh, there could still be problems. I haven’t really done a lot of testing on this i’ve put this on. Maybe five quads so far, mainly just to get the music stuff on the esc’s, because i wanted to post that stuff to instagram. I have been flying a little bit so far, no problems and it seems okay and then this does seem to have a little bit more advanced than the um jazz mavic firmware. It does have a little bit more fine tuning ability in terms of like ramp, up power and startup power. That kind of thing i’ll explain that here in a second the configuration interface with that being said, you know, um, you know, use this with caution and uh. If you have problems, i would probably go to that page. This page i’m going to show you here and check on the computer and maybe contact the developer or go to some of the forms and see if someone can help you out because generally as long as you get the uh right firmware on in terms of um Betaflight and you have this – the correct setup and you’re in betaflight it’s, not giving you any error, error percentages and the motor outputs. When you’re actually running the testing, then it shouldn’t usually work. I haven’t had any problems with the case. So if you have some sort of configuration issue, then yeah this, this video is not going to cover that, for you uh there’s, a myriad of different things that could go wrong and i think i could easily make a four or five hour video.

Just on half the possibilities, so i would try – and you know, make some inquiries into some of the forms if you have to run any problems on this blue jay firmware. Okay, so that being says, get all the disclaimers out of the way uh go into the computer and i’ll show you how to where to get it software and how to install to your esc’s okay. So this is the web page. You can go to to get information on the bluej firmware and just have some information on the current features and what version they’re currently on the has some. I guess some information comparing it to blholly s in terms of startup power, minimum startup power, maximum star power and rpm power. I’Ll explain in a little bit from my understanding what it is uh in the configurator page. Not here you can read it here. If you want, but this is where all the information is, if you want to get more details in terms of flashing, the escs, you can either do it using this esd configurator, which is actually browser based or you can use the bluej configurator, which is a standalone It’S kind of like a chrome based application, you’re, probably familiar with i’m, going to actually demonstrate this on the browser based esc configurator, the first one is listed here. If you want to get the standalone app for your computer, you can go here to this link and it’s another github.

You can download here and they have uh the configurator for linux, macos and windows. It looks like 1.35 is the latest version, but if you go to this website here, this link is called ese configurator.com. You can actually it’s actually browser based and assuming your usb ports are working properly in your proper usb drivers on your computer. This should work. I haven’t had any problems because all my like uh, my pc stuff, has been set up properly, but if you have problems connecting, it might be due to some sort of usb driver problems. So this video is not going to cover that way. Out of the scope of this video it’s, probably something you want to look search youtube for in terms of like windows, drivers for usb ports and fixes for that kind of stuff. So i have a separate video on like how to fix usb driver problems for like um uh. I think it’s like for bill uh, sorry for being a flight configurator, so it may work for this one as well, so i’ll link that video down in the description. If you want to start there and then from that point on, you can look for other videos having to do with windows. Drivers, windows, usb driver problems, hey event: this is what i’m going to use so i’m going to go ahead and i’m going to connect up. My demo quad here this is the diatone roma f3. I believe – and this has bl heli s uh firmware on here.

I believe it’s got a version of jazz maverick firmware currently on here. Okay, so the computer has detected the correct usb port and i just need power so i’m, going to power this on i’m, going to go ahead and hit connect and then hit read, setup yeah and it has a jazz maverick from around here, it’s 16.9 and so To flash uh bluej firmware on here, you just hit flash all down here and you can actually choose other firmware. So if you want to choose build from where you can do that, but in this case we’re going to choose bluej, i should auto check the current target, which is gh30 leave that alone. And then you want to select your version on here. So you can go back to the older version if you want i’m going to use the latest 0.12 test version. This is the one that also enables the music which i’ll show you at the end. Select that and then you you have to select the pwm frequencies. So you can’t set this as a setting as you can. As with jazz maverick firmware. You can either basically get to select frequency at flashing, so i’m, going to select 48 kilohertz for this one and i’ll go ahead and flash everything. Okay, so it looks like it kept the look. It migrated some of the settings over kept the actual motor direction for all the motors, so that’s a good thing um and it tried to match the the settings that were previously on the other older firmware within this newer former, so there’s some differences here, uh this Minimum startup power and maximum startup power is something that i haven’t seen before.

So basically it has to do with when you first plug in and give power to the motors. You know when you uh, when you give it throttle how much actual power is being sent through the escs to the motor, and i found that these default settings seem to be just fine. But if you find that, for example, if you’re giving it low throttle, you know if you’re gently increasing the draw, but the motors aren’t, spinning up, you might want to increase the minimum start value and then the maximum start value is. I think how much maximum power can be given to the motors at full throttle, and so, if you’re, having a lot of issues where, for example, the motors are you get a lot of like um, noise or vibrations, maybe that this value might be too high? And this this is actually kind of related to this other value down here called rpm power protection or ramp up. This is the rate at which the power is increased or decreased. So here the values go from 1 to 13 and basically one means more protection for the motors and 13 means less protection. So that means so what that means is. If you are, for example, you have a quad that just has a lot of noise and vibrations. Even at like mid to low throttle and doesn’t matter what you’re doing with your d term or your pitune, you may want to decrease this value because there’s too much uh ramp up power being sent to the motors from the esc’s.

So this had tends to happen. This tends to happen to occur on lighter builds. It seems like when the motor has a lot of power compared to the weight of the quad they’re, all including the battery on certain setups doesn’t happen on all of them, but on some, then you might have more noise from that, so just bump it down from, Like nine, which is default to maybe six or five and see how that feels, if you go down too low, what will happen? Is it won’t? The motor won’t have enough ramp up power, so it’ll feel really sluggish and non responsive, and you know if you, even if you, if you feel that at the setting of nine you want more rambo power, then you want your pi one increases that’s gon na be On probably maybe like things like cine whoops that are really heavy, and you want more, i want more control authority, then maybe bump it up from nine to like 10 or 11 and see how that feels. But, generally speaking, i would just leave it alone unless you’re having major problems with pit tuning as long as you’re not having major problems uh, i would just leave it alone. Okay, so that’s about all. I know about these settings here. You can ask on the forums if you need more information, but i think that should get you started now for the thing about the music that everyone wants so it’s over here down here.

This button called the open melody editor so open that up so there’s, like uh, basically put a tune in here. You can actually play a different tune on every esc if you want to, but i think that’s kind of annoying because you won’t be able to tell what’s what. So. I think this button says uh, the box says synchronized melodies, and then you just paste in your tune here now. This is what’s known as an rttl format for for a melody. So let me just go ahead. This is an x files, melody that i found somewhere and they’re all over the internet in various places, so to paste it in here, and then you can see here that it looks like it’s too long. It’S like these last two are highlighted. So you have to cut off these and then hit accept and hit save and then it’ll save that to the esc. So then, when i close this and then i disconnect it should start playing the tone. Okay. So if you’re wondering how to find these melodies just go to google, this is what i did, and so, if you want to type in something like rttl and then whatever the melody you’re looking for so like, i have found a galaga tune, you can do that And there’s various websites and forums you can go to and find it. So this has to be in that format and there’s a it can’t be too long.

If it’s too long it’ll, it will basically tell you, you can’t, save it, because it’s going to only have only enough space for a certain amount of data so yeah. Basically, if the song is too long, you have to cut it shorter or you know basically just cut off the last part of it and it won’t get saved to the esc and that’s pretty much it um. I’M. Obviously, you know i’m gon na probably get a lot of questions. Where can i find this or whatever we’re gon na find that i, like, i said, just go to google, do exactly what i did here. You’Re gon na have to probably do a little bit of digging that’s, which is what i did uh, but yeah. You can probably find a lot out there. So there’s uh, you know uh. These are like old tunes from, like, i think, nokia phones, i believe, or some older, like cell phones and that’s, pretty much like where you can get these tones for, i think they’re, like ringtones, i think pretty much what they are anyway. I hope this has been helpful in terms of like getting you on the latest and greatest blheli s, esc firmware it’s still pretty new, so there might be bugs so be aware that you know if uh you happen to have a desync and follow the sky. You may want to go back to you like your whatever older firmware that you’re using that was working for you.