So please stay connected with us. Also guys, if you wish to buy this product, then please to watch this video and if youve already experienced any thought over this product or if you have not received the product or got a damaged product, then please do watch the video till the end to find Out how to get your money back so guys, people from the united states are very curious to know about this product, so guys nyx will provide you with the full details of this product, so make sure to watch the video till the end. So, first of all in the video well talk about the product type and the full name of this product. So here this is the product, as you can see, and after checking it out, we have found out that this product is actually a flying ball drone. It is a flying, spinner mini drone and the full name is maddie drone. Now, if you want to know about the price of this product, so right now, this product costs 29.95, but earlier it was 86.95, so it is on sale, as you can see so guys. Next well talk about the features of this product, so this product comes in many colors that is blue, red and pink, and it has to mention that it is actually meant for both children and adults. Now it features an aerodynamic, enclosed arc design and it flies floats. Glide and climbs, it is also for safe for children to use, and it also has a boomerang effect and it has got a usb power cord, and this ball is 3.

7 inches. So you can check this out. So next guys well talk about the legitimacy factors of this product, but before going further, it is requested from you all to like share and subscribe to our channel. So now. Well talk about the legitimacy factors so now guys about the availability of this product. So this particular product from this brand is only available in this particular website. It is not available over different website, but there are some similar looking products which are available. Also, if you want to know about the launch date of this product, we have checked, but we couldnt find its launch date anywhere now guys. If you want to know about this websites domain age and the trust core, we have checked, and this website was registered on 10 of november 2021, which means the subside is very new, and the transcore of this site is only two percent. Now this product does not have any social media presence, which is a negative sign. So next guys well talk about the most important point that are the reviews of this product. So, according to our research, we didnt find any single customer review of this product anywhere. So this is a negative point, so guys in the conclusion of the magic drone reviews. This product appears to be a scam product. As you can see, this product does not have any reviews or any social media presence.