This is my personal bmw m2cs, as many of you know its a car that im entirely addicted to these days. Ive done well past 5000 miles since ive had it thats in conjunction with the other cars that i own, and the reason i keep turning back to this almost every single day is that it is pretty much the best bmw m car that ive ever driven. I think its going to be perhaps the last great m car that well ever have it links so nicely back to the e30 in not just the size, shape and purpose, but the notoriety with us, petrol heads as well and its a car that, while the competition Was a fantastic car? This car brings small changes in the most meaningful areas to massive effect, like only the best special editions do and today were going to celebrate. It were also going to look at the one thing that lets it down, which is the exhaust noise. Thanks to eu regs, etc, hopefully to be fixed in this video today, with a new akrapovic system were going to get that installed at litchfield motors here in the uk, who are also the same people, in fact who resprayed and installed and now crap of its system To chris harriss car, our friend of rbr, so ill show you around litchfield as well, which would be quite cool. In addition to that were going to see what the future bmw m2 is going to bring to the table, and then we will head out in this car for a full review launch control and to see how the sound has changed with the akrapovic system so lets Dive in and check out the bmw, m2 cs Music.

So when anybody ever asks me, what does my cs drive like? I always say it reminds me of something like a porsche gt car in terms of the sheer handling capability, the grip, the responsiveness of the engine, the amazing gearbox, but to a reduced level so punching way above its weight and giving the driver a really epic experience. And whats brought that to the cs specifically versus the competition. Are these small changes that bmw m have put in the right places in order to make such a huge effect at the end of it? The first thing to discuss is the wonderful s55 engine. This is, of course, the twin turbo monoscroll turbo engine that we found in the previous m4, its a well tested engine – and this is the last car that it makes its appearance in underneath the bonnet its gorgeous its exposed. Carbon fiber. Sadly, im got an m2cs logo, like you find in the m5, but anyway, its just lovely and eventful, and its great to see the carbon fiber. When you open it in the competition it produced 410 brake horsepower, but in the cs it gets a massive bump. All the way up to 450 brake now, when you look at the rest of the cs models, this is by far the biggest boost in power that any cs model has ever gotten. You look at the m4 cs that got a measly boost of less than two percent of just ten brake horsepower.

You could even the m5 ts got a boost of one percent again would around about 10 break. This is getting another 40 brake horsepower so, rather than being a nominal edition, this is something thats actually going to make a big difference. The other thing that makes this car great is having the six speed manual as standard and the last ever dct that were going to get in this type of m car. Sadly, the new torque converters, even in the great m3 and m4 just dont shift as snappily as this dct and youll, see just how quick it is on launch control because of that as well. Our car today is, of course, the dct, so big power bump great transmission choice and, after that the usual cs, changes which are so important. The first, which is the most important in terms of design as well, is our carbon fiber reinforced bonnet. This is half the way at the standard one. It looks amazing, which has got the same design as the one that we had on the m4 cs and somewhat reminiscent of the m5 cs as well. But whats more reminiscent of those cars is the function than it has of having better downforce and helping with engine cooling. You also see the lovely carbon fiber exposed underneath the vents there as well, which looks fantastic, so thats. A great addition, in addition to that weve got the first ever carbon fiber roof in a sandwich, design its got, no seals, no roof, struts, etc.

All the insulation taken out really good acoustically lowers the center of gravity and, of course, great weight, saving and, most importantly, rigidity added because of that as well. Next, more carbon fiber, of course, youve got the mirrors, ignore that thats just aesthetic the front splitter, which you see after market parts too many on normal empties and competitions. Please dont do this guys. This has been aerodynamically optimized for this car, so this works in conjunction with our larger spoiler on the back and our diffuser in order to push air more efficiently through the bottom of the car and again, aid with downforce the wheels are, of course forged. My ones are gorgeous. These are the frozen gold option. They are an absolute ball lake if you damage them, because underneath the gold tint is ball, polished wheel, just like a rolls royce, with a gold tint on top of it and then satin lacquer. So you must take care of them, because if you damage them forget about it, you cannot repair them. These come standard on michelins cup twos, which were homogenous with the car, which are brilliant ties, of course, in the summer, but not so great, all weather. So i removed them and added the ps4s instead and its transformed the car in all weather. Now these alloys are only 9 kg on the front 10 kg on the rear, again helping reduce weight in a crucial area of the vehicle. Behind that we have the new m sport brakes.

These are large. These are 400 millimeters on the front 380 on the back, weve got six piston calipers on the front four piston on the back finished in red, especially for the cs, matching nicely again to our m5 cs. You can get the carbon ceramic brakes, which are the only option that allow a weight reduction next to the competition well worth doing. I actually want to go back to the weltec, bmw factory and try and get those installed later, but all of these things are your typical cs. Changes apart from power bump, the one thing that makes a massive difference in this car versus the competition is the addition of the adaptive suspension taken straight from the m4, and it really transforms this car as a daily and as a more rigid, focused sports car. So now you get the addition of comfort, sport and sport, plus thanks to the adaptive dampeners now this has been the standout addition for me, even though it ends up making the car as heavy as the competition. What it gives in return is so much more breadth of ability. Youve got a car thats more comfortable in my opinion than any other m2. Yet more rigid when you put it into sport plus and youll, see that to great effect. When i drive the car later now, theres some more changes that come with the cs and theyre all inside so lets head inside and check those out and then lets talk about the exhaust system.

Now the interior was a big thing that gravitated me towards the cs versus the competition and its big things like use of actual napa leather, for example, because materials and fit and finish are so important for a premium sports car. Whereas your competition has the rougher more man made looking leather, this has got the fine merino leather that you would find in something like a seven series, mixed with alcantara and the fire red stitching and lovely proliferation in your typical bmw m traits, like the tricolor logo. Here your seat belt sign over there youve got some cs specific details which are gorgeous. For example, our front trim strip here is alcantara, but weve got the cs, logo inscribed within it and behind it the red element is like a gloss red, so it really shines and stands out. It actually looks better than the one that you even find in the m5 cs, which is just kind of a red carbon on top of the trim. Similarly, on our very very thick steering wheel that ill get onto in a minute, youve got the cs. Typical logo, like you, find in the m5 cs as well, that paired with the generally great ergonomics of the standard m2 interior. You know the driver centric center console steering wheel is great the new one just just doesnt work for me. I love this. This old steering wheel that bmw m have on this now the last car to have it youve got a nicely small shaped airbag lovely sporty.

Looking spokes its a very thick rim that some people dont really like, but you know, im quite used to thicker steering wheels theres other things as well, like the use of actual carbon fiber on our grab handles here, which again makes such a difference versus like that Basket weave exposed carbon, which was awful in the normal m2. So again, things like that making a big difference got alcantara on the door cards. Everything just feels that much more premium all you needed was like merino leather on the dash and thats. It would have been as good as the m4, but im really pleased with it. That element of the interior using good materials has really escalated this to a high level. For me, then, the other really unique bit of the cs is this lovely exposed carbon center console totally unique to this car? Yes, you havent got the old. You know little storage compartment here or the armrest, but you dont really need it, because your arm rests quite nicely here and i look at this part all day and it just looks gorgeous. It looks fantastic. I love it and it just exudes that racing dna that the cs is all about, so that i absolutely love. I added a silly little thing on my cup holder lid here from m town little sticker, its a memento when i was in the m town spot. The first time i ever saw the cs: actually it was a merino blue one at that film set and uh well here we are today actually only one which is great.

Of course, the idrive system is the usual. I tend to default to apple carplay. Its all touch screen, if you want to use it, if you dont the great thing is you have this system here, so you dont need to mess around over here and make things unsafe. Youve got the old split screen system within there, though youve got our m1 and m2 drive settings and ive set my m1 to be generally more comfortable with sport steering and the engine and sport, then m2. Everything goes to sport plus and mdm on the traction control. As well, you can just switch those from your steering controls here. One other nice unique touch is having the m2cs logo within our semi analog semi digital screen. I actually quite like this drivers end screen, i think its quite cool you cant, really tell which part of it is digital and which part is analog, but i think it works for the m2 because its a partly digital, more analog car, in my opinion, so i Already mentioned the material finish on the m sport bucket, which is lovely with the merino leather um youve got the tickle holes in between, which is great. Obviously, once youve seen the carbon bucket seats in the new m3 and m4, these look less impressive. But what they are is much more comfortable because they havent got like the carbon thingy holder over there and youre more likely to fit in these seats than those ones.

Because of that entire thing, i actually really like these theyre so comfortable. They hold you in place well as well and theyre a one size fit all solution, so thats, pretty cool the rear has been a real hit. Ive got a four person family, so uh 11 year old two year old wife is usually the wife in the back with the two year old, and this is the car that shes most happy to sit in thats. How good the adaptive suspension is. She prefers it to like the c63 um, which i was just not expecting coming into a trap: car theres loads of space for the little one um to sit as well swing his legs around and go to sleeping in the back again. Wasnt. Expecting that in a smaller car like the m2, but it seems to have as much space as my largest c63, so this has been quite the hit as a family car now guys lets get to the most important bit the exhaust system. Let me remind you what it sounded like originally, which is like this Applause thats, really just not all that impressive for what is essentially an 80 grand sports car really. Is it so? I got in touch with akrapovic and we thought we would install their slip on rear system lets. Go now to litchfield theyre, an amazing bunch who frequently work with high end cars. They do their own engine testing its an amazing place.

I want to show you the place and lets get the system installed and show you what the m2cs sounds like with the akrapovic system on it so guys. Here we are at the famous site of litchfield motors um. We just had a good chat with ian. I didnt actually realize, but this whole place, which is now so well known, started off as a coursework project when he was just 17. thats amazing, an entrepreneur at that age and then turning this into this world renowned business here in the uk, its amazing. So we are getting rid of the famous ball bag. I hate it. There is no picture you can take at the rear of this car, where it looks good with this bloody thing attached to the back of it. It is an absolute nightmare, and now we have the gorgeous new system here from akrapovic check. This baby out is glorious, its glorious and its super lightweight. Look at that light as you like nice, crappy, rich logo there. So now this will replace that horrific thing. So theyre just about to do that, i asked them to stop so i could show you whats going on over here some car porn, for you guys. Look, it even says remove before well almost remember remove before use, but we know it means removed before race really dont. We theyre the lovely carbon tips really nicely done. Look at the difference between that and that here we also have a valve control module that comes along with the car.

Essentially, we can keep the valves open, even if we are in efficient or comfort mode, that the m2 has – and you just use this to turn it on, which is great, because you can drive normally and have the valves open and listen to some of that. Akrapovic. Music now i just want to show you a few things around here in litchfield, because this is a pretty awesome site and you need to see some things here now. Bread and butter here at litchfield is doing gtrs. You can see theres loads of them here and they really know what theyre doing they even have an engine test. Bed over here come and have a look at this. So, as far as we know, theyre the only people in the world who are able to test the gt r engine on the bench and that allows them then to get a better idea of how they can tune in test. The tolerances of the engines, the turbos etcetera and what i found quite cool check this out here theyve even got a hand built by litchfield badge. So if were talking, experience know how the ability to customize something the ability to test something which is so important. Then ive never really seen a setup like this its fantastic. Now i want to show you a famous car that they have, which has also been pps, like some of my cars lets, have a look at the gr yaris, so theyve got their own dyno, as you would expect so theyre able to test things.

But this is their famous gi yaris, which has been modified. The thing that i love about it, of course its got pps color change on here, which is fantastic. So this is a nice oxford green. I think he said didnt he jamie ian oxford green looks fantastic on the car, its really changed, the entire look of it. If theyre doing a tune here, theyre able to test it on the dyno plus all the other information they have its really a great one. Stop shop to get your car modified tuned and they deal with porsches. We had a c63s just coming in front of us when we spoke to the owner loads of bmws loads of nissans. All the best stuff comes here. Mclaren cant wait to see now what the m2cs sounds like with the new system installed there we go guys all installed, it looks glorious, i mean the size of the akrapovic pipes versus the standard ones is, is very dramatic. Lets put it that way, and in fact, even more so is the lack of that horrible ball bag. As we said, and now, weve got the car really looking like it should have looked at a factory. The pipes themselves are gorgeous its the type of thing that youd want to display in your house, but sadly, its got to sit under the car to get some nice noise out of it for us, but it all looks amazing got the new diffuser, as i showed You a bit more angular than the standard one from factory similar design.

Kraftwich logo see the markings here made in slovenia. Now what it sounds like is a different matter altogether. They just turned it on for me. I couldnt believe it was the same vehicle its. What the car should have sounded like from factory lets be honest. I cant wait to show you lets, take it home and a huge thanks to litchfield. So guys were back the systems on it looks fantastic. The exhausts look so much better. They look bigger gone. Is the ball bag and the ball sack just look at the rear view. Now it looks amazing compared to what it used to look like super happy with the look but im even happy with the sound before i get on to that. One thing you get with the akrapovic system. Is this lovely little remote and you can actually attach it somewhere? I decided to attach it up here because the shape seemed to mirror like the sos and the airbag button up here. So ive attached the holder here and now you can stick it on here and it essentially works like an exhaust button. So if i press it when the white light is on, it means that the system is not active and when the red light goes on, you can hear the valves open as well. That means its active. You can also use the akrapovic app, which then you can name your car in there, and then you can use the app to open and close the exhaust valves as well, and it works perfectly so lets turn it on lets see what this sounds like.

I think youre going to be very, very happy Music. That is so so much better its so much deeper. Look at the difference. Thats off Music, the growl, the deepness of it, is fantastic right now lets give it some revs and see what it sounds like: Music, Music, hmm, Music, so much more motor sport, the odd pop and bang as well, its really really nice and deep and rumbly more On this, when we go out on the drive in a minute before that, i just want to talk to you about one other topic, which is the future m2 and then well see how much the exhaust has improved. The overall amazing driving experience in the cs. Now guys before we go for a drive, i think its important that we talk about the next m2 with the new m3 and m4 have disappointed many with their controversial front ends and general styling. The m2 is gon na maintain some of the flavor of our lovely cs car here weve seen the leaks, weve seen what it potentially could look like if those end up being true, so im going to render this for you right now and show you what i Think its going to look like it looks like a 80s rally car now, doesnt it. If these end up being true, youve, thankfully got a more standard. Bmw grille, which is very square weve, got air intakes that are quite reminiscent of something like a gt2, rs being large and square in shape.

Youve got extended wheel arches, as you always do, but more aggressive than m3 and m4. I think you end up, i think, with the same multi spokes that we saw in the m3 and m4 as well. A large, extended side, sill wide arches on the rear as well on our rear. Youve got an exaggerated diffuser, like you find on the m3 and the m4 as well large round pipes as seen in those cars as well. Overall, i think it looks fantastic whats going to be powered by, i think the same engine as our new m3 and m4. So that s58 engine im guessing around to the tune of maybe 440 brake horsepower im hoping you will still have rear wheel drive. Will you have x drive as an option its very possible? I think youll still have manual. I hope you still have manual and then probably the torque converter gearbox as your options, if were lucky, maybe well get a dct again. Of course, the interior will see all the new updates that weve seen in the new 2 series and the m3 and m4. Hopefully, with those lovely carbon seats as well so not worried about the interior in the slightest, and, to be honest, the entire car seems like its going to be great, it seems like were going to get traditional looks 440 brake horsepower from a really great bmw m Engine rear wheel, drive, hopefully the option of manual and a good automatic.

So maybe i jumped the gun that my cs is going to be the last of the great ones. Maybe this m2 competition, if rumors are true, could still be one of the greats. Now lets go for a drive, because i really am itching to show you what this car is capable of right lets, chuck it into m1. My m1 ive set up a sport, oh listen to that as sports steering sport, engine response and comfort suspension. Its been really interesting, seeing the change in emotion in the m2cs by adding the akrapovic system. It sounds like an obvious thing to say, but the car feels faster in every single scenario. It feels more special in every single scenario: Music and that sound you never used to get, and you cant really put a price on something like that. Well, you can, and of course they have, but its pretty reasonable, considering how much better the car feels and sounds. So let us begin, as we always do with the launch control its really really difficult to do launch controls in the in these bmw cars because the system is so convoluted. Essentially, we have to turn traction completely off, put everything into the sportiest setting, but you put it into manual as well and then, hopefully, if we depress the brake and the accelerator, we should see launch control activated on here. So fingers crossed and lets see what the race box pro brings up here as well.

There you go guys four seconds dead, thats point four seconds quicker than the manual car people have gotten it under that as well. Thats, damn impressive. The cup twos, which are stickier in these kind of conditions, may have done better on that launch. The speed of this thing is right up there with the gt4. Well the speed isnt as frantic as came in gt4. It does get as fast. It does give you the butterflies, but then it has an added benefit its not as unhappy on the road as that car is, though, oddly im actually going to start this. The other way around were going to cool things down completely. First, okay, were gon na go into efficient and were gon na go into comfort. Now, when you first drive this car and its in efficient mode, it feels slow. Okay, it feels slow its very comfortable. What i love about the cs, its actually my most comfortable car. Having the adaptive suspension out of the m4 in the cs has been such a winner for the m2 cs, because it just makes it a brilliant daily. I leave it in comfort and efficient and its simply a joy to do long journeys in, and i never ever thought that would be the case coming into this car purchase. Now people love comparing this car to the cayman gt4 and the comparison is mind boggling. For me, maybe on speed or performance, you have to look at a car in its totality.

You cant look at things in isolation and when you look at the m2cs in totality versus the cayman gt4, this is such a practical car. You can get four fully grown adults in this car and do a long journey and its as fast as the 718 on normal roads. But having that added practicality, having the really soft suspension i mean the gt4 was not happy doing your normal motorway run. It was not happy just plodding along. It was very, very much like the gt3 like the gt3 rs. It wanted to be driven fast, and only then would the suspension hook up and feel correct, because it is essentially a race car. This is not like that. This has got a double personality: its jekyll and hyde, like the best all rounders in the market, and that jacqueline hyde personality only reveals itself when you turn everything to max and suddenly the cs transforms into something that feels as fast as the cayman, gt4 and truly Becomes an intimidating sports car, but one thats got the brutus charm of a classical rear wheel, drive sports car. That was never the lightest car yet, but what modern car is these days? Whats more important is how the chassis and suspension and all the work that bmw have done for the driver, and i can promise you this is one of the most nimble and agile feeling. Cars that you will ever lay your hands on is an absolute little animal and its one that feels like a little go kart all the time the steering is so good the balance of the chassis so amazing.

I really hope that we dont lose any of this. In that new m2, i know its shaping up to be really good, but as light as this is, i dont know whether any super modern car will be able to match it driving. This reminds me of the best of cars. When i drive this, it takes me back to driving that gt3 touring how fantastic the gearbox is, how good the car is at being a daily while still having so much ability as a trapped car as well theres very few cars that can do that. M2Cs takes it a step further into touring, with its practicality with the rear, but it really reminds me of like a reduced version of that car and really i cant give it higher praise than that. Now lets talk about the gearbox. This is the last dct. Of course, a lot of talk about manual versus dct in the cs. This is one of the best automatic boxes. Youll ever lay hands on okay, very much like the porsche gt cars and how quick it shifts the new m3 and m4 really cant match it. For just speed of gear shifting, as always, undoubtedly the manual giving you that emotional experience, but this is always going to be a faster car. As i always say, there is a thrill in shifting as fast as an f1 driver can there are very few cars in the world that have the ability to be a great daily car that is genuinely comfortable and be good at nth, intense on the track.

There are very few cars also in the world that are fun doing short, bursts of speed yet still have massive reserves of fun. When you do the higher speeds as well. The mtcs finds itself in this very small niche and is a very unique car because of that – and i think its one thats going to age exceedingly well because of it. The only thing that let it down previously was the sound. You heard the previous footage of what the car sounded like now, its exactly what i want a bmw, inline 6 to sound like its got a lovely, deep tone on the revs and, as you approach redline starts to scream. You get the odd bark here and there its a lovely, lovely exhaust system. That really is the cherry on top of a fantastic car. The m2, i think, is a car that will stand the test of time. It still feels so analog yeah its got enough of the digital world enough modernity enough comfort to be relevant for some time and regardless of whichever gearbox you might choose, the mtcs does not disappoint in pleasure.