The box come on. You didnt think i was saving it for this video. I opened it days ago a couple quick things before we dive in this video is sponsored by squarespace more on that in a minute, and this laptop was provided by apple for review. So thank you to my friends there for giving me a little bit of an early look at how this thing works and performs look at this thing. It looks like the old macbook pros, its kind of chunky like if you just had a quick glance at this and you didnt know you might be like. Oh that dude hasnt updated his macbook in a while false. This is the new 16 inch macbook pro fully stocked, fully stacked, fully jacked eight terabytes of storage. That is absurd. Eight terabytes im never buying an external. Ever again, they brought all the ports back, which is great because everyones like rejoicing, including apple, even though theyre the ones that took them away in the first place. Youve got an sd card slot back full size hdmi on the side. Yes, please better than a dongle. So ill take anything usb c on the side, two more usbcs on the other side, youve got a headphone jack back and magsafe. This laptop reminds me a lot of whats happening in cameras. These days, youre, seeing new tech and new cameras come out that have everything in them: theyre raw theyre, 8k theyre, shooting super fast frames per second theres, so many frame rate options.

Everything is just stacked into one epic tool that used to be an entire host of tools, and the same thing is kind of happening with laptops with computers. You just have editing suites. I grew up and remember my dad in the basement. Getting an editing suite installed into one of our spare offices, and i walked down one day thinking what in the hell is this? What are you doing? It looked like a scene out of the chernobyl miniseries when theyre all inside the nuclear reactor and theres just buttons and screens and huge consoles everywhere. You move forward. Youve got bigger computers. Doing bigger tasks, skip all the nonsense to now. You have smaller computers, doing bigger tasks if youre on a flight, and you need to edit a project you toss on your headphones. Noise, cancel them out, flip open this laptop, and you have every tool at your disposal to completely crush any project, no matter what camera? What footage what codec whatever goes into it? We could talk about benchmarks. We could talk about specs, we could talk about what else its stacked with all day long. How many times have, i said stack? Should we have a stack counter in this thing? Stack stack, stack, stack, stack, stack, stack, just crushed 45 minutes of kirks life stack. You drop r5 footage into a laptop crushed, no matter what r5 has the worst codec as far as editing goes constantly having to transcode footage thats happening in the background, while youre also still trying to edit something.

But oh, can you edit something while youre transcoding, if youre using the premiere or adobe suite? No, i mean you can but its going to be very slow, maybe youre working on a title sequence in after effects like something like this for the new pirate channel? Oh ive said too much: dont show anymore, cut it right there kirk. Can you do all those things simultaneously, whilst listening to music emails coming through? Probably not now, you can unplugged without the fans even coming on. Without this thing, even getting hot itll just take whatever you give it and slap you back in the face. So to put this to the test, i figured we would open up a project thats physically, pretty demanding on the computer. Recently i made a video for the newly announced r3 camera and that timeline was. It was a hog. We had a lot of r3 footage in there. We had a lot of r5 footage in there. We had gopro footage in there. There was a lot of different codecs and things happening, so i figured i would load up that project export it while also editing your photos, because, yes, this is a special comeback episode of editing your photos, where i ask you guys to send me your raw pictures And i edit them as best as i can again, not saying that i make them better. Maybe i make them worse its just fun to be able to edit things that arent necessarily my style in my photos.

So lets start the export lets get into the screen. Share and start editing your photos all right first up is a photo from patrick k. This is a beautiful photo from spirit island. First up this photo looks great ive, never been to spirit island. I would love to go. It looks like you got it at the most optimal time of year. The snow is covering the mountains, its almost bucket shot, esque, im gon na be by the way, mostly using my new presets on all these photos. That probably sounds like a shameless plug because it is theyre not released yet, but i use them as a base layer. They dont always get me to where i want straight off on one click like most presets dont, you kind of got ta click it. It starts. It off and then i edit from there think of it like if youre making bread you need the starter presets thats, my starter im going to start with sand trap on this one and then go up and raise the exposure. Also, i dont know why im getting all of these tips and pop ups from lightroom right now, maybe because i havent used it on this computer. Yet it thinks that i need all of the assistance. Maybe i do desaturate the greens, basically my plan and what i like to do is come up with a system before i start editing. So i know that i want this to be overly blue in tone.

Brighten it up a little bit, keep that fog, but maybe bring a bit of a gradient down on the sky to just punch it out a little bit more because its so foggy. This was probably shot early in the morning or just after blue hour. I want to bring some definition back in the sky. This is the before and patrick. That is my after so its still on that moody side, because that is my style, but beautiful photo thanks so much for sending it in hope. You like it and you can check out patricks instagram right here. Next up is a shot from tobias grossman. He says: hey pete started photography two years ago, did my first steps with your tutorials and now its not just a hobby anymore. Well, thats awesome! Thank you for watching and im glad that you found some use out of these um this banger shot. He says i like that. You referenced it as a banger is in the swiss alps, with one of my biker friends so recently when i edit moto stuff ive, really liked, probably because im inspired by aaron, brimhall and shooting with him. I soaked in all sorts of tips. But i love to lift the shadows and make it slightly less contrasty, especially with all the fog you got rolling in over the trees here looks so good sand. Trap has just been my go to so im going to start with that. Go from there go ahead down here to the curve, lift those blacks up a little bit, get rid of that contrast play with the grain im going to remove a little bit of the blue, because weve got mostly earth tones here.

I just dont want it to be vibrant, i think a little more muted, especially with all the dirt, just lends to the activity better and that is the before, and that is the after im pumped on that. I wish i could post that to my gram, tobias. You didnt link your instagram account, but if kirks able to find it well pop it up right here, otherwise thank you so much for submitting all right next up, weve got a shot from almost beck told. He says this is a drone shot that i did in montenegro and it was one of my bucket shots, thats sick wow. You can really see the entire. This is great. Okay, so first things first, what i like to do again, this is to my style im. Not saying this theres any right or wrong to this all personal preference im going with my paradise preset on that look, how much it makes everything just vibrant and island like it looks good its just a little too happy of looking for me. So i need that photo to be desaturated in the blues desaturated in the greens and give it more of like a deep, deep aqua look its like when you see a swimming pool. Sometimes you can get swimming pools that have that deep kind of black lake look to them or you can have like a really vibrant, blue liner. I prefer that black kind of lake looking folge because it fits the aesthetic that i am drawn to more so thats.

Also, what i do in my photos, so most of the work i did here was in the hsl tabs, which is the hue saturation and luminance take a look at the before, and this is the after. Hopefully you like what i did with your bucket shot. Yeah that looks great man. I hope you didnt get arrested. I guess you didnt well done. I dont condone getting arrested or doing any of those things follow the rules. This video is brought to you by squarespace. Squarespace is an all in one platform for you to be able to create, i like to call it a little bit of an online world a website a place to host podcasts, sell products, make an online gallery a place where clients can contact you and talk and Make business if you dont have a website thats the first thing you should probably be doing so after you check out the tasty details of the new mac pro and watch. All of your photos get edited. You can take those photos and put them on your portfolio with ease templates are always changing: award winning templates award, winning customer service award, winning everything use code mckinnon at checkout for 10 off your order, little hack here pro tip. I usually include this tip in all of my videos, but you can use that code even if youre, renewing or setting up something for anyone, its pretty much just 10 off all the time.

So code is in the description, hit the link down there enter mckinnon and get yourself started on your brand new website using squarespace. I say all these things, whilst its taking me almost a year to get my website up and running, but im im, im, very particular about things. Everythings got to be perfect and all my ducks need to be in a row, its pretty elaborate. It looks great theres, a full online store shop. Everything will be under one roof. The umbrella that is me will be found at, so thats all run and powered by squarespace and im super excited. Because then i can start using that as an example. When we talk about squarespace and websites, all right back to back to tech, things have a great week. Next up, we have a shot of an eagle from someone by the name of sword. Thats your first name, thats rad, sword, says. One thing that has always captivated me about. Photography is capturing a moment that will never be seen again unless photographed wow. You got that thing coming in hot. That is so sick. I already know what preset i want to use on this, as my base is called drift kind of desaturates everything but itll leave those earth tones like the browns and the oranges in that eagle, thats, a crazy shot, im gon na put two small masks under the Wings, just to illuminate a little bit of detail of the feathers underneath because its mostly gone now, you dont want to go too much.

Less is more sometimes and youve probably been here before. If you edit a photo, save it dont post, it come back the next day and look at it again. You might either love it or youre. Gon na think the complete opposite youre gon na think wow. I cant believe i did that glad i didnt post. It lets try that again, ive done that many many times ive been there. Ive put mountains and deserts ive been there. Okay, all right lets take a look at the before this is the after sword. I hope you like that that photo is incredible. Also super jealous that your dad has bald eagles in his backyard. That is something i cant say. I do have blue jays, though theyre super annoying, but they mimic other bird sounds. How cool is that fun fact? You guys didnt think youd learn that in a macbook pro review, alright, next up, we have a photo from im. Gon na call, you jess, by the way fantastic email with all the camera settings, a dropbox link about the photo about you, your instagram. This is just so perfectly put together, im very, very impressed. This photo that you captured is absolutely phenomenal. Literally, you dont even need to edit this photo if thats just the raw. You could fully upload it like that and just bobs your uncle frans, your aunt im gon na throw drift on this might kill a bit of the fall tones, but i think itll look good after we manipulate it a little bit, youre, probably saying p, you seem To use drift and sand trap quite a bit yup between the few instagram grids that i run, those presets are primarily the ones i use for just about everything.

So im gon na go a little bit. Less is more on this a little bit of dehaze a little bit of clarity, but the preset almost straight off, just gets it to exactly where i want it. I would print this and hang it in my office, so great job thanks again for watching and thanks for submitting your photos, all the instagram links for everyone who submitted photos are in the description below as well. If we can find them well, try to pop them up on screen, lets check on that export hows. That export doing were on second pass its pretty good flying through these right now. All right next up is a portrait from someone that didnt include their name, but they did say: hey pete, you are on my bucket list. I hope i can meet you one day and take your portrait. That would be rad, since this is one of the photos of the portrait sessions that i took earlier this month with kevin im gon na start with captains reserve on this one. This is one of my favorites for an instagram account. I run called petes pirate life use that one a lot so im gon na start there drag down the exposure, drag down the highlights a little bit of contrast, add more black to that and up the grain grain on portraits just looks so good. Sometimes i see people in the comments saying. Why is it so grainy thats? All me, then what i want to do is actually fade in a little bit of a mask darkening the right side of the image, because the light is coming from the left.

I think itll pop more and taking a look at the before and the after. That is how i would edit this portrait thanks so much for sending in a photo and again links in the description all right. Next up, we have a photo from john jordan and in the email body it just says thanks pete, so thanks, jordan theres, no information about this photo, but i do know where it is: that is pito lake in banff alberta. That lake looks like a wolf kind of see the ears and where the snow would be beautiful, spot small little hike to get there again. You got this where its like half frozen, which is pretty cool. This requires very little work, as you can see. All im doing are a lot of the same adjustments that ive done in the rest of the photos, but im going to send this over to photoshop, because i want to throw a little bit of snow in there. So ive got a snow filter here that im going to paste over top size that down and go to the screen blending mode im going to open up the levels for that and just drag that out. So its again less is more, not too much snow cause. I dont want to look obvious that its fake, you might be able to tell you might not. I think it looks pretty good lets, take a look at the before and the after, and that is my edit john thanks so much for submitting.

And that concludes all the photos that i will be editing today. There were so many and i actually did edit like 15 more but having to cut some of that down. Let me know in the comments below two things, one: what do you think of this laptop? Because it crushed that export two should i do more editing your photos because its mobile – i could probably do this anywhere and i forgot how much fun this was now when i was editing all those photos, i was editing the photos i had music going. I was exporting a 4k export that was filled with 8k footage, gopro footage all kinds of terrible codecs, so that was going on a highest bit. Depth possible two pass just to try to stress out the computer a little bit all while screen recording the entire process, and i didnt notice the fans booting up laptop wasnt, hot wasnt loud. I started at 97 battery and by the time i was done, everything the computers still at 64 battery, so thats pretty good, considering what was going on, whilst not plugged in at all, so that pretty much sums up my thoughts about the macbook pro its an entire Studio in a tiny little compact form, there is nothing that i currently do right now that this computer could not handle. The worst thing for me is when i have multiple video codecs from different cameras all in the same timeline and were trying to export those out quickly because lets say like this: for example, this is an embargoed video, so i have to upload this on monday thats.

When im allowed to share it with the world, if im exporting and its down to the wire – and that happens, this is youtube and lets say: ive finished an export with 40 minutes to spare, and that would be a gratuitous amount of time. In my case, if theres one mistake or theres one thing that i notice could be an issue in the edit, i dont typically have enough time to make another export, because premiere is just going to take too long and have time to upload it to youtube and Have all those checks completed before the 40 minutes is up with this and the m1 max chip, giving everything in all my applications, a fair and incredible boost in performance that export time is significantly reduced, especially from feel like if im using native software, like final cut Pro, which we all know, has much faster export times, thats no longer an issue. Those last minute crunches can be fixed and changed and uploaded and exported with plenty of time and thats where the laptop is so worth it. For me, it makes the whole process faster. Now i got the privilege to sit on a call with apple and some filmmakers and pro editors filmmaker by the name of vincent la foreign, which you, if you just look them up. If you dont already know them you, should i asked these guys what their favorite aspect of the laptop was, and most of the answers were, how quiet it was its speed aside and all those obvious things, but was how quiet it was and how great the display Is by no means am i done with this computer? I feel like this deserves another video and another stress test, so ive already got a shoot lined up for things in the works to to make a second follow up to this, where we can really show off even more of its capabilities in the field where you Are having to edit and dump and transcode and shoot things without having access to an office at all.

I hope you enjoyed a first look at the new macbook pro with the m1 max chip fully stacked out its an incredible machine and im still mostly uncertain how this was even able to be created, thats it for me. I hope you guys enjoyed this video hit.