This is the ly zrc l900 and it’s, one of those uh foldable and portable under 250 gram, drones, it’s, a gps drone and it’s claimed to have a 4k wide angle, camera lens on this one. As you can see here, you can get it in three different colors you’ve got the black, the grayish white and the orange, and i have the orange one, as you can clearly see there now. This drone comes in at around 80 us dollars to about a hundred us dollars give or take i’ll leave the links in the description below guys. You can check all the specs and details out i’ll be covering a few of the specs here before i take it. For a flight – okay guys, so it comes in a nice carry case here to start off, and here it is here guys. We’Ve got some documentation here. Uh in english looks like it’s been printed out on the computer. We’Ve got some software instructions as well got some qr codes here for the app okay, and this does take uh 5g. You need a 5g capable phone for this one, and it even tells you here so you need a phone with a dual band: wi fi that can connect to both the 2.4 gigahertz hertz band and the 5g band so make sure your phone has a 802.11 ac Wi fi just down here: okay, guys to be able to use this drone all right, so there’s a bit of a quick start guide here: here’s the chinese instructions – and here is uh the actual instructions of the english language here, so very detailed everything you need to Know about calibration to set it up and yeah, basically how to fly it and what all the button commands are: okay, there’s even little parts list there too, all right.

So anyway, guys this little drone is foldable. I can sit at the start. It’S, a nice bright orange here, as you can see, it’s another one of those mavic mini style, drones there’s a whole heap of uh of these stove drones are saturated in the market. Now, if you look online anywhere there’s a whole heap of them, so it’s kind of hard to keep count with all the different brands. Okay, now this one has a tiltable camera, guys electronic tilt just an up and down tilt, and it has a well. They claim a 4k uh hd camera lens in it now. I believe that’s just for photos guys. I believe, just like many other drones out there, like the ex5 eachine, that i reviewed a couple of months ago, for example, had a similar setup, where it takes 4k resolution photos via the app and 1080p for video. But as you can see here, they’ve made a little uh support for the camera made. It look like a a axis gimbal, but it is not guys. Okay, the camera on this one has a white 120 degree wide angle lens, which is nice, so you’re going to get a really good field of view when you’re flying and taking those photos or videos. Okay, so it folds out guys all the legs, the front ones. First and do the back ones last: okay, the real legs! We have brushless motors here like many of these little budget uh gps drones, do okay, two piece props as well on the bottom.

Here we have a optical flow sensor. You probably can switch that camera i’ll have to look when i fly with the app, but most of these drones with the optical flow camera. Here that usually has a 720p resolution, so you can see what’s under you and also stabilizes this quad, when you’re flying in altitude hold mode. This is switchable from gps mode to altitude hold mode, so once it’s in altitude hold mode that camera will relay many images. Really quickly to the ground below it and it’ll, keep it stable, so it’s, almost like a gps when you’re flying indoors. Okay, all right! So i can see the uh a bit of venting here on the bottom. We can see the little wi fi fpv camera. Now this drone is just like the uh ex5 and others similar to it. Uh it’s, just wi fi compatible only guys there is no sd card on this. As you can see, okay, there is none to be found now. The battery on this one is a 2200 milliamp hour. Let me just press that in and take it out now it’s in there pretty tight. This is a 22 milliamp hour 7.4 volt 2s lipo battery okay. In a proprietary case here, okay now they’re claiming that we’re going to get 28 minutes of flight time out of this um, i i think we are going to get a pretty good flight time, but it’ll be interesting to see if it’s going to be 28 minutes.

I’M thinking maybe around the 20ish minutes mark you know so we’ll see, might surprise me, but, as you can see, here’s the pins to uh connect it to the drone and we’ve got a usb via micro, usb cable, so any android device you can hook up the Cable to that, okay, so very common thing, these days with these drones, they all use that sort of charging system all right, so that’s, the drone there onto the room right controller here: okay, nice little remote controller and we’ve got some arms here that swing out. So you get a good grip on it. Okay see these antennas, are they fake or are they real? There is no wire in there guys, so these are just for show. Okay, so we’ve got some fake antennas there pretty decent gimbal sticks. It is a lightweight controller. So it’s very much like a toy grade controller guys we’ve got the little door there. You can fit a pretty decent sized phone. Okay, with your phone holder on and off switch just here and we’ve got a really nice telemetry display here. This lcd screen backlit with a blue, led okay, it’s, really nice you’ve got your gps home return button there. Oh no that’s the gps on and off button guys. Sorry about that, so you hold it down. It turns on. It shows that green light we’re in gps mode hold it down and that light turns off. So this is altitude hold mode guys: okay, the on off switch.

Of course. This looks like an unlocking motors button for automatic takeoff and possibly automatic landing. We have the gyro reset button here, so you press that to on a level surface to uh reset the gyrometer in the quadcopter, and this is the calibration key for the compass okay to calibrate the compass on the top. Here we have a headless mode button. Okay, just click that once it’ll be in headless mode does not end. Oh yeah indicates with this light here headless mode on or off so that’s nice to see you can tell whether you’re in headless mode or not. Okay and we’ve got the up and down tilt camera function there up and down on this side. We have the camera button here. So a quick press will show that flash uh, the actual snapshot icon – okay, if that’s for photos hold it down and you’re taking video. Okay, so that’s nice to see um there’s, no guesswork, whether you pressed it or not, it’s actually giving you confirmation. So you have to do is while you’re flying look down on the screen. You can see the camera is rolling, so it’s really good. So on the telemetry screen, we also have let’s see if i can focus we’ve got the antenna strength there. The signal strength, we’ve got a uh satellite icon there and where it’s got zero pieces, that is the satellite counter on the top right. We have the transmitter. Uh battery life, which is half charged, so i have to charge this transmitter up and the rx is for the drone battery and on the bottom.

Here, we’ve got the height in meters and distance in meters, okay, guys and when you do switch your um speed rates up the top here. We’Ve got three speed rates, two three two one. So you go to the left to decrease the speed and you go to the right to increase it. Now, when you do that, you can see there’ll be an icon there, so low speed rate, two three will show the rh so high rate right guys. Now this um transmitter doesn’t take any double a batteries at all, as you can see here, there’s no uh battery tray, so this one is a rechargeable uh transmitter which is nice to see. I like these ones, you don’t need any double a batteries. Uh you just charged up with the cable provided, which is another android style, uh usb to micro, usb um cable there. So i believe this one has a 180 milliamp hour, one cell in it all right guys, so there you go and all that’s left is just a goody bag and it’s. Just gon na have a set of props here. So we’ve got a full set of props. Just there, the screwdriver and the cable provided okay. Now on the listing, it says this drone weighs around 213 grams, so it is under the 250 grams, so you don’t have to register it. So let’s have a look and see if it does actually weigh that much i’ve got my trusty little scales here.

Okay, there it is there i’ll fold it up just to make it easier. Okay, so let’s put it upside down here and they did claim 213 grams and it does weigh 212.03. So that’s really neat guys. You don’t have to register this little drone. Okay, all right so anyway, guys. That concludes the unboxing overview i’m, going to charge this up and we’ll, take it for a flight, so i’ll catch these guys out at the field, g’day guys i’m out here with the ly zrc the l900 and we’re going to take it for a test flight. Now the wind has picked up, which is not unusual here in perth, so i’m, going to take it for a flight anyway, i’m gon na turn on the transmitter hold down the button. You hear that chime okay, now with this one, just like any other toy grade quad you got ta go up and down with the throttle and it’ll bind to the drone, okay, so now, first, what i want to do is look up the wi fi, so we Can connect to the drone itself? Okay, it’s called m85g 4k with a bunch of numbers we’re going to connect to it now. Okay, that should be connected, get out of that and i’ll do a screen recording. Now i want to go in the h, fun pro app and i’ll start a screen. Recording just uh got the microphone on yep. Now we’ve got a confirmation beep there that shows that we’ve got 12 satellites, guys.

Okay, so we’re in the screen. Recording it’s saying be three meters: distance away from the drone. We’Ve got wi fi fpv, okay. So now we want to do we’re on a flat level. Surface want to do the gyro calibration. The lights are blinking quickly. Then they stop and we’ve got a buzzer showing us that’s finished, and then we want to do the compass calibration before we take off so it’s. This button here hold it down and the lights are flashing quickly. So do a couple of turns clockwise heard a beep then then have it facing down with the camera facing down clockwise again another beep, so we’re ready to take off guys got 13 satellites now. So what i want to do is record so we’re, going to press the recording button: okay, it’s, showing that it’s recording uh just is it recording or is it stopped it’s sort of on the screen there i’ll do it from the app see how that works anyway? Let’S, take it up, you see the stability of it. Now. The counter is showing now on the app okay, so it’s pretty stable. In this wind, i mean it is getting pushed around a bit, only weighs 213 grams, but it does have gps lock there. We are all right so let’s. Take it out a bit turn it around and we’ll fly it out, just in first rate, so to change the rates. Is this style here, i’ll go to rate two? I just push that doll to the right and we’ve got wi fi fpv doesn’t.

Look too bad flying pretty nicely here: yeah, not bad at all, in second rate, so, first off what i might do, i’ll just send it out there a bit, try and see how the wi fi fpv goes to the end of this field. There’S a sand pit! There i’ll aim for that. Go that way still got wi fi, pv, okay, it just uh stopped there at around 90 meters away. So we’ll do a gps home return from there. I did get the wi fi back just then i did press the gps home return and it’s come back rather quickly. There guys look at that very quick from 90 meters away this uh tilt the camera down a bit as far as it will go. The wind is picking up guys so, like i said, it’s a very uh lightweight drone it’s doing not too bad it’s, holding its own it’s. Probably gon na miss the mark. A bit here. We’Ll see what happens: it’s pretty close, but it’s gon na miss the markers of the wind. I think, oh, very good, all right i’ll finish that recording and what we’ll do i’ve put the camera all the way down. So i want to bring that up, as you can see, it just works off a one axis up and down tilt pretty smooth operation with that 19 satellites. Now, just take it up again all right. What i might do is take a couple of photos.

Okay, so i’ll try to use the controller for the photos, see what happens there. Okay he’s, taking a photo there. I just went out of the app then guys go back into it, confirm all right, we’re back into the app i don’t know what happened there. Just got out of the app i’ll try using the app for the photos. Okay bring one down here. Try another photo i’ll, just tap the app there. Okay, let’s try! Some of these uh follow me functions so on this side, i’ve got one that does with the controller okay let’s see if it works. I’Ll press record for this okay, well he’s following me: he’s backing up, but it is. It is sort of your to the left and the right to try to stay with me. So, as you can see, i’m out of shot here and it’s uh sort of doing its own thing, it is following, though, but it’s not really that accurate. As you can see there, i just stopped and there it is there. Okay, i canceled that follow me. Let’S! Try the orbit, which is this icon here and i’ll tilt the camera down a bit: okay and then i’ll choose just any of those circles. You go left or right and it’s going forward and it’s facing the other way there and it should perform the orbit mode. There we go. I take my sunnies off for a minute, so i can see the phone a bit better, so he’s doing the orbit.

That’S not bad it’ll, be interesting to see the flight time of this uh. It looks like we’re half a battery already, so i don’t think we’re going to get the uh let’s cancel the circle fly. I don’t think we’re going to get the uh 28 minutes, but who knows should get cl uh pretty decent fly time anyway, so just send it over. There bring the camera up again. A couple of ravens there cruising along all right, i’ll take another photo of here. So get out of that uh we’ll take a photo while it’s a bit higher in the in the air. Take a couple more photos here, just to see the quality of the camera. Now the camera is supposed to be shooting video in 1080p and taking interpolated 4k photos. Now the sprinkler system just started, so i have to move my stuff. Okay, so just leave it there for a second i’ll leave my landing pad there. It doesn’t worry me if that gets wet, but i’ll leave the case up here somewhere all right, so um there’s a camera option here too, where you can look at the ground that’s supposed to be in 720p mode there’s. Some different options here: lens switch: okay, there’s. Another one here where you can see my face: there’s a few different options here, guys there’s a three way option there, so you can see below us and uh on the on the screen. The the front uh camera go back into here.

There’S. I like this one. This is not too bad, so i’ll go over them trees over there, for example, i’ll take it up a bit higher. We should be able to get a ground shot of the tree, see i’m above the tree. There just play around with these options a bit. No, not that one nearly getting wet here, there’s a three way option there i’m, actually showing the one on the left is showing my view from my in front of me from my camera, see that with my hand, so almost as acts like a hat cam. So that’s really interesting. So i think this is pretty cool. You’Ve got three ways of uh different views and there is many more i’ll scroll. Through i mean you got, you got a whole bunch more that one there so it’s. The first time i’ve seen that on the h, fun pro app let’s, kick it up into third right and it’s flying really nicely guys, in third rate, take some video while we’re at it so i’m mounted around 81 meters over there. So it is a very nice flyer, for you know the eighty dollars u.s to a hundred dollars with the uh three battery combo i’m gon na get wet, got soaking, wet, okay, looks like he’s coming home now. Oh that cooled me down a bit guys so yeah. It looks like low battery warning. This is going to be the flight time. Let’S see what it does.

I had a feeling it’s not going to get the advertised flight time uh. So this is just the first level of battery warning guys, so it has got a geo fence. I’Ll just stand up here. Okay, so let’s get out of that um. I think i won’t let you change if you’re recording, okay, so just get out of there and we’ll try to go back to the normal normal settings here. I, like that view, that’s pretty cool little view there. I like this one better, the uh let’s try to record with this for a little bit so won’t uh it’s not recording now. Okay, so i mean low level battery lvc, but it’s got a geofences, so it won’t go any uh any further. Then around that 30 meter radius right so bring it in, i think, for a landing but he’s trying to come home anyway by itself. Okay, here we go come on, come down, Music i’ll, just catch it, Music, all right guys! Well, there you have it. That is the l y z, r c i’m, just going to get a cup here. Actually let’s go up here, so there’s, the l y z, r c l, 900 gps, drone it’s, not a bad fire, guys i’ll put a uh annotation on the screen. Um of the flight time that we got from start to finish of this flight i’ve got a feeling it’s in the 15 minute mark by the look of it, you know of today’s flight 15, maybe but uh.

As you can see, the app has some pretty cool options, especially with this split screen. Uh, you know camera here, it’s, pretty cool, so um yeah guys i mean, as you can see, it is rather windy. Today, didn’t do too badly out there. Uh helmets was such a lightweight quad it’s, only 213 grams, but uh i’d recommend this one for beginners guys. If you want to you, know experience a gps. Drone and you’ve got a bit of a budget of around 80 to 100 bucks. This one might be a fun one for you just to try out we’ll check the uh photos and videos that were recorded to the h, fun, app and uh. I’Ll include them in this video and see how good they turned out supposed to take 4k uh photos and 1080p video, so we’ll see how that turns out, but uh yeah for 80 guys uh. It sort of reminds me of the eachine ex5. I didn’t didn’t really have much uh lag in the actual uh if fpv feed, which was pretty good, so yeah, not too bad for the money guys. I do recommend this one as a beginner’s gps quadcopter. So thanks very much for watching guys if you enjoyed this video, give it a thumbs up like subscribe. All that good stuff, as always, i’ll leave the description to where to buy this from banggood in the description below i’ll leave the link and a coupon code. I do have a coupon code for this that was sent to me.

So i’ll include that, so you can get even cheaper than 80 bucks us, so uh yeah until next time guys happy flying and enjoy the hobby.