Neon lighting features for an rc experience. Everyone will love if youre a fan of rc action, then click on the subscribe button below for more toys headed your way. Heres the lumatech rc led drift king and the lumatec rc led bolt mini drone. Lumatec offers a fresh twist with controllers lighting up the night, with blazing speed and customizable light up excitement. The lumatec rc led bolt mini drone comes with drone controller. Four extra propellers charging cord and instructions, the drone features one touch takeoff. The bolt rc drone is loaded with bright light, strips which add glow to high speed flying kids. Will love performing stunts with this cool, durable high flying drone? The lumatech rc led drift. King features furious and fast racing fun, with ultra light up. Rc tech, remote, controlled light piping can be custom designed by drivers with pre drilled holes in the cars chassis. The drift king comes with additional neon piping instructions, screwdriver charging cord and a 2.4 gigahertz remote, allowing for total control of this roadster kids can race and perform all kinds of stunts with this king of the highway racer both are designed for ages, 14 and up what Do you think of these rc toys? Let us know in the comments below to recap: kids: will love having the controls in their hands with these great rc toys and both lumatec rc machines have awesome lighting features that add a new twist to remote control fun.