The first part found in the card above on the right is a low cost. Chinese drone for just over 100 euros very similar to the dg to the mini brands and many of which you have asked me to bring you the second part of the video review. I am not going to dwell too much because the quality of flight is a drone is identical to the previous model that reviewed you last summer. Also, this video you will find between the cards, but I want to focus instead on the photographic quality of this drone, which is not equipped with any jim ball, but should guarantee digital stabilization thanks to the former. It will be so well what to say. Friends, lets put it above on the base of take off radio control in the hand already connected to the its application. We have a very simple application. Overall, the telemetry at the bottom, with the distance and the height in other satellites hooked 16, the battery of the site of the radi o command of the drone photo video. We see the photo settings, the possibility to adjust the brightness, the saturation, some lyso effects and the white balance – and this is not a bad thing. Absolutely – is also the possibility to set the quota of the video full hd or 4k. The diameter of the rmit way from the maximum distance we set 500 meters, so it does not go beyond 500 meters, 120 meters of maximum height automatic return, home height of 15 meters and thats.

It says this is the application, so lets try to take off immediately. The drone cant take off guys if the government should take off no fear, probably this padlock shaped button and it should leave here it is. I remind you, friends, that this is a drone for just over 100 euros, but it seems to me really very stable. Nothing is worth for a little guy like that, then Im recovering, so it does not rotate towards about me hello, guys for a long time. You know I take the drone. Yes, it is so we can in the final the gene ball, which is a bit too sensitive. However, we can do it and see if we see how it behaves in flight. I point out a problem that I encountered during the flight in normal mode, so in every sport mod, the engines are not very powerful and cannot push anything else or with the headwind, even if today there is no, it is very windy by setting the sports mode Instead, the drone flies more quietly lets try to take some shots of the surroundings. I remember that the young man does not have a kimball here we are and among the smart flys. There is also only me lets see if it works. We had to remove him a little, nothing friends I cant activate the fund. It continually gives me error, in short, guys a cheap drone that loves. It seems to me that photos and videos are still of decent quality for what we are going to pay this day and just over 100 euros for what concerns.

On the other hand, the functionalities of butter smart as volumes I dont know with me – did not work. Maybe with you, the drone will work better, but do not rely too much on it. I remind you that he, it is not equipped with anti collision sensors, so I recommend it to those who start this hobby and want to start spending a little for just over 100 euros. In my opinion, it is worth it now, but let me know what you think of this. The drone I found it interesting or no well lets talk about it together below in the comments have your say if you want to buy it, found other links below in video descriptions, along with some accessories that I recommend, such as the microsd as this gift, and, Fortunately, records on a micro sd and it is not a aspect to be underestimated. For Chinese drones, economic costs, the remote control instead is the exact same remote control. As the previous model convenient the small built in display the application you saw. It is a bit sparse and pay close attention to the media. Smartphone support successful once you lose it and its not nice here and if everything guys. I hope you liked the video a good eye to support me comment and share it to your re friends. We say goodbye and we make an appointment in the next video as long as you always want here. He knows about sestu technique.