We have the 18th flyover of the lucid factory in casa grande arizona, not much going on that. We can actually see very well today, but on the south side we did get a good shot of the pilings that are completed. Uh theres, i didnt count them uh when you guys can count them. Let me know how many you see, but theres a lot there. So theyre over there curing right now, currently theyre working on the north section and getting a lot of the pilings put in over there. But we just cant get close enough without violating the seasons assist letter, so lucid is still back to ignoring us um, but we have requested an invitation to the september 27th event uh. We havent heard back from our contact that lucid so maybe, hopefully that pulls through and uh. We can get a a tour inside the factory which would be really awesome. So in october and november uh theres going to be a refresh drone coming out with better zoom capabilities, we are contemplating buying that to get you guys, some better footage, but we estimate that to be around two thousand dollars. So if you want to help us out on that, please take a look at our patreon account below in the description, any type of uh contribution that you can get to us. Uh wed, really appreciate it. It helps keep the channel going and its gon na help get us a lot better footage when we can zoom in and get get some pictures of peoples faces.

No, no no were not going to do that. We will still respect peoples, privacy. We did have a new patreon join us this week and we want to give a thanks out to tyler for becoming a mama bear. We really appreciate the help on that thats going to help support us, get that get that drone. Any money that ive made on patreon over the last couple months, its still sitting in the account, were just saving that up trying to get enough money so that we can get that new drone when it comes out. If you do like this video, please do hit that like button. If you havent already, please subscribe to see more content like this in the future, we are now going to be going out there twice a week to get you more footage. You can also follow us on twitter. At bears.