We have the 30th flyover of the lucid factory in casa grande arizona, the construction on the caisson continues, and in some areas it looks like its all been cleaned out and leveled. No workers or materials are in those areas. Tell me that those areas should be completed its also assumptions, but you know im just going to say that that looks like its ready to go for the next step. We saw some parking lot. Lights were installed in the construction parking lot with winter months coming, we will have later sunrises and earlier sunsets, so lights would be needed or maybe additional shifts for construction. From what i have been told, this area has been expanded to 2.6 million square foot up from 2.4 million, so an additional 200 square foot is going into this factory and it should be done by the end of next year. Over in the waiting area, we saw four lucid airs that were wrapped up and look like theyre ready to be shipped out. That has been the most weve seen so far so were anxiously awaiting to hear of a delivery event. Announcement, lucid has promised deliveries in late october, and that is coming up pretty quickly so well have to see what happens. We want to thank our two new patreons, tyrell and goldman for joining both as mama bears and tyrell also making a generous donation. We appreciate your support. Thank you. If you like this video, please hit that like button.

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