We have the 30th flyover of the lucid factory in casa grande arizona. If you want to support our channel and our efforts to get better views of the construction and the cars coming out, please check out our patreon account down below in the description were looking to purchase a new drone that has a five time zoom lens on it. So we can zoom in on the construction, well be able to get better views, since lucid will sue us if we fly over the property and get those really good views. Construction on the main area is continuing with a lot of trenching, going on still lots of things going on out there, but its just hard to see from the distance were at in the employee parking lot. Theyve continued work on the solar panels on the covered parking area. You can also see in the lower part of the screen when looking at the solar panels that theyve started working on a new section of the parking lot. That is also going to have covered parking, which will then turn into solar panels, so theyre definitely expanding on the solar panels. Just how much we dont know. Yet the grading continues on the north side, where therell be more parking, lots and the stamping building and the building white building, like ive, told you before thats just more progression on that. Just moving dirt around like warren would say news on production. We saw 10 cars in the waiting area and over by the building it looks like there are another five cars in the shadows, so im going to say theres 15.

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