We have the 36th flyover of the lucid factory in casa, great arizona again, construction is moving along, but so with our limited views were not able to give you great details, but were going to give you what we can in the employee parking lot area. They start putting up solar panels. This should move along pretty quickly as the supporting structures put up and then the solar panels followed will follow them. It would be great to see these solar panels extend all across the entire parking lot. These panels are probably 300 to 320 watt panels. Uh the size of a 320 watt panel is about 17.8 square feet so about a little over five feet by three feet. So if they wanted a gigawatts worth of production, they would need 3125 panels and since theyre 17.8 square feet that comes out to about 53 125 square feet. That is about an acre and a quarter, which is not a lot of space when it comes down to a site like that, and the parking lot area definitely covers more than that, so they have plenty of room. This would be a great opportunity for those to test their energy storage solutions that they say they will have in the future. Maybe theyll do that. Maybe theyll order a tesla mega pack, but i doubt that theres more grading going on along the north side, where all where the parking lots are going to be retention basin and the stamping and the building in white also will be over there.

On the south side. Theyre doing their thing, theyre still prepping, that ground for the foundation that who knows when thats going to be late well, somebody knows i dont know they dont tell me, but thats going to be coming soon. They just got a lot of work to do before you could lay a giant foundation down like that. So more news on the production uh we can see. Some of the cars have been moved out. New ones added in theres at least 22 cars waiting to be picked up. There was 20 on wednesday theres some cars that look like their spots, open like they pulled them out, maybe got them on a tractor trailer and and took them away so theres, no telling. If these are the same cars, if some of them are new, i know some of them are new because we see two more cars than we did before and we see empty spots. But definitely things are happening as long as we see cars in there and they appear to move. It means theyre, producing and theyre pulling them out and theyre sending them out for delivery. It looks like a theres, also a 23rd car on a charger and possibly far more closer to the building. Cant be 100 sure, but we are sure about those 22. uh. There was a comment from a viewer stating how many people are working on the construction site. Its about a hundred itll take them five years to finish uh, just to explain why theres only about 100 or so construction workers and thats, just like cars, theres, probably a whole lot more than that.

A lot of a lot of people carpool, but regardless of that say, theres a hundred its because thats what they need at this point in the construction they dont need steel workers, they dont need, plumbers, electricians and so on, because thered be nothing to do except satisfy Our view on youtube, so once the steel starts going in, we should expect that the construction parking lot to be full of different trades doing their thing. You get a couple things of steel up now you can have guys coming in putting in the the roof decking any floor, decking that needs to be put in, and then you can start with everything else that needs to be done. Theres going to be a lot of concrete people out there, also, if you want to support this channel and our efforts to get better views of the construction site by getting a drone with a zoom lens. Please check out our patreon account down below its in the description. We appreciate our patrons for all the support that they do give us, and if you like this video, please hit that thumbs up button. If you havent already, please subscribe to see more content like this. In the future, we do these flyovers every wednesday and thursday. You can follow us on twitter.