We have the 41st flyover of the lucid factory in casa grande arizona. I want to thank everyone that subscribed in last week were trying to get that final push to 10 000 before the end of the year, and if you still havent subbed, please do so thanks so much. We have ordered the new drone and were still waiting for it to ship uh once it ships well know when its gon na get here, but it hasnt even shipped yet uh. This is the drone thats gon na. Allow us to zoom way in and get better pictures cost for. This drone is 4 500 and, if youd like to help support this channel and help us recoup some of those costs, please check out our patreon account down below in the description, so production cars. Lots of them today there were 80 cars, yes, 80 cars, all wrapped up and ready to go just waiting for the car hauler. That is a record from what we have seen. We havent seen that many cars there ever so that was pretty exciting to see uh over in the construction area. On the south end, we can see that it looks like they may be digging out footings for the slab uh. It doesnt look like trenches to us. Theyre going because theyre going like all around the caissons, it is a long line like a trench but theyre not going very deep but uh it circles it all the caissons that were put in right there in that south end, so theres a chance we might be Getting close to see some large, concrete pores that could be coming up uh in the next couple weeks and once they start pouring concrete theyre going to put a lot of concrete out there.

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