It is here in the background. This is phase one. This is pretty exciting for lucid, because theyve been at this for a while. They built this factory a couple of months ago. We were supposed to have this tour in april here we are now in september, but we had quite a day. We got some news. We got to drive the car, which is probably the biggest thing ive been waiting for so on. This episode, tip of davinci were going to talk about lucid motors and their progress here in 2021, the lucid air right there behind us and where they are and more so stay tuned. The lucid motor story has been an interesting one. Weve talked about them in the past. I think they get a fair bit of love and hate in the eevee community and ive, never fully understood why ive always said we need to have a lot more evs when pepsi came along. It wasnt, like coke, thought that there goes half their market share. It was the opposite. The total addressable market grew the number of people who drink soft drinks grew. This is the same thing if teslas making cars and rivers making trucks and lucids making cars. The market of electric vehicles grows, so this is a company i have been cheering for from the very beginning, and i continue to do so. So here is their factory in castle grande arizona. The first thing ill tell you. This is phase one.

One of the things you got to remember is its really difficult. Building cars to build a new automotive company and a plant is nearly impossible, theres, so much capital expansion that goes into building one of these things. So the first clever thing that lucid has done is theyve kind of staggered their spend if you will with this factory. So this is phase one its about a million square feet in floor space phase two takes that up to three or four million square feet so substantially bigger plant. At that point, theyve been making almost a hundred thousand cars a year about ninety thousand a year and then their eventual goal is almost 400 000 cars a year. But to get there you got to be clever. So what theyve decided – and i didnt really actually know this – and i was talking to my friends in the industry – one of the really central things to a plant is the paint shop. So the paint shop is usually one of the biggest bottlenecks and the person that told me that is actually right here. Kyle do you want to take them real, quick? You were just telling me about the paint shop and their strategy about it. Yes, could you expand on that? Yes, uh a year and a half ago i was speeding with p speaking with peter hawk, holding her about the paint shop and uh. This is sort of the genesis of the factory.

This is how it started and they built the whole facility around it, its the hardest part, the most complicated part, the most expensive machinery and the like the most permanent machinery that sticks around. So my understanding was, you start with the paint shop and then everything else around it can be expanded, its sort of like the keystone, uh portion of the factory. So one of the things they mentioned, which i thought was pretty clever – is they didnt build a small paint shop? Thinking well, expand it later. They built a massive paint shop, the one they want and because theyre not building a hundred thousand or four thousand cars. Yet theyre using the lower floor for general assembly, but as soon as they are building 100 000 cars or 400 000 cars well, general assembly moved into its own little part of the warehouse, and the paint shop would be fully a paint. Shop. So again seems pretty clever. I think you got to be scrappy if youre building a new car company, its nearly impossible, a lot of the cars you drive are made by legacy makers have been doing this for a long time. There arent very many of these, so i i just feel like theres a strappiness to it, theyve theyve kind of figured it out. Theyve spent the money in the right places, yeah thats my impression at least im pretty impressed. I mean, i think, one of the most important things when you tore a factory is like.

Oh, my god. No cars are blowing up like its not exciting right. Youre going around things are working, orderly and like they have a really good process, and to me that means things are working properly. I was impressed with the overall factory, i think, theres a lot of room for expansion. Of course, they have a lot of room around for it, and yeah really excited to see where they go in the future for sure so a couple things they mentioned. This is the first new green field factory in north america. That means, like tesla, for example, bought a previously used nume plant in fremont. This is brand new built and when you walk around in there, you can tell we werent really allowed to film a lot of what was going on, but everythings robotic its really highly automated clean, modern and more expensive, im sure, but actually buying an old factory and Re tooling, it is a little bit expensive as well, so the factory is really cool, theyre, building the first cars that will be going to customers shortly. So i think, as we were driving around driving around as we were walking around the factory, we saw cars and final assembly getting put together. These are the not the first but the first of many of the cars coming off the line, and these are the cars that are going to customers. So it has been a long road for lucid. They first unveiled this car about five years ago.

They went through their own production hells and all the various stages that any car company has to go through, but at the end of the day i think were close. Peter said that they are expecting deliveries to customers in october. So like a month from now and uh, i think all thats really good. I had a chance to drive the car as well. So one of the things i always look at with these, the cars is the accelerator pedal and how well its mapped to your foot. Um cars like the ford monkey, i think they were just very rough and, like it wasnt like a linear travel, it felt like there was just a little bit of like kinks to work out. This feels really good. You can kind of just modulate your foot, a millimeter or two. You can see that it swings back and forth between charging and regen and when it switches between the two, its also really smooth. The two takeaways from this entire event for me are about theyre, theyre, serious hardcore engineering shops, theyve built a car that is crazy, efficient 520 miles with a 112 kilowatt battery pack computes like four point, almost 4.7 miles per kilowatt hour. That is tops and thats really impressive. Considering how big this car is. Speaking of how big the car is on the outside its like a mercedes e class like mid size right luxury car, but on the inside, it feels like an s class, its massive.

I got ta tell you im pretty blown away by this thing: theres a general high quality, finish everything kind of feels premium and nice and the leg room is massive. Look at the the greenhouse on on top here, huge sunroof. A lot of kind of typical stuff were used to with evs, and all that is is still here. I think the real big takeaway for me is just how much leg room i have my leg room when i was inside is huge. The person that was driving with us from lucille to six foot two had his seat back way. Far back and i felt like i was driving in like a limousine. It was massive and they are able to do that because of their engineering and design around their motors, their motor weighs about 74 kilograms and can produce 640 670 horsepower. That means their two motors deliver on the 111 horsepower that the dream edition performance is rated to produce, and all of that is possible because they stick everything out as far as they can. The motor and the battery assembly is low, slung and out of the way the front trunk is massive. The front and the rear leg room is huge, were looking at it from the outside. It feels like a pretty good sized car, but then yeah here comes one now, but then, when you get inside of it its substantially bigger feeling. But the front trunk is built with a soft plastic that allows them to stick it into the cavity and then expand on it, because i guess what they were saying is theres, actually more room inside than there is loading room from the top.

So they used a soft plastic when they, when they molded it that way, they could stick it through the opening and then expand on it for the maximum amount of space. Theyve kind of thought about this, and this is where im really excited about startups, as opposed to legacy makers. I think when you have a clean sheet of paper, you dont start with any old ways or old ideas. You start fresh and theres quite a few areas where this car for me kind of shines. In that way, the driving feel and the driving performance was unbelievable. It is breakneck fast. It felt like the fastest of cars ive ever been in. I havent been in a tesla plaid but im sure its kind of similar to that it is so fast. The pedal mapping, which is something i always gripe about. I had an issue with the ford machi, for example, having really poor pedal mapping the first 10. This car was like my tesla model 3, which was just near perfection. You could really dial in the power just by modulating your left foot or your right foot and uh and get exactly how much power you want out of it. The regenerative braking is also similarly predictable. It comes and goes very linearly and bravo to the team for the for the work theyve done kyle, who was just on on camera. He mentioned he drove this car two months ago in monterey, and he said that the throttle mapping wasnt quite perfect, the the mapping of the pedals.

He felt needed some work and since then, to now in two months the team has taken the feedback and evolved on it. A lot of this stuff is software and theyre, making great progress. So if youre excited about electric vehicles, this is one of those cars that has got me excited teslas, proven that it can be done once when rivian and lucid do it. Now it becomes a pattern and if you like, electrification, thats the whole point. So bravo lucid and thank you for inviting us out here ill have to email somebody there and see if i can get a longer day with it to drive it a little more and put it through its paces. But this thing is a monster. It is an absolute pleasure to drive and its not like a track car id say its more of a luxury performance car, its big, its roomy and its dialed in for comfort, but it is a more than capable performance machine. Thank you so much for watching guys. Thats my report here at lucid uh, if you were excited about lucid before i think everything ive seen here today – should make you more excited and if you were skeptical about lucid, which i kind of understand that too i got to tell you theyre, pretty close to Delivering cars to customers so well done to the team here i think theres a lot of excitement, a lot of long nights and a huge congratulations is probably in order.

So, thank you so much for all of you for joining and uh subscribe and hit that like button and stay tuned well cover more stuff, as we can im ricky with two davinci and just remember.