Now. I havent done a review on this channel. For a long time. I have been sent some other stuff which ive done little reviews on the rc boise channel, but ive been sent a drone today. So, of course, thats going to go on the zing zing rc channel, and the drone in question is this little lulin u61, a little wi, fi fpv drone with camera and yeah it uh is something a little bit different, not really what i usually fly. Im used to my fpv ones, with the goggles and the rest of it. I think this just connects to your phone through wi fi, but nevertheless, im always open to review things now. Just before we get started, i dont want to say do not take my word as gospel, uh im, just gon na give my honest opinion on this thing. Im gon na show you everything it does, and hopefully you can make your own assumption on what you think of this, but uh yeah lets get into it. So im gon na show you whats in the box. First ive got it all laid out on the desk in front of me: im gon na change, cameras and show you what you get in the box. All right so were on the chest. Camera now so i can show you and go through everything what you get in the box. So this is the box uh, like i said, ages, 14 plus it says on it.

You get photo video, fpv, headless model, battery, alarm, custom flight route out of range alarm. One key takeoff and landing so all the basics really headless mods a nice feature there. So this is a drone in question and it feels quite nice. A little tri blade props a little adjustable camera on the front here that you can move up and down just manually. So you can either have it looking straight down at the floor or you can have it looking straight up or somewhere in between its totally up to you. But you cant adjust that when youre flying its literally, you have to adjust it before you fly and then go up. So the batteries you get in this one are these little 500 milliamp 3.7 volt batteries, but you do get three of them. So thats, not bad. Im not sure on the flight time of these, i will show you the amazon description uh in a moment, once weve gone through this and that way. Hopefully, we can get some more specifics and stuff like that, but you get three batteries in it. You get the quick start how to fly so it tells you to download the app ive already done this. I will go through the app as well and see how well that works, but download the app pretend your drone on connect it through wi fi, configure it and all that jazz and youre aware that, on the other side, its also your flight controls youve got some Spare props, which is always handy, youve, got a little screwdriver again always handy on these.

I always keep these because theyre just good for basically anything youre fixing anything else. Your little cars little micro cars, little drones, you know theyre always coming handy, so throw them in a driving if youre not going to use it just yet. You get two micro usb usb cables and thats. My only gripe with this so far is the fact that its micro, usb i hate micro usb usb, is far superior, but im not sure when this run was released. So you know usbc, probably wasnt a thing when this was released, but its not yeah. Just me picking points, really you get this little clip which goes onto your transmitter, which ill show you in a minute and thats to hold your phone. You get this little red slip which tells you about calibration, and this came in the operation guard uh. So just calibration instructions, just basically what it tells you on that piece of paper, but at least thats somewhere handy. You can keep that safe its a lot easier to manage youre not going to lose that area. Even if you slot it inside the booklet, jobs are good, its just always handy to have around just in case you dont use it for a while and forget you get the u61 operation guard, which is in five languages: english, dutch, french, italian and spanish, and that Basically goes through everything tells you the weight of the drone, which is 63 grams, or here we go flight time is six to seven minutes per battery.

So with the three batteries youre looking at about id, say: 20 minutes 25 minutes at the most uh yeah about 20 minutes, yeah streaming, video radius 20 to 30 meters, which its not bad, really obviously through a wi fi connection. But you know with something small like this youre, not obviously going to go really far with it so 20 to 30 meters. I think thats going to do you know what you want it to fly in radius is 50 meters again, not bad. For something of this size. Frequency is 2.4 gigahertz, which is good charging time of drone battery 80 minutes, thats quite a long charge for a 500 milliamp, so to charge all three. Obviously, you can charge two at once so whats that youre talking an hour and 20 minutes for one battery and then so about two hours and 40 minutes. So nearly three hours to get all of these charged, which is quite a lengthy uh, charge time nowadays but its yeah. It is what it is. As long as you know, youre gon na be going out. You know you wont be able to do it quickly, but as long as you know, youre going out its all good. So what else we got in this booklet, so its just just everything it tells you about your transmitter. Tells you about what stuff does all your key functions? So anything you need to know is gon na be in here, which is always handy, so keep that handy.

Then you get your little tool, which is. I think this is a prop tool, so that helps you pop your propellers off. Should you break one? I cant see youre flying one two to a risk of that youre gon na break one and theres a random little screw in there, not sure what thats for uh, oh yeah, i do know what thats for so random little screw in there and then you have Your transmitter and what i like about his transmitter is youve got this little card on the front that comes straight with it, and it tells you about your out of range alarm, so if it goes, did it did it? Please fly the drone back to your control range. It tells you what it all does tell you what your buttons does so thats, nice and handy your actual transmitter. It doesnt feel the best, but i am used to flying with a tx16s which is top of the range transmitter. So of course this is going to feel cheaper, but sticks so springy, obviously its going to sell forward as its on hover. You know you dont need to constantly control the throttle, so that kind of works and you have yeah one button – take off and land headless fur and video. And then you get this little clip shove that through the hole there do that, like that and you fell ill show you with me fun. So your phones just gon na sit in there and there you go youre flying obviously watch out for your buttons thats a must, but then youre flying youll be able to view it on your screen and view it in the air and whatever else i believe you Can control it from your phone as well, but ill show you that when we get on to the app this transmitter takes affordable airs, which into about ever i dont mind that, for the blaze is okay and im guessing theyll last a long time you bad germacells, Its gon na be a long time before you have to change them so thats, all good, so thats everything out the box uh well get some batteries charged up im to quickly show you, the amazon page, see if it gives us any more information, then ill.

Show you the app and then well get out for a fly so lets. Have it all right folks, so lets have a look at the amazon page uh, and this is where you can buy this from so. If youre interested in buying this, there will be a link in the description where you can pick this up uh but lets have a quick look for i mean weve covered most things already. We know we get the three batteries adjustable camera all that kind of stuff. Uh, so its in yellow mirror adjustment theyre in the mirror. I dont know what i thought about video capture resolution: vga 480p, its not great, is it uh? I obviously will have to have a look when we actually fly the drone, but forty eight four, there 480p, just just doesnt – cut the mustard nowadays in my eyes, uh granted. This is for kids. It is advertised as kids uh. What could you say its fry out short because it is advertised for kids, but then it does sell on the box when i stop getting stuff stuck to it, 14 plus yeah, just looking a little screen in the car 14 plus. Where should i 14 about that? Much of a kid anymore, but i suppose young children could use it as long as you know its just just for rules and wrecks in it. So you know younger kids will be that, and i have an eight year old and a ten year old and im gon na be getting them to have a go with this.

So hes, you know im sure younger kids can use it as well as long as accompanied by an adult of course be safe and all that but 480p im not too impressed with that. I think that maybe could have stretched to 720 at least, and the thing is as well. Obviously, if youre recording with this, you know what good is 480p. You know who wants to what you know its, not really a good video format to be watching, and is it in this day and age, so great beginner, drug for kids, especially without children, flying a drone yeah they had a good quality camera well see get a Bedside view rail time transmission, which flight efficiency in real time aerial video live, mobile phone comes with three batteries, thats good and 24 months, warranty, which in bad i never knew that 24 months. Warming is obviously a great thing uh. You know. Kids can be quite unforgiving with toys, so if you do get a breakage im sure there could be an amazon. You know their customer service is absolutely second to none. So if theyre, given a 24 month, warranty im sure amazon will uh cater to that im. Sure youll have no problems if you get a defective drone, so lets just keep going down. Keep going down, keep going down so nice, nice, bright and colorful wow, so much fun, so its blatantly showing it flying indoors. There photoshop pictures, but it is advertising.

It is that its been flown in doors, great kids, with camera drone little kid that was little aviator goggles on hold of the drone, but like to say, if youve noticed every kid in the picture, you know theres no way any of these kids are 14 plus Ally but minus that one and well, you know either you accompanied by an adult we dont know, but but uh yeah, theyre, really not 14 plus but again, im sure itll be fun. So yeah blatantly advertised as uh advertised for kids different speeds, a little boy playing with it. There sharing what you get in the box, so yeah. We pretty much know all this already. I think there is a little video so ill. Let you folks watch that uh Music, Music, um Music, so yeah as you saw, then you should and it even showed it with the two screens. So if you do have, i know i mean you can pick them up for a pound. Nowadays, uh of the old you know mobile fern virtual reality goggles. You could potentially fly this fpv, but lets just switch me to one screen uh. You could potentially fly fpv, but obviously youve got to consider that you cant connecting through wi fi your range isnt going to be brilliant, but it is doable. I dont think i have a pair of them via goggles about anywhere. If i do come across some, i will test it in that way, but you might not be able to see that from this review for the simple fact i just dont have any but uh yeah, so theres, nothing more to do now.

Weve gone through it as much as we possibly can you know, weve read the descriptions um im trying to to be nice to this drone im trying to find the good points, but so far before actually flying it. What ive seen on paper for the price im? Not overly impressed but ive got to fly and ive got to see how it goes so lets lets get on to the app lets. Get it all connected up. Lets get some batteries in it and see how it actually flies. Oh youll have to excuse the desk uh were in tatters at the minute, but its time to fly it. So i wanted to show you everything, as it happens rather than me just setting it up and be ready, so were going to film the full thing so weve downloaded the lulin app its there on my phone. I hope this camera angles right on my head, cam, but im going to try a screen recording my phone and everything anyway. So you should see so were going to take this. So weve got the how to fly. Weve got a couple of batteries and weve got the drone itself with a battery can of semi inside. So, first of all, it says download the lulin app weve done that so next up power up your drone so put the battery in were gon na turn it on dont drop it just gon na tilt the camera down a little bit right then.

So now we need to go into wi fi settings. So one minute, just let me because i want to record this. How do i do a screen recording there? We go screen recorder, so a screen recording, hopefully itll pick up the orientation and stuff as well. If not ill have to edit it, but uh lulin here we go so right were connected to the loonlin app, so thats good. So next up we need to actually go into the lulin app connect anywhere, yet so right, thats that so weve turned it on. So then we do that hold the stick down, move that one to the right put them both into the middle. Oh look at that and take off so why arent i seeing anything. Oh look at that there we go so thats in the air. Why arent? I seeing anything from the app Music, so thats cool it sets off. Youve got your yaw, it does slightly want to rise constantly, so youve got your roof and down it does lift them. Youve got your left and right and lets just land it again Music. There. We go landed pretty well so now i need to say an emergency saying that signature settings no so theres. So why arent? I lets just lets see if its actually recorded anything on my phone. No, so its just saying its green regarding so lets just start up. The ruling up again, okay, its a drone guard.

So how do we actually get it to to view no its, not telling us a great deal there control? Oh there we go so now we have uh, so weve got 59 battery left, so lets take off again and lets hit record, bearing in mind im in the same house as this uh. The frame rate doesnt seem brilliant, but it might just be showing me that on my phone screen, just as an idea uh, the video quality might be better, but hes super easy to fly. Uh i can let go of the transmitter. Look ill come in front. Look! Ive, let go of the transmitter, oh its off a little bit there hey. I think that was me there getting a bit too close to it. Obviously it doesnt have gps or anything like that. So i think what well do now is weve, given a little go indoors. Weve got 57 battery left so im just gon na go outside onto the car park and well uh, see how it flies outside and see. How i can handle the wind, so were just going to keep recording postman got big men on as well so well. Take it around this guy look theres a squirrel wheres that going a little ninja squirrel right, so lets see how it handles the wind, so there arent, really much wind today, pretty much non existent lets have a go at recording again. Oh there you go here. Comes the wind hes trying to blow it back at me, lets check it out and were in a super light breeze today and already its struggling its doable.

It is doable, but look at that thats struggling im fighting with it constantly like. If i just leave the transmitter for a minute Music, it would have just drifted off into that tree. So thats that uh were going to land it im going to turn the cam look at it. Go im going to turn the camera so its straight up. So youre, looking directly in front of you and then well uh give headless girl. I think you know im not going to try the uh where youre putting the thing on its own, because i dont think its going to work. So i can use headless mode on the transmitter counter yeah, so i think were in headless mode now, and what headless mod does is no matter. Yeah, look, no matter which way i do it up down. Left right will always be up down left right as long as im stood in the same place, so i can turn it and im still moving backwards, even though the stick is up and get me in shot high there. Now i want to bring it back, but it is flyable outside definitely fit on a still there. You know make sure its not windy or anything. But as long as its not windy, i mean it is drifting quite a bit but theres only a small drone in it, its nothing, its nothing, crazy, Applause, Music, but headless mud works well and its super simple. You just literally press the button and now look im out of headless mode, so i wanted to follow it and go for a little walk.

I can do. I dont have to worry about my orientation anymore, so thats working quite well so were on oh hes. Coming close to me wants me: it wants me, see id like to give the uh the tracker mode the little finger you can see at the top of the screen id like to give that a go, but literally i let my hands off the transmitter for two Minutes and its its already the winds just blowing it, so i dont think im actually going to be able to test that outside and i dont think ive got enough room indoors to do that. Uh so were just gon na leave that, for now i think i mean i can try if itll just stop coming back at me, i mean. Can i still must be used in an open area? Uh so well, just keep it nice and low. Can i still do it like that yep, so thats, Music, nice hes, telling me that the batterys low so were gon na land it and leave that one there Applause am i recording now yeah im recording lets give this flight puff a go so lets just do It in a circle: oh nowhere, no thats, not working land, so you tried to do something, but i just i just think the winds gon na be too much. I really do if there is a couple of puddles about so lets, just secure for a simple zigzag.

Music, no, they dont want to do that, Music, oh god! No, so we want to go forward a bit all right. Okay, so how we draw it on the drone right now is how its going to move. So if i do it down like that, its going to come back towards me, ive still got the control from the left on the screen, but ive got to turn the transmitter on so i aint actually got any control from the transmitter. So this is just getting done from the screen itself, but it does. It does kind of work, obviously against the wind, its quite difficult, but keep doing it back like that and it will uh do it on a quick circle yeah it does do it yeah cool. So lets land so thats that feature so it does work. Obviously, when youre not in the wind, itll, probably work a lot better, but there we go so you can just take off with the sticks as well, so start recording again ill. Take a few pictures. Actually thats uh so which ones so thats ricard he constantly wants to be off the you have to be in control of it all the time Music fighting with this lets turn a headless mode on so then yeah that works. This might help me take some pictures not really used to fly in line of sight, so Music lets hope this is taking pictures lets spin. It round get it looking at me, itll stop buggering off and you you also dont, get as much power from headless murder.

So the wind was actually pushing it. Then ive had to come out of headless mud to stop that, otherwise the wind would have been stronger. I mean its not windy today at all, so this is okay for outdoors on a super super still day, but me studying now. If, if that flag, wasnt moving up there, i wouldnt know its windy so and any any kind of railwind and youre really gon na struggle with this, and this is meant to be for kids uh. I think the struggle to fly this so yeah is there any other. I dont think theres. Any other features to show, as of now uh well come off that, and that puts it back to theres, no like options for power, so youve just got one speed Music. I mean i wont even like to take it too high, take a couple of pictures up there, but do another little video you can go quite high yeah, its not bad. Actually winded wind has stopped completely. Now, though, were on ‘ percent. Lets cover a little mulch Music. I never thought of them in the speed either, but yeah its uh lets bring it back its not bad in terms of speed. No, oh theres, a lovely misses, say hello, kim Music. Oh, oh, oh, where we gone. Where are we gone? The wind took me a bit. Then there we go. Skill comes into play, im really not used to flying line of sight.

There we go, and while this has been going for six and a half minutes on this screen, recording and weve got 25 left, so the seven minutes is probably right: Music, its fun Music, well, im landing, although weve got 19, its gon na start shouting at me. So ill stop the recording and well uh there. You go starting to shout at me so well, land, all right folks, so youve seen everything the drone can do and im going to give you my little final thought on it. If youre still watching this. Thank you, its been a long bloody video uh nearly half an hour, but i really wanted to give this drone a really good, thorough test and show you every aspect of it and make sure it was as detailed as possible. Now i understand that the second round of flying where i was using the touch controls i didnt actually do any screen. Recording totally forgot to do that so thats my bad uh, but it is just a case of on the right hand, side of the screen. You just use your finger on whatever line you trace. It will make that movement and it does do it well, so yeah thats good on that point. So my final thoughts on it is its not a bad drone by any means totally different to what im used to flying, but i dont want to give it a bad name because its not a bad drone, it does what it does well headless mode works brilliantly.

You know the button works and its on and its off theres no messing around theres no glitching. It works uh your phone connected it through the app an absolute piece of cake, as you saw uh no issues there whatsoever controlling it, no issues there. It responds well. So the drone for its functionality is absolutely fantastic. It works really well, it seems like a good build the battery works. Well, i was getting you know, but between how i was flying between six and a half and nine minutes flight time, which it states is seven minutes. So, as an average thats absolutely spot on thats right charge. Time did differ a lot and i will put on the screen now what the charge time was. I think ive already shown you the charge time in the video but ill show you it again now just just to clarify it, but these batteries could have already been semi charged, and so that could be different. But you know each one is well under two hours charging time so thats, absolutely fine as well so youre, not on a star rating out of five im, probably gon na give it a four just on the notion of the only bad points i can see about This drone is one the price and thats not actually a reflection on the drone thats, a reflection on the people selling it leveling themselves, but 80 pound for me is way too much for this drone.

I do believe if you shop around, you will find a superior drone on the market far cheaper, so for me eight pound. Nowhere would i pay that no way i just wouldnt do it, but you know thats, just my financial status, other people might think its worthy. Like i said, dont take my word for it, but for me, 80 pound is just too high. The only other grape ive got with it is the camera. Now for me, if youve got a camera, you know look at look at anything nowadays. Look at the cameras on our phones. Look at you know even 12 pound action cameras are recording in 720p. You know 720p, for me is going to be the bare minimum if its not recording in 720p theres. Just no point, no ones going to want to watch that footage, no ones going to look at them. Pictures do you know so. For me, the camera is, is just not good enough. Its okay and you can see – and you can see what youre flying and it does take pictures, but no ones ever gon na use it for taking photos or actually recording video, because its just not good enough for kids to see what were looking at yeah. Its great and thats what this drone is aimed at is aimed at young children and theyd, probably be okay with it. But again, i think it could have an essence of disappointment if theyre going out, filming stuff or taking pictures and then when they look back at them, pictures theyre, just a very, very poor rat.

I mean i think it was 480p in vga, which again for me, is just not good enough, so theyre, the only two things which i really dont like about this drone for me 720p, should be a bare minimum. That thats, just my opinion, disagree with me agree with me. I dont know but thats just my opinion, but other than that, the actual functionality and the weight fliers and everything else. You know i give this droid a big thumbs up and if the price was cheaper, i dont know how much cheaper you know. Maybe 30 40 pound yeah be a great little starter, drum for kids great little way for him to get into the hobby of flying drones and stuff. So if we can find a way to get that price down, if lulan, if youre watching this bring that price down im, sure youll sell more because it is a decent drone and it is fun to fly it. You know the build is well you get spare props, you get you get everything with it, you need, you can buy the props online as well. So if you ever broke them, you know you can replace some so yeah its, not bad. At all. Great little thing just a little bit too high on price and the cameras not quite good enough but other than that top stuff, so cheers for watching this, like i say, if youre still here massively appreciated. This is a long, ass video, but i really enjoyed doing this id love to do more.

So, if youre also a company watching this – and you want an honest review from a general consumer – you know i a pro i aint rich. You know i im just a general person im, probably your general fanbase. I am a customer base. If you want me to review your products get in touch, you know my email will be down below and we can sort something out. Also, if you want to buy this product, i will drop the links down below. I think ive reviewed it in the yellow in the green. It is ten pound cheaper, so you can get it for 69 pound rather than 75 pound. Whether that makes a difference. I dont know but yeah ill drop them links down below anyway, so you can watch them so if there isnt, if there is any other questions you have make sure you ask me in the comments. If you are give me your opinions, give me your thoughts. If you think theres a better drawing out there for cheaper, please do that as well. Obviously, but you know were trying to help people out here, if you are watching this video looking for a decent drone, you know maybe have a skim through the comments. Maybe someones left a link down there to a superior drawing than this. You never know, but yeah cheers for watching.