It reminds me of another drone thats, the sand rock u61 and i contacted yulin and they said no its a different drone. It has different materials but boy, they sure look alike. They look identical and the sand rock. Is this price on amazon right now and it looks like they even have the same controller? They got a really nice camera, really good, flexible mounts that go around. It looks like itd, be a great beginner. Drone ive always said that holy stone. 210 is the best beginner mini drone, but man with the shortage of materials and chips in china. These keep going up. So this one is just almost the same price as this one now and this ones got a camera its a lot larger. You could actually fly it outside because it has a lot more power and if you look at it compared to the size of the holy stone 210, this ones much larger. So if youre like me and you bought one and you dont, want to read the instructions, you want to jump on youtube and see how to get this thing in the air and what the features are im going to show you that and then well come back For a final review or if youre looking to see if this is a really good, beginner drone in the end ill give my review of this and see if thats, a good choice for you or your family. But before i do that lets go over.

Why its important to start with the beginner drone, because the beginner drone sits on the same axis as a big drone and what i mean by that. Is they both pitch forward and back for speed and they both yaw left and right? And then they they roll left and right and they go up and down so the first time you put the controller in your hand, it may be seem a little bit confusing of the orientation of the joysticks and it takes a while to get used to them. Once you get used to them its just like driving or something you really start not having to think about it, your subconscious takes over, but what people do is they go out and they spend fifteen hundred two thousand dollars on a drone, and then they come home With something like this, because they did not start with the beginner mini drone and learn how to fly the orientation of the controls, so its really important to start with something like this safer for you, the people around you and your drone. So before we go put it up in the air, lets go over all that features of this drone and the app and how to get it in the air and then well come back for a final review. All right guys lets see what she weighs in at the luland u61, weighs in at 61 grams, which is more than twice as much as the holy stone 210 at 43, and how much is 61 grams, its about a little bit more than two whataburger fancy ketchups.

So to get the drone in the air you install the battery it slides in really easy. Its got a little on off switch in the back turn that, on turn on your remote, just pull down on the left side and then down to the right and youll see it blink make sure its on a flat surface. When you do that and then itll go and then its paired and to take off the easiest way, is just pull them both in and then push up. So if you want to trim it if it seems to be drifting to the left or to the right, what you do is you push down on this side and push this in the opposite direction? The way its going? So it seems to be drifting to the left. Then you push down on this button and push this to the right. It takes a little bit of practice, but youll get the hang of it. Then its got three speeds. Well, the three speeds are right here on this button, so one push is its in speed: one thats in speed, three thats speed one and speed two and speed three, and if youre flying it outdoors, put it into speed three as soon as you take off, then Up here is the button to push and start the video take a photo headless mode, dont ever use that that takes away the orientation of the drone. The whole point of this is to learn the drone and then over here it does flips push that and flip over, and you want to make sure its far away from you when it does that, because if you flip forward its going to flip forward about three Feet so let me show you how to use the app so to get the camera working on it.

You want to turn on the remote turn on the drone, of course, pull down and then to the right on this one. You want to open up your camera. It also comes with a really nice instruction guide: go to page 18, open up the camera on your on your phone to the qr code and itll open up the app store, and then you see, then you download the lulin app and you can open it up. But, first of all you have to go back to your settings, so you go back to your wi fi and make sure and click on, loom and make sure its connected where it wont it wont work. So if you look now the cameras connected its got a really good camera. So if you want to take a picture like i said, i find using the remote better. So you take a picture and it just took that picture and it saves it to your to your phone. All right, so lets put her in the air turn it on down to the right thats how fast youll get in the air. So this is speed. One wow it doesnt really have hardly any latency use a little bit of trimming. Not much just seems to be going up just a little bit so go down, see now its holding perfect. I got it, trimmed all right. Speed, one lets, go all the way. Speed! Three wow its fast Music man, its really windy outside or id like to take it out Music, all right guys.

Enough of the drone buzzing around in the upper left hand corner heres some footage of the drone flying around on the inside of the house, and, of course it doesnt have a gimbal, its a beginner mini drone, but itll teach you to fly a drone with a Camera, especially the process that you need to go through, so you got to get a pre start checklist and learn how to fly a drone heres some pictures it took on the outside, really good camera. For you know a budget beginner drone and heres some video i took outside it, wasnt windy and it was so windy today. I wish it wasnt. I could get some footage of it flying around not actually from the drone, because it was really fast. Uh covered a lot of ground, really quick um. I dont care. If youve been flying drones for a long time, you can hone your skills with these drones, especially if you havent flown in a while and, i kind of say its kind of playing golf. If your friend asked you to come play golf and youd never played golf before, and you went out to the golf course you might think golfs not for you, because you might feel silly trying to hit the ball and it looks so easy. But it was so hard to do and you may miss out on a sport. You like well kind of like drones. You know if you go, buy an expensive drone and you try to fly it without learning uh.

You may think drones arent for you and you mess you miss out on something that you might really enjoy, because drones allow you to see things that other people cant. It can make some great videos on family vacations and soccer games and just overall a lot of fun. I really enjoy them also in when its raining outside and my dogs want to get some exercise. They love chasing the drones around the house when they hear that little beat go. They really want to take off after it. When i hear sasha running back and forth my 15 year old, beagle wasnt into it today, but if its raining outside this is a good way for them to get their exercise and a good way for you to get exercise learning how to fly a drone. So i review a lot of mini drones. I like to see how much you can get out of something so small, the more you fly it, the less quirkiness. It feels to you at first. It may feel like a little bit awkward, but after a while it starts feeling really smooth like any drone. They all have their different personality and the way that they fly start out in speed. One start out slow. I wouldnt even mess with the camera. In the beginning, like i said, just learn how to fly it once you learn how to fly. It then start messing with the camera, so dont be nervous, its it crashes, really good.

I mean like the rubber bumpers on the sides: theyre really good, so youre gon na be able to crash it. A few times comes with extra props and then boom there. It goes see. Christ is pretty good. So thanks so much for watching my review of this lululemon u61 flies really good. Its got a great camera. Two batteries that have long flight time seems to be very durable, seem like you can crash it a lot and not really damage it. Its well built a lot of power. You can fly it outside in low winds. I like that the camera is adjustable up and down. So i always thought this was the best beginning mini drone, but this one has a lot more features this one. If youre going to fly it totally indoors, then this is the drone you want to fly to outdoors a little bit and play around with the camera. Then i would say: use this one. I would suggest dont ever use the camera until you learn the orientation. Then start messing around with the camera, because you want to be focused on how to learn how to fly a drone. One thing i can say about this: drone too, is it doesnt seem to have any latency a lot of what i mean by that is lots of times when youre going, and you want to turn the drone back around and come back at you. It just takes a long time to do it or when you push on the joysticks, it seems to be slow to respond.

This one responds very quickly, so this drone doesnt seem to have any latency either, which is more like the bigger, more expensive drones, and i really like that. So, as always, if you got something out of this, please like and subscribe, subscribers mean everything to me in this channel and i got a lot more good. Beginner budget mini drones coming out along with the big ones and ill see you in the next one. Music.