Oh man guys thats a pretty nice looking quadcopter right. There mean green machine check it out, theres everything. It comes with controller right. Here. Has a nice little instructions label right here that goes on top of it. That shows you every function. It has and theres your phone mount instruction manual, quick start guide. Four extra props charger two batteries and, of course the quad itself heres the battery location right here, and it has the on and off switch in the back as well. And you see right under the on off switch right there, which is above it right now, because its upside down thats, actually a red led and thats. The only led this thing comes with the angle of the camera can be changed and it could be angled all the way downwards, completely 90 degrees down. So thats pretty good. You can get a full downwards view and you can just fly above your site to check out your whole area where youre at the camera, not too bad on android. But i noticed that some of these, when youre using iphones the video quality, is a lot better. On most of them, the two batteries it comes with are both 500 milliamp hour, one cell lipos, and also on these batteries right here. They actually have the charging circuit internally theres, going to be a light on the battery itself when you plug it in its going to turn red and when its done charging its going to turn green.

Now, this whole thing was packaged really nicely in its box. So i didnt show an unboxing of this because i dont want to ruin that for you guys, because i feel, like thats part of what you guys are spending the money on this guy, because this guy right here this is not, in my opinion, a budget quadcopter Price so lets hope it lives up to it in its flight characteristics and so far, just by the look of it, its a good, looking, quadcopter or drone, but for the price i have to be honest. This is kind of high for such a tiny little guy, especially for all the options you have out there nowadays, but anyway lets let the functions and how it flies through. The talking so lets check it out. Music. Well, as you can see right here is your transmitter, as you can tell right here. You have your landing and takeoff right here and if you hold it down its your emergency stop, then you have your headless mode button right here, so you could fly it in all directions, but the controls will still be the same and right here you have your Camera record and you take a picture and those only work when youre connected to your phone so make sure youre connected to your phone, and you have your phone mount on here now on the two sticks right here. You have a push in mode right here and a push in mode right here too.

Now they have two different purposes. This one right here when you push it in it changes your rates for your flight, this one when you push it in, you have to hold it in and then you can push this in either way to adjust your trim because, as you can tell theres no Trim buttons here but thats how you adjust your trim. You hold this in and adjust your trim. Whichever way you need to and itll make a beeping noise as you do it and then just let go and youre good to keep on flying and when you first start it up. Youre gon na have to press down and thatll connect it to the drone. And after you do that you can pull this down this way and that will calibrate it and then now you can either do this to start the motors and then up to start flying or press the take off button right here and start flying lets go ahead And fly this guy lets see how it flies. Theres, no tricks to this guy. It doesnt do any flips or rolls or anything it just has three rates of speed, so you can make it fly faster and thats about it. For this guy, its more of just a toy camera drone here we go well turn on the transmitter, and then we slide this battery into the drone right here and then you switch it on and then place it on a leveled floor which im going to do Behind me, and once you do that you just push down on this, and you see it turns solid and now its ready to go so now, im going to press the take off im going to take off with the take off button.

Pretty sure you guys didnt see that because i was too close, but now you guys can see the drone, hopefully okay, it starts off at rate two see its a pretty calibrated its a little windy out here. So its not going to stay in place, yaw rate is uh pretty slow, thats rate, one rate two a lot faster and rate three: the fastest Music. Oh the winds, kind of taking it up its kind of windy. Oh there you go im going to land it out there. Oh, i pressed land, it didnt land. There you go im going to press head list mode im going to take off now. I should be able to fly in any direction, but left should still always be left. Right should always still be right and coming back towards me should always still be coming back towards me and its working pretty good, actually considering im yawning the whole time. Look at that thats, pretty good, headless mode, im, not sure if you guys are getting that on camera. I just have my camera on a tripod, so im trying to keep it in front of the camera so sorry about it going out of frame once in a while. All right lets turn off headless mode, because its tripping me out too much. I fly regular drones rate three thats, how fast it is climbs pretty fast, and it says its supposed to beep when it goes out of range.

So lets try that. But let me lower the altitude and come back real, quick and its altitude hold drone. So itll stay where you leave it. Alright lets go see how far we can go before it starts. Beeping at me, thats really far. I cant even see it anymore, its still not beeping. At me, im coming back, i cant even tell my orientation anymore. I think im coming back, hopefully theres no return to home button on this one and its getting really windy so im having a hard time coming back, but its coming back slowly, im just going in reverse, because i dont know my orientation im, hoping im still yep Im still in reverse, so i can turn it around, because i can see it and hopefully go faster forward wow that was really far. I didnt get any warnings or anything. So this thing goes pretty far guys but its transmitter. Now you can fly this thing with its now. You could also fly this thing with your phone, so im going to do that next and the next footage were going to see is from me using the phone flying it. So let me put this back down on the ground im going to hit emergency land, so we can see it shut down there. You go somebodys flying an actual drone out here right now there he is. Let me see if i can get him with this drone camera there. He was i caught that drone with this drone thats hilarious, all right, as you can tell right here, you can control it with your phone, which is what im gon na do, and you could do the gyro style or with the controllers on the phone, which is What im gon na do – and you can tell the battery voltage right here – tells you how much battery is left theres the emergency landing button, your little finger tracking.

So you can just swipe across the screen to see where you want to go and you got your home, which i didnt have earlier. I guess theres a home on this one and you take your picture and record so lets hit record, see how that does and lets take off ill, just take off button and a landing button right there. Cool and the trims are all on here. So lets. Take this sucker off Music: there you go its cool, it tells you all your elevator rather throttle and aileron inputs lets turn it around see. If i can see myself almost there, i am fly towards me see how the controls work. Oh, i think, im in a low rate. Oh there, you go high rate theres a dragonfly chase in me. You guys cant see it, though let me see if i could turn around and get him okay. The winds fighting me a little bit, so i got ta use a lot of input. Im gon na try to stabilize it and see how good the video footage is. If i actually hold it in place there you go trying to fight the wind, so you can tell im kind of tilted. Thats me fighting wind yeah lets, try to see if we can get some distance try to stay low, so i dont go to anyones backyard. I already lost signal video signal, but i did not lose signal with a drone. Oh there you go.

That was a signal that im going too far. I guess i dont know if you guys heard that. Well, that was the signal i was going too far. Im not sure if you guys heard that i was kind of covering the mic not really usable for fpv for me, because its too laggy uh lets put the camera straight 90 degrees down and lets get a down shot of where im at emergency land emergency land. Oh i caught it. I caught it all right, im, gon na aim, the camera down and lets go its pretty windy up there. I might have to bring it down im coming down im, not sure if you guys can see me. Oh my goodness, wind crazy wind. There you go put myself right under the shot: Music hes gon na hit me Music, so Music, emergency land, thats gon na, be the picture quality Music. Well there you guys go cool little drone. Hopefully you guys enjoyed that. That was fun and you know it flies. Pretty well, you know it actually flies pretty nice.