Um do i have sound. Let me make sure holy. I have sounded all right, so uh flip back over to chat. Yes, it is working hello. Everyone um, so it turns out friday. The problem is my old software um wasnt android 12 compatible, even though it said it was so had a look around, and i found what were using today, which is called a prism, live its a free app again. But this app has no premium level and all the i would have had to pay for and camera phy live just kind of works in this one. So like i can walk up and go wouldnt like move it around and is it popping up? It should and then like i can be like hold on wheres the other one i can be like wow. Look at that its a kitty, wow! Look at that its another kitty so, like i can do some neat stuff and im gon na figure out what else i can do uh also now i can actually monitor on the screen how well uh my my uh transmission rate. So if things start to look shitty, i can actually tell maybe ahead of time today we got four out of five bars of 5g were in perry hall, which is kind of a upper class ish neighborhood. So i expect it to have 5g here um. So anyway, whats up who we got here today: birdo joe russ spectrum, gas, masher, theres, rob kevin, stop by theres, franco, lipsy, im, not sure ive seen you before welcome block watcher dave.

I dont know if i said dave uh, mr furbear. Of course, i thought everyone could make it im holding the chat phone while were gon na try and do this unbox review flight thing of this hello, guys dwi dalton d10, its a little little toy, slash kind of stunt, uh copter that uh ive already seen it In action, rob and looks like its pretty cool, so im going to see if i can make it fly, break it or well see what happens, and i will monitor chat as best i can, and after were done that well take mavis up because we are running Out of light quickly, um, not that matters, i have authorization for night flight since im, part 107, and i already have it granted so well – be able to fly around and hopefully not get bothered by any cairns or anything. We are at uh, honeygo, run regional park, its one of those uh parks, open, open, something open program parks where they dont really get it. You can come here or whenever you want 24 7. uh theyve been trying it for a few years and it seems like its okay because they havent gated anything up yet, so we should be just fine being here at night, uh, its cloudy and cold. So i dont know how much light well have this evening, but i got flashlight stuff uh. While were doing this mavis wanted to watch yeah. She was a little concerned that she might get showed up but yeah.

I told her no worries um. I have no cake. Microphones over here, um seems like good, so i guess lets uh see what we can break on this and this isnt sponsored or anything. This was uh obtained with uh help and thank you for those that helped get this uh for me to mess around with, but theres no sponsors or nothing like that. Um just me doing a thing, so this is never done an unboxing thing before so just yeah lets just wing it. Uh dwid10 can be found on amazon theyre, like 30 35 bucks um. They have apparently different ones, but you only really see the green one, but were kind of wondering if theyre going to have some nice ass thing coming soon with a 720p wi fi, i could see that pushing maybe into the 70 80 90 range i dont know, But anyway open the box cameras here in a plastic screwdriver underneath im guessing thats for props yep, those screws match the prop screws and we got the dude and the remotes underneath. Well, look at that in a second, we have two batteries charge. Cables batteries have been charged. I was originally going to do this, like. Oh, the battery showed up charged isnt that great, but then i realized the remote takes triple as and you cant really make that look good. The remote which i briefly glanced at see what happens im assuming these compared uh like remote and quad, linked blind, okay, cool ill, keep, checking the chat every once in a while make sure nothings weird, but like looks like, were getting really good broadcasts should be getting A pretty good signal, all right, uh lets go over this pack first, so we got.

I am a little shivery, a little tiny. Please use the original charging cable im guessing these are little tiny light bows in there and then proprietary. Sorry for the focus a little little tiny right in there and theres two of them, so you can charge both batteries at the same time and it has three looks like three extra props, so it might be four lets, take a battery and put that in my Pocket check the chat great picture looks great here in minnesota. Thank you all right. So well not worry about the uh that too much we know thats there. So we got this dude all right. We have that camera and Music that little dude this infrared nah. I dont know it said it was 2.4 all right. We have a little drone with an eyeball. That is, i think, it lights up. It might light up. I know something: lights up on here looks like thats the socket for the battery the little pins um. There has been discussion made of possibly investigating putting a super ultra light camera on one of these things and like removing this to get like a little tiny, whoops, slash, mini uh, whoop action thing going. The remote has a bunch of buttons um. So these are your trims. You know if, if youre trying to get your drone to hover and its just constantly going in one direction, you can use the trims and itll try to you know center it, since these dont have like visual hover or gps lock or anything like a uh like Mavis does these are all manual control and i suck at manual control so well see what happens so thats your trim there, and here we have thats takeoff and emergency landing.

I think it might be actually landing as well. Um. Well, probably just bury it um. That was headless and return to home. I think or return to im, not really sure what that button does rob. Let me know and chat if you could, that has a light bulb so im guessing. That has something to do with lights, and that has a spinny thing, so maybe that makes it spin. We have speed control up top. I read that was like a little medium high and then apparently it can actually do a little acrobatic flippy so check the chat. Hey every voice of the clan were talking yesterday. How much was this – i was 35 off of amazon. Are we at the park today? Yes, we are honeygo regional park, looks like the plug of mine. Yeah, actually does kind of look like a old nokia phone charger. 76, volkswagen nice looks like mark was: oh mike was asking yeah. It does look like yeah mike wazowski flying if we cant get a camera ill, just paint that bright white and make it look like mike wazowski thatll work, 40 bucks on amazon yeah, oh return it to whatever way its pointing dont you, okay, gotcha. I wont do that that sounds like uh cruise control flying forward, so well just avoid that, but all right, um lets put a battery in it and see what we can do with it. This battery a little warmed up.

Dont hold it like that when youre putting batteries in because that might be bad and, of course, before you turn any drone on turn the remote on first, i would assume red light means its searching for the drone. Its my fault lets see so lets plug that in maybe there we go all right and one lights, so everythings flashing, see if they do anything or if i got ta pair them up, guess that im gon na have to pair them up how to pair. I saw that in here, somewhere drone ready were learning together. Folks, 3d flip stop headless one key return: okay, get your drone ready pair. The drone put the drone in a horizontal position. Can you? Yes, you can see. I will try to speak towards the camera. All right turn on the transmitter: push the left control. F4. We fully forward wait for a sound and pull the stick fully rearward after pairing pull down to the right for two to three seconds on both controls when youre here and the lights on the dream break fast, i think were oh yeah, i guess were good. I dont know why that props off all right, well, its doing stuff, im, um, im, gon na move, mavis and well take off from that, and i was actually thinking of filming the green drone from mavis. But since im, the only one here yeah its not push it too much with what we should and shouldnt be doing, because you should have two pilots.

How do you turn this thing off like that? All right, long, press, the takeoff button? All right, i will do my best to keep things like in frame and check the chat. Thank you rob. I hope you guys im pretty sure you guys can hear me this. I knew this camera yeah. I know the phone has some pretty good microphones, but ill. Do my best lets see what happens im adjusting the drift? Maybe can you still see it? I have no idea see how see how close i can get it to like cover sorry trying to keep stuff in frame, but its a little interesting. This way, a lot not bad come back here. Shes coming, hmm, very well that one okay, i that was a button all right – lets hit the 3d flip button. Three thats pretty cool a little stunt action there so trying to keep it free. This medium speed, so high speed, you guys can feel each moment we got pretty decent rain. I dont know how far itll actually go, but this is the kind of one you dont necessarily need to go forever and its fun just to have it nearby and were definitely going to fly this again once it gets darker im going to save that. Second battery. This is a little badass toy. I like that. I like the little spinny thing i dont know. What it does lets see is that in so the spinny thing just makes it drunk hey hit the grass i dont know what kind of low battery warning there is on it.

I guess well see what happens if it just falls. This is definitely a cool toy. I recommend it to anybody looking to mess around because once its trimmed out, i mean you still got to mess with it a little bit, but its really fun to fly and like the fact that it doesnt necessarily hover perfectly okay. Batteries are gon na go. I think the fact that it doesnt, like hover perfectly just means you should just keep it moving anyway. All right, let me grab the phone, see what i missed. Oh and the other thing thats cool about this app was before when i wanted to switch from camera to mavis, i had to like stop the stream and restart the whole thing this. I just hit some buttons and it flips it seamlessly from both cameras to screen, sharing and everything so thats another good advantage yeah. I wish i could uh help with getting that in there, but uh yeah flip things: cool, hey brian yeah, its kind of robs fault yeah. I saw that rob. Uh has been flying this on uh flying us for a little while all right, so im gon na save the other battery for after mavis lets. Uh lets get ready to fly mavis but yeah. I definitely if, if youre looking for a drone, 35 bucks, man thats pretty cool and you see its got decent flight time, i think i flew it for what 10 minutes thats not bad on a pack thats like super tiny, so lets uh lets get set up For mavis, let me turn this stuff off.

Well, i guess you guys got any questions. My bad im like plowing along here any questions uh that i may have missed, feel free to ask while im turning it off. Actually, you know what im gon na keep forgetting. I dont travel with the microphone yeah. We um put this ill go ahead and put it in the pack because its cold, its getting dark. I dont want moisture to settle in on it and potentially damage it, but that would be fine heres. Our girl get this off the grass structured manual in the box. Star of the show remote rig is ready. I will now plug you into your home and oh case, anyones interested this lanyard clip for these remotes, its good, its awesome, its sturdy. I love it, but it gets in the way of when you got to flip up on the cell phone screen to like go home or pull up your recent apps. So im going to redesign this so that theres a loop on the outsides and i have a different strap that ill be wearing at that point, its a nice, its a nicer strap. That came with something i ordered sorry um. So let me uh get you on the remote. Then i will check chat, hey. I can actually see how long im streaming now too, its been 27 minutes according to that lets move the tripod here. Oh, if you happen to hear you know, chitty chatty, whatever i have my radio set to local atc, uh aircraft or air air tower control, um, because i am just off center of a military, slash, commercial, slash, private, whatever airport im still, you know in 400 feet Land, but if i go too far that way, because you know you know where im pointing then uh, i will run into military stuff, the switching the lights off add to the flying time.

I would think so it probably i wouldnt think itd be too much more. Maybe a minute, i would think i can mess with it check it out. I can give the batteries a few cycles and then test all that um. It is pretty quick in uh the fast mode uh searching all that flight time. Kevin yeah. If you want a little fun little drone and people fly them inside all the time too. Apparently theyre fairly indestructible, um a wireless mic would be cool yeah, maybe one day well see what we can do um all right. So lets see. How am i going to do this well lets get mavis turned on first, oh im. Sorry lets get the controller turned on then well get mavis turned on, and then i will thats weird. Oh, did camera fighters turn itself on? No, i havent seen that camera view on this. One before okay, like i said, were learning together all right, thats length length dji is up. Let me remember, remember there: it is screencast start now and lets see how it looked on the feed one moment please well im, not even playing the feed wow. My my uh, my latency must be pretty good because its already two. What are we doing here? Close that all right, aint that interested okay did, i actually see my phone turn off. I have no idea all right lets go fly. What do you see on my screen? Now? You actually see the the transmission thing huh.

I dont know that. Well, i aint trying to get that in your way. All right, let me put this back to chat, see, were learning all right: hey, whats, up clive, just getting ready to take off take off. Why is there weird, oh and theres, this new radar feature point has been updated. Please check it on the map that theyre saying you can see the red thing, its the same obstacle avoidance as before, but now they conveniently put it in your way. In the middle of the screen, instead of just on the top and bottom so here we are honeygo, regional or honeygo run regional park. A 24 7 park in the area also over here is the was it the perry, paul dog park, a friend of mine or two friends? Multiple friends of mine helped develop this park and get it opened and authorized and all that with the county, so that now people have a kind of a gated area to go: theres uh the little spot theres for your little dogs and the big one theres. For your bigger dogs, you have to like its a very small fee to get in and its just a cool place for doggies to hang out besides. That back here is a bunch of bitching hiking trails and a stream well riverish area, uh theres, i 95 up in the distance. How are we doing for signal were doing good for signal ah actually hold on.

Let me give you guys a better view. Uh whoo easy killer. Let me move the camera. Thats got to put in its spot. My exposure is off the chain that looks pretty good. Okay, slightly fuller, shot, thats like a farm thing i feel like they. They either do lie cautiously. They either do or did farm christmas trees there um. Let me put my uh put the range extender on theres, not a lot of. I mean theres neighborhoods and pretty close by, but theres not a lot of wi fi interference, but there are big tall lights for the field here which well actually investigate. When i come back theres a little better signal see. This is a farm, its pretty cool um, like i said it seems like its mostly a tree farm or is or was because it doesnt look just doesnt. Look like its stolen, much Music. This river here theres a trail, its right along it. I can then, maybe not see it, but lets see if we can find the oh theres. The old pump house is that it yeah theres a water pump house like what used to be for what im guessing uh theres a pipe that goes from that whats left of that foundation. You can kind of see some of the pipe and it went down to the river and then, if youre go stand on the foundation, you can actually see uh. That means theres a lot of wi fi at the aircraft um.

But if youre down on the foundation, you can actually see uh like motor mounts so for like tensioning belts and for uh, electric motor or electric pumps, electric motors driving water pumps and and theres a pipe that goes up the hill a little bit. But its a good place to go, have launch smoker joint. You know just relax its pretty far back. You actually have to cross the stream to get there so slightly less people go so its usually pretty uh, pretty private. Most of the time, the people that do make it back there are doing the same thing. You are so its all good thats, i 95. I will not be crossing that uh one due to signal two, just theres, just no way to legally cross that and thats some new neighborhoods over there, that used to be a dump site now its just tiered hills and then all the neighborhoods and stuff behind us That clump of trees right there is actually on an elevated, almost like a plateau in the woods, its one spot, thats just way up high, then the rest of it and all around it. You got to climb up to it its kind of weird but its another cool place to go. A lot of people dont go up there because it takes effort because you got ta like walk your ass up that hill. This is kind of following the river theres. Some cool spots down there, maybe one day ill, go for a hike with everyone.

Ive seen this pond on the map, but i have never actually been to it. Ive always wanted to see what was around it, and i guess this is a fine opportunity. It looks like its just a drainage pond. Oh you know what let me go ahead and thumb and move cautiously. I will go ahead. Oh yeah, and this is a new app, so its um. It talks to you more. It just told me to fly cautiously when i hit the camera. I guess its trying to be more polite. I feel, like i think, thats like a county, although lets see somewhere in here, theres like a i dont know, if its archery, i feel like it might be, archery like i think, were looking at a bunch of targets, um and then i feel like this is County property like facility maintenance somewhere – maybe not maybe it was maybe thats what this is better than the loud yeah, the uh. Now its just theres, the beeps are there but theyre more from like musical lets, go see what the hell. This is all about. Huh thats certainly well yeah, as you can see its only about 100 feet from me, thats not too far. I know where cables are. Let me make sure theres not a chance of wires, because in this area there are like some high tension cables in here. Oh thats, weird, i turned all notifications off thats my stepmom. I should call her okay well thats, just a uh, oh yeah.

I was going to go down to look at this not too far out. That looks like uh. Let me get a different angle here: how low are we wheres? My treetops yeah were not too bad uh. Oh, i have zoom thats right. Okay! Is that a bucket bucket wow turning is fun in zoom, not just a rock filter, pretty much one one. Sorry all right great place for a swim. I hear hello, you know why the name comes up highlighted or does it does that on everyones own screen? Yes, if anyone types your name, it will come up, highlighted to try and get your attention and actually uh spectrum. Sometimes itll do it even without the at Applause lets, go. Look at some. I dont know that any of the lights are going to come on the night um. So i guess before it gets dark. Why dont we uh lets see what one do we want to? Look at now lets look at that. One thats got whats left of the light. I still want. It sounds like the macarena. Are you kidding me? Can you hear that? Does it sound like the macarena to you too? Let me turn that down. Oh wow, its like dude, its only like hold on you kidding me its giving me like oh, was that a filter changing or is that oh wait a minute my screen just turned on night mode god. I hope it doesnt look all orange and on yours, no it doesnt.

Okay looks like my screen just went like orange. I went what the i thought that was part of the warning system like get the hell out of here. I already put the in my way so that i can conveniently not see where im going while im trying to crash into things so anyway, its really not letting me go much forward obstacle. Avoidance typically keeps you about a meter away, not a bad camera. Yeah thats kind of good zoom i dont feel like it was zooming that good before thats cool. What are we doing here? Zooms acting different, oh wait, im still on the wrong screen down here: oh everythings, everythings, bad. There we go. The zoom is pretty damn sweet. Yeah all right 59 battery we are gon na, have to bring it down within the next well yeah. We would have to bring it down within the next 15 minutes to get the obstacle avoidance light on it. Lets see what we can get, not a bad sunset. Even though its cloudy not bad, let me go ahead and stop that video verizons not too far off on its doing pretty good its a little breezy up there lets go to 48.. Do a couple pictures here with different exposure. Lets open it up a little bit. Okay and lets uh lets, get it right there. All right cool lets, go back to full screen 400 watt metal highlight absolutely im guessing, like i said, im guessing theyre, not turning them on.

I dont see any reason why they would they probably only turn them on when theres events around thats. Fine, look at that exposure go white marshmallows, not too far from here its like right. There uh, no thats, not white marsh wall. Where is the mall its over? There, somewhere all right lets um lets bring her in. I wonder how annoying return to home is. It was very loud before lets see you know. The ones are damn loud. All right put a fresh battery in well put the obstacle avoidance, light on and uh. Well, go for a little more flying and then Music, if youre still hanging out well, do one more uh pack on the d10, see what it does at night and ill see. If i can figure out a better uh camera view, maybe ill use um. One of the front facing cameras – Music, Music boom – all right, oh, i got ta turn on. I got ta turn on my obstacle voice. Light too here in a second all right grab the bag. I could have at least landed it facing me. I guess huh dick move, scruff total dick move, telling you my light theres my light good old fashioned, seizure, light Applause, flashing, light warning; okay, you ready its going to be a little flickering. This is just so that you know what im flying with. On top. I dont know if it picks up the full flicky flicky, but that flash is three times really fast and it is absolutely visible forever three statute miles because i tried it and its actually easier to see that at night than it is to see the drone during The day Music, the sound of dji all right, yeah, well, hey the little.

The camera thing actually keeps up when you screw up camera fire would always freeze up on you all right. What do we got here? Well, scruff! Draw you flat! Yes, absolutely absolutely! Why do you have oh, its detecting the grass in front of it now and for my which i havent checked, but it may have happened already. One second enjoy the sunset for just a moment. Please not yet, but my 200 subscriber special is going to be my neighbors yard. They have between like 100 150, like inflatey christmas designs like to blow up fan things and christmas lights and music, and so my 200 sub special, which im sure ill hit within the next two weeks or two or three weeks or whatever. You know, while the decorations are up, is going to be a tour of uh, their their yard and then a flight around the neighborhood, but just figured id throw that out there. Let you know since im up to 197., i keep saying theres a manned aircraft, see anything. I hear a helicopter in that direction. Not there was there thats around all right lets zing around there a little bit. I have the range extenders on so i just need to remember to face face my flight direction. Yeah rob mavis is definitely uh. These are these little dj eyes. They do not mess around with these gimbals. You know on one of my streams i like earthquake, the hell out of the thing – and you barely saw a wiggle fall – has definitely come to maryland.

Its always quick here, its usually 80 degrees up until like sometime in october, and then its 60 degrees. For two weeks, and then it just plummets and the leaves follow like fall in here in maryland – is like as soon as you see a leaf start to change. You better grab the camera, because by the time you charge your batteries up, it might be too late. Where are we at hold on? Oh, it is kind of low huh yeah, damn dude im, lowering mavis to say that you know she is out of the way, but this dude is coming in really low. Let me see if i can catch him on the little cam there he is. He must be coming into uh martins, just exceptionally low. We good hes that way. Im okay, hes not coming near me, were good all right. Where are we at here? What are we doing? What we going on? We get back to the view i like that. One. Okay drop it down, so we can get some exposure theres the puppy park and the park does. I think it is technically closed at night, but i dont know that the gates turn off at night im, not really sure now heres a spot. I dont know the history of it. Let me hop up a little bit, so i can kind of. If you look, you can kind of see like specks of whites in there, like its like.

It looks like there used to be an old appliance shot like back in the days where, like you, could go to a place and get your car fixed and buy a dishwasher kind of like sears used to be, but like way smaller, you know back in the Day that whole corner area right there has old, tires and pieces of like washing machines, dryers appliances. Refrigerators like i realize that the dump, where was that we were just flying over oh yeah, the dump was like right over there like i get that, but the dump wasnt over here, but it almost looked like it, was a dump, its just odd and it sucks Because theres just a bunch of back there, although there is one tree that has grown around a tire, so that was kind of cool, and i dont know why it thinks theres obstacles under me, its probably because its getting dark so its gon na, have to keep An eye on the altitude make sure it doesnt get weird. I dont think theres any birds out yeah. All right lets lets move around a little bit here, yeah my neighbors, with their all their little blow uppy stuff. They uh they actually had to get an additional 100 amp service installed to support their christmas decorations. But like i get it, i was talking and hes yeah my neighbors like theyre, they used to say like they do it for the grandkids. I was like all right.

Thats cool! Definitely nothing wrong with that. Grandkids like it so thats cool everybody tends to like it. Its a little if they forget to turn it off overnight, it gets a little bright and a little noisy but Music, its not horrible. I keep getting notifications its weird that that one text message showed up im, not sure why that is. I have to look at my settings, something i just try to try. First time i wanted to do it was friday, just because we dont need, like you, dont need to necessarily know when, like other youtubers are on or just you know, text messages and all that like were here to fly ill sort that out any bats, theres definitely Bats around, i hope they dont like maviss, because i cant imagine that would go real well, as you can see its finally starting to reach the point where theres not enough light for obstacle avoidance, which is fine, because we are at 300 feet if im going to Fly into something at 300 feet, i probably just deserve to hit it around here or theres. Just an angry bird. I mean. If you look in the the lower all the way in the lower left corner, you can see the little blue dot. That represents me and if you look at the arrow thats on the blue dot, that shows you what direction im actually facing the triangle is mavis and the green cone coming off of mavis is which direction the camera is facing, because you can do follow shots where The camera will turn to the side but like if you look at the dot right now as im turning left to right, you can see its blue blue now.

It turns green for optimal signal and then its blue again so thats a cool feature. That way, you always know which direction you need to be facing. Shes, just headed on home right now, im gon na fly around the park a little bit once uh once shes back lets, kick it in the high speed 40 miles an hour goes up to. I think its like 42. Music on the road again Music, its a nice little park ill. I think i will bring you down here one day for a hike ill have to figure out a way to mount uh. Actually, you know i might be able to get a hold of a uh um. Oh, i got ta turn my my my light on my mouse light on, so i can see where i am Music see if it actually picks it up. Can it see that i get kind of can if you look just above the plus sign, you can kind of see something uh. I have my mouse pewter badge on my head. Music. Ah, wait a minute hold on first. Let me do that, so you can actually see what were doing. I forgot every once in a while. I got ta. I got ta help my fpv guys here, so they feel comfortable all right. There we go Music, Music, Music, just messing around a little bit. What are we doing down here, landing pad like yeah? They actually have software built into them to recognize the landing zone itll do whatever it can to recognize whatever pattern it took off from.

But specifically, if you have a big bright h, it will actually lock into that like if it has to do a return to home and it will find it and land right on it. Ah, wait: you know what works better at night, all right now, im up off the poles, so i dont have to worry so much about crashing into the lights. Im gon na go ahead and take off the range extender, so i dont feel well be going very much farther with 36 battery still a great shot hold on oh yeah, i like that. Let me play with the exposure always mess with your exposure, because you might see something in one that you dont see in the other, especially sunsets sunrises. You get that deep, negative exposure. I love that all right cool all right. Why dont we go ahead, bring her home then well get the uh. The d10 back up see how it looks at night, and i will try to do something to actually um you know. Have you see what the hell is going on? Music, oh hold on Music? Just like real fpvs landing sucks in fpv mode. Well, unless you just zinger on in Music, so Applause all right all right lets turn off the aircraft. First turn off the seizure light: first theres, the damn button. Okay turn off mavis turn off the remote mavis is still on all right and lets see Music camera. How do you get to that? Screencast off camera is turned off lets turn the camera on.

Hey were learning together right um. Let me get mavis out of harms way in case im. Moving around, i dont want to step on her. She can chill on the d10 box. Let me get the camera into the tripod all right and let me remove the chat phone from the controller and see whats up its cool. They get darker as you fly. Yes, camera chips are really good at infrared. Some models have a thin film that suppressed infrareds. The colors look right: remove the tape. Okay, nice landing, yeah try. I do actually land on that, sometimes, but even like the very first landing i ever did i caught it because i was too sketched out to let it like land on the picnic table. That was there because of course, i thought it would be my luck that the foot would fall right between the cracks between the boards on the picnic table, so i was like, oh no, no! No, so i just called it and lets just always catch it. Most of the time all right, uh d10 fresh battery lets um im, not gon na put my headlight on just yet hey. Look. I got ta figure out how to get those weird spammy twitter get some really weird on twitter. I have no idea why, like i, am not like following or whatevering any weird, but i get some weird notifications. You got ta find the battery there it. Let is grab this battery off.

You can kind of still see it. Just pops off were over here now. Try not to drop anything and everything right new battery, okay, i am going to try this uh theres a way to flip the camera Music. Nice focus boss. Anything ah thats right, i did this before there it is one is four, is fine. So now we should be able to see a lot more of the drone. Hopefully just you know in general, actually stand no im gon na stand behind it at first uh whats, going on with chat phone, i think were okay, all right. Let me start turning on all right: im gon na put the chat phone down and see what this thing will do. You got a pair every time all right. I guess you get used to it after a while all right here we go. I feel like thats too zoomed out. Maybe i guess ill stand in front, so you have something to look at so crash into the phone a little bit. Its got prop stars. So i like it like, i said before. I definitely recommend it and you can touch it. Oh nice adorable im getting better at flying these things too. If you can hear me, Applause, no flashing, lights, warnings, Music Applause turn all right. Let me uh flip this thing back around here. If it will hello, all right, great shot here, lets see here now ill. Just do the rest of it like this.

There was a good um, yeah yeah it sue here. Let me get the mouse pewtering shot there. We go all right. Im gon na get chat, chat, im going to set the remote down, so i dont actually hit it and, like you know, blend now, these things wouldnt hurt. Where is the phone? Do you guys know where i put the phone yeah? I put a box on the phone lets, see hey mr mouse. Is there hello mouse bumping his flying thats right and i think you can get more um, more batteries, im sure theyre, fairly inexpensive um, but either way uh its getting a little bit late. I got ta work tomorrow, but i do hope you enjoyed the show which way is the camera thats on this second um, thanks for watching appreciate you stopping by, i will be doing like i said my neighbors be doing a 200 sub special when that happens, um Ill have to talk to him. Im sure hell be pretty cool with it, even if its a walk through with mavis but either way well fly the neighborhood um. Thank you. Thank you for the stream thanks for watching and oh the xbox project portabox that ive been talking about thats, going to be coming up too soon, thats going to be a good indoor stream. Well, take it apart! Well, sorry, open it up, not really take it apart, but well see if it still works and if it works, maybe well play some games.

I dont know well see um thatll play probably a week or two assuming everything goes well. I guess so again thanks for watching and like sub bell, and i will see everyone next time. Oh this, this new software hold on oh wrong button. Nope, damn cancel this new software. Music has a big end button right over there. I dont know if its actually going to stop when i hit the end but uh what kind of xbox uh its an original og uh im, not mistaken. It is a version 1.4 motherboard and it has a chameleon, 1.5 b mod chip in it. If im remembering correctly pretty sure its a chameleon, i have the specs for it, um not to look it up, but yeah. It is an og original xbox. All right, im, gon na hit the end button were gon na see what happens together in five. Four.