This is a new album from singer writer and composer uh, miss kristen, hater, aka, lingua ignota, her third album to date following the immense caligula in 2019, one of the greatest and easily most shocking records of that year, which saw hater delving into themes of abuse and Betrayal, against horrifying combinations of noise, classical music and dark wave with a somewhat metal twist, so im still really enamored with this record, but i dont know if my pitiful little soul could take another helping of lingua ignota music in such a short amount of time. I guess you could say this: sinner was not ready. Christianity and music of worship has played a significant role in lingua ignotas music, since the release of all die and its something. I picked up on pretty quickly as a recovering catholic and i get a sense from her music and from her interviews that she is as well to a degree. But despite that, i greatly appreciate the way shes been able to balance these feelings of faith and awe. With the destruction and fanaticism that often paints christianitys past now on past lingua ignota efforts, these religious themes and aesthetics have been there. Theyve been present, they have been very present, but maybe not the main focus, but on center get ready. They take up so much more of the center stage. This new lp comes with a slight change in musical aesthetics too. The classical instrumentation and vocal pageantry are still here in spades, but this time hater is working in more elements of folk and neofolk.

Even the closing track seems like her own, powerful and dirty take on a church hymn. There are quite a few vocal snippets and recordings in reference to christianity, or at least parts of it strewn about the record too, on the closing track. We get a woman talking to a cnn reporter about how she cant get sick from covid, because shes covered in jesuss blood theres, a man recalling a hymn that his mother used to sing televangelist and all around garbage person. Jimmy swaggart apologizing for cheating in front of his congregation and not to insinuate. This record is like some sort of christian hate hour its not because there are moments of genuine beauty and i think spiritual transcendence throughout this record too, but theres a duality to center get ready and i think, a lot of that. Push and pull centers around haters macabre attraction to christianity. Throughout this album, you have feelings of extreme devotion and faith mixed with feelings of disgust and distress, and the opening track displays the love, but also the madness that can come from these extremes, given dramatically sung lines like sickness finds a way in maybe even the ways In which organized religion can be perverted, the music on this particular track reflects that dichotomy too, as the first leg of it is a little brooding, but by lingua ignota standards, its pretty bright and uplifting. One of the more euphoric passages of the record with soaring vocal harmonies and rich piano chords, a wall of instrumentation thats building as high as the tallest reaches of a chapel ceiling, its incredible its an amazing sound.

But eventually, this all comes crashing down with these chaotic, slamming dissonant, piano, chords and booming hits of bass, plus lots of tragic opera style singing from hater as well its a long. But gratifying tone setter for the record that i think lets listeners know what exactly theyre going to be in for like if youre, not vibing with this, you might want to turn back now. So yes, the start of the record is incredibly chilling, and i find this to be even more so the case for i who bend the tall grasses. This track is mostly centered around a very somber organ cord cycle that sets the stage for a vocal performance from hater that not only calls on her singing chops but her acting chops too, as shes playing out a scene thats similar to a lot of bible tales Out there, where you have a protagonist that is begging god for something they are going through pain or sacrifice to prove their worth or their devotion. I have made my body your vessel. I preach your word in every room. I have walked the earth weeping. I have whipped my back with my sorrows. Are my sacrifices not extravagant shes doing anything to fulfill this spiritual relationship that in a way is thankless or its one way and shes being driven to the brink because of it now uh? The ask that shes seeking for from god on this track is to intercede and uh, kill someone and when asking for that, she kind of switches back and forth between uh speaking with language thats in a more biblical voice or uh.

Just straight saying, like i, dont give a im not asking ah, but in this one scenario in this one portion of the record. There is just like so much to dig out of the narrative and the language, considering like the toxicity and the violence and obviously the negative uh relationship and association. She has with the person who she wants to die, but then also the ways in which this is kind of mirrored and displayed in this weird relationship with god that is uh being described inadvertently through the dialogue and through the ask and the desperation to get something. In return for the sacrifice and the devotion, the unsettling vibes turn more drony, chaotic and acoustic on the following many hands, which feels like a twisted interpretation on a religious folk song of some sort, with lots of repetitious lyrics, building vocal layers. The instrumentation sounds pretty organic, but i love how the more cluttered – and i guess chaotic it gets the more distorted it feels and sounds, and even though, in comparison, this track may not be as dramatic as the previous one. I find the lyrics to be just as horrifying with a sinner being told to get ready for the unforgiving arrival of god and what happens after that arrival is not pretty the following pennsylvania furnace, i thought, was a kind of mild teaser for this record, but believe Me after the first three songs, this relative breather is very much needed.

There are some gorgeous instrumental builds and resolutions on the back end of the track, but if you were expecting the lyrics on this one to brighten up, not not gon na happen if youve consumed any of haters music to a fair amount up until this point and Paid attention paid attention to the details. Youve probably noticed like loneliness and solitude are a recurring theme and thats. What this song, centers around seems were dealing with a protagonist here, who has kind of accepted the fact that they are going to be alone and theyre wishing to, i guess, die with their dog and end their life. As a result of that me and the dog die together, do you want to live in hell with me? Ive watched you alone in the home where you live with your family and all that ive learned is everything burns. That being said, i urge anyone listening to this track, to not take it as a literal statement of intent or anything like that. I see it more as a hater telling a story of isolation and loneliness and then from the outside kind of identifying with those feelings that are occurring within the story now for any big fans of a catholicism out there. You may know that repenting and confessing is a big part of that and hey thats. What the next song is all about, in fact its maybe the most harrowing and ghoulish appalachia folk inspired song about it ever and what god will do to you? If you dont confess remember this body is not your home, because you know its just like a a vessel that youre existing in until you transcend to the kingdom of heaven, obviously uh.

Oh, he will knock the breath from you. He will ram your eyes with glass. He will take your legs and your will to live if you do not confess now, which of course, all builds up. The pageantry of the record that i was referring to earlier, but it doesnt make listening to this any less frightening, especially given some of the dark and sinister harmonies uh strewn about this kind of droney track. Haters uh vocals on this one, the vocal layers are absolutely nuts. I feel like im trapped in the american version of midsummer located uh in like a rural mountain area in west virginia now. The sacred liniment of judgment, oddly enough, is another relatively bright spot on the lp theres, something kind of blissful about haters voice and the droning folk instrumentation on this. One id also like to note the repetition of this track and much of the album itself overall, which i think also ties so deeply into the influences coming from religious music in general. On this record, as music of worship does tend to lean into repetition. As a means of evoking this otherworldly madness in its listeners, its repetition, past the point of the music feeling like a piece or youre progressing through a composition, its repetition to the point where, whatever youre listening to feels more like a sensation or a presence. And there can be an incredible intensity to that, which i think is effectively plugged into this record very well.

Also. The eerie use of the jimmy swagger sample on this cut ties pretty deeply into experimental rock bands like swans or various neofolk and post rock outfits. I think this clip also speaks pretty greatly to the themes of infidelity and betrayal lace throughout this record, which also calls back to earlier lingua ignota work. The perpetual flame of centralia is another gorgeous moment in the track list here: sonically and instrumentally, a refuge of sorts in the way that pennsylvania furnace was but lyrically its kind of a refuge too featuring hater singing about being on a righteous path and knowing no fear Because she has faith, in god, faith in jesus overall, its a super simple track with mostly just vocals and pianos. Some subtle instrumental flourishes in the second half its just gorgeous from front to back very soft, very easy going, but also with reference to the fires of hell, burning, dull and long, which is a clever callback to the title of this song, which is in reference to A town in pennsylvania that i guess has had an underground mine fire burning since the 60s and its its still going to this day, its still going right. Now they just kind of like abandoned the town entirely at one point and raised it to the ground. In the 90s and 2000s, and just as a side note, i love the various ways in which the pennsylvania area is kind of inspiring certain songs and lyrics.

Throughout this record, man is like a spring flowers, a moment on the record that i am slightly emotionally mixed on, but still so deeply in love with the opening features haters singing with these really campy sour, vocal harmonies. I feel like these vocal passages are a necessary tension. Build up to this really gratifying beautiful, minimalist, classical passage that comes immediately after sounds like a han zimmer piece or some with the way everythings like layering up and building the vocal leads and layers that hater lays into this section of the track are incredible and gorgeous And awe inspiring, as she is, describing the heart of man as being impossible to hold with love not being enough to do that with one person not being enough to do that. Keep in mind. This track also features audio from a sex worker that jimmy swaggart used to meet up with which he got caught with that person and thats why he was apologizing in the first place in the earlier clip played on the record. But yes, this track is gorgeous its cathartic, its tense and also tragic all at once, as this song feels almost like the final nail in the coffin when it comes to these themes of infidelity and betrayal in the lingua ignota canon. This feels like a final statement on this and its its like it. It is what it is. This is the heart of man and, in terms of you, know my interpretation of it.

This is my feelings on it. We then arrive at the hymns style, closing track that i mentioned earlier, which is gorgeous and relatively another moment of solace on the album, as hater describes a paradise being hers reaching some point of closure. I, like narratively what this track means for the record, but the selling point for me is really just the incredible gorgeous and harmonious vocal layers and horns throughout this track as well. I love the melody of it too. It kind of reminds me of one of my favorite hymns of all time abide with me, but yeah. This track is just wonderful, its gorgeously arranged. I honestly find myself just playing this one single song over and over and over just because of how euphoric the whole thing feels. But yeah a lot of this record is is about religion and deals deeply in religious themes. But honestly, when you kind of dig beyond that uh, a lot of this is brought up to express emotions and feelings on a lot of the same deeper issues that were wrestled with on caligula again: the betrayal, the infidelity, the abuse and a host of other things, Which mind you is not a complaint. I actually like that. Hater was able to engage with these ideas once again from another angle creatively, and do it in a way that narrative wise feels way more cohesive and consistent, and as a result of that, it comes across. As more thorough but yeah im, really just like massively impressed and in awe of this record in a multitude of ways, the production, the songwriting, the performances, are all incredible and the way they come together as a whole is something to behold as well.

In a weird way, i felt like this record was a religious experience in and of itself and like a religious experience uh despite the fact that ive been talking all this time, i have a difficult time summing it up and putting the whole thing into words, and Maybe the easiest way to do that is to describe not what it is, but how it makes me feel or what i feel about it and thats that i think its beautiful its awe inspiring, but its also scary. It reminds me of my size, my weaknesses, because i feel like im dealing with and listening to something thats much bigger than me, which i think will be the takeaway for a lot of people who choose to listen to this album and wrestle with it on its Own terms, but yeah im at a loss for anything else to say i feel like i just have to give this a 10 yeah im just really like devastated and just left with nothing else to do im, cornered, im cornered here and its just like, ah its So yeah there you go. Aha tran position. Have you given this album? A listen. Did you love it? Did you hate it? What would you rate it youre, the best youre the best.