We’Re going to do the giveaway for the insta 360 go brand new in the box and we’re going to give away that firefly hexa rotor, so that videos on the channel the giveaway announcement date should be sometime in the first or second week of june. Uh we’ll. Give you a date coming up but be sure to comment on that video to to get entered because giving away a lot of free gear and a nice little setup. If you want to record videos and have a fast little fun little indoor outdoor drone. So today, we’re checking out the holly bro coppice racing version. This is different than the holly bro compass mini that i reviewed on the channel a while back. The mini is also a three inch type of quad. It has a longer body. This one has a shortened body with a unibody bottom plate, so this one is going to be lighter and faster, and this one will be kind of a great three inch race, quad or freestyle quad. If you want it, it is an analog version, comes in around 229 dollars for this one. Without a receiver, they also have an option on the website for our xsr receiver. So you can put your own receiver on there s, bus or tbs crossfire, or you can get it with an rxsr, so that’s cool. So a lot of options for you guys, but let’s go ahead outside now, and let me show you how this one rips.

I will show you the tune on here and, if you’re looking for a three inch, holly does high quality stuff and i never really have a whole lot of problems with holly brow stuff. So let’s go outside and rip it. Real quick and we’ll come back in and i will show you what holly bro put on this one compass racing three inch: one let’s go: Music, Music, Music, so Music, Music, hmm, Music, Music, bye, Music, okay, Music, all right! My guys! Welcome back from flight test! I’M! Glad i didn’t hit that crane. You guys probably would have enjoyed that, but i feel like if i did hit that crane. It probably wouldn’t have a lot of damage. Um let’s just go ahead and dive right into this review. I have a lot of good stuff. Some some not so great stuff to talk about and and some comparison for you just to give you an idea of what the holly brow racing 3 is all about. It is a slimmed down version of the mini. The mini is also hd capable it does have a longer body on there like i mentioned before, but this one is all kind of condensed into a smaller package, a lot shorter frame front to back here and it’s, using the racer nano camera instead of the cat’s Vista there’s no room in here to get a cadx vista, so this is going to be strictly an analog race, quad or freestyle quad 4.

, guys that are looking for something a little nicer. Well, a lot nicer than something like the tairo 79. The tower 79 is a 100 option for a three inch sort of beginner style quad. This is the type of quad for someone who’s looking for something with better quality everything. Basically, i think the tune at the high end of the throttle on this one. With these props, i had some vibes at the high end of the throttle, so that might be my negative about it, but for the most part in my cruising range, around 30 30 to 35 throttle this baby is locked in and it flips and rolls really nice. The tune on here is good, but the rates are set, i think, to more of a beginner style and softer rate, so it’s flipping smoother, rather than faster for you, so that’s the big difference between the tune on this one and something that would be like a Pure freestyle tune, this one is tuned more like a race quad for like multi gp pilots. So most of the multi gp pilots want a quad that has a nice smooth tune for gate to gate transitions, whereas freestyle flippy dippy, you know cool wild. Mr steel type videos they’re looking for higher rates and and smoother and snappier, yaw snaps, and things like that, so uh, but let’s get into the specs on this quad. Now again, if you buy this one after you say you had a tyro 79, you will be blown away by the quality of this one in comparison to some cheap, cheap, cheap, eachine, stuff um.

This one is around 200 and thirty nine dollars on the website. Without a receiver they also have a version with the rxsr receiver for teranus radios and that one will get you up to two hundred fifty dollars so 250 for a three inch. Quad is it’s quite an investment and it’s analog, so it’s, not even dji um, but the quality is high and the components that they put on here. As far as the power system goes, this is a legit power system. This is t motor 1507, 3800 kv motors. With super nice, high quality, stators and copper coils, four bolt configuration on the bottom here and very powerful and fast motors along the same lines as something like brother hobby motors, and they have their own t. Motor props on here as well. I’Ll put some hq, or some gem fans down below for you to try out if you’d like to try out some different props we’ve got that standard size prop nut on the very top, and these are really fast and smooth props. They have a kind of a wide cord in the center here for a good amount of pop. When you want high end boost, it has around let’s, say a medium sized pitch, so it is more like a like a freestyle type of prop here with a racing sort of thin tapered end on there. So you get a really nice high punch out with a nice thin cord on the end for a nice smooth feeling quad in the high end of the throttle, but i was getting again some some vibes in that high end of the throttle.

Now they have some cool layout here too, if, if you’re, looking for a durable, quad and easy to work on like this, one is gon na be that quad you’ve got four bolts on the top release that top plate to get to your stack and it’s. So easy to work on this type of quad because of that easy access, you’re, not taking apart a bunch of compartments like some of the the inverted motor designed quads, the 2.5 inch cina whoops man. Those things are, some of them are really quite complex to work. On – and this is like – the classic style – fpv race, quad or freestyle quad from the past five years – they haven’t changed a whole lot, but it’s going to be extremely durable for you. You don’t have prop guards on this guy, but if it does go in for a hit, you do have four millimeter here and it’s 3k carbon fiber. So this is way higher quality carbon fiber than something like the tyro series or even the eachine wizard stuff. It is comparable to gap, rc carbon fiber and probably a little higher quality than some of the stuff that iflight’s using but iflight’s been upping their grade of carbon fiber. For several years now, we’ve got the xt30 on the back coming off of your esc stack, and i would recommend taking a zip tie and zip tying that down to the frame that way this doesn’t get broken off.

If the battery ejects, when the battery flies off, you can break this clean off your esc, so be careful. There 3m sticky tape down there for the bottom mount battery, which gives a really nice center of gravity when you’re flying this quad and i’m going to say my my suggested battery for this is the 4s 650 milliamp i’ll try to put some links down below for Those um – and they also have look at that – the bolts coming off back there that’s that bolt needs to be tightened down every time you fly your quad it’s good to look at your quad and go back over something. You don’t really have to lock tight. That bolt, but it does need to be tightened up, so go go over your entire quad with the driver before you fly it for the first time, i’ve had motors completely fly off my quad in the past. So as far as all the gear on here too let’s talk about the stack, the stack is the f7 it’s kakoot it’s made by holly bro, and it is the mini 20 by 20 stacked version. 35 am ese’s. It says 35 mpsgs on the website for banggood. In the link below – but i think, they’re actually 45 amp ese’s, because holly brown released this stack last year. Sometime – and this is a hundred dollar stack. This is a high quality. F7 stack with a barometer on here. A great i i’d say i’d say a good tune and the option for gps.

It does have sdl and sca hookups on here, so you can see scl right there in sda, and that will allow you to add gps on here. If you wanted to, if you’re the kind of guy that likes to tinker with things and add, add things to your quad later, you could have returned home on this little guy. If you wanted to so you could add a gps tower back here. If you wanted a lot of times, we put gps on a tower because it keeps the gps away from all the rf down. Here gives you a cleaner signal and we also have tpu on the very top here. It looks like an antenna post. It kind of it kind of has a little bit of duality here, it’s a post that keeps the quad props out of the grass when you flip over for turtle mode. It keeps one part of the quad up. If you crash like this, it keeps everything up off the ground a little bit, so you can flip it back over in turtle mode. These are kind of cool. They actually protect the top of the quad, quite a bit too when you do crash and it doubles as kind of an antenna roost for these guys. So they come out the top, and i didn’t have any problem with them going down into the props. That is that is kind of a thing, though, so you want to look out for that.

You could use some posts here because it does look like the holes are big enough for some actual plastic post to protect that from happening and in the front we have the run cam racer. I believe this is the nano 3 and these props are actually the 3140 props by the way, if you’re looking for the specs on those but very simple design, this battery strap will also accommodate the 850. The 850 will get you a longer flight time. If you want to get an upwards of around eight minutes flight time, you should be able to get close to 78 minutes flight time with the 850 and honestly, with the power system on here. The power to weight ratio is like 10 to one. So you really won’t feel a lot of the 850 milliamp battery weight and for guys that want to start out with this as their first three inch quad, i think you’re going to have a ball. You can fly this around in a backyard it’s small enough to make it a backyard basher or racer uh or a little freestyle drone. You can fly this one in quite a small space or you can go out and fly big field with this, because it really does haul ass and it it is super fast um and the weight you can keep it under 250 grams, with a 4s 650 on Here so that’s kind of nice, the dry weight on this quad without a battery is 145 grams, so it is super lightweight it is, it is lighter than the holly brook compass mini and again the mini helps us a longer body to it.

This one’s like shortened up and uh. This is a stout fast and super nimble, high powered little quad so for the money and the components that they put on here, i think this one is is a good price. I also think that one of the best things about this quad is the fact that it has the the atla atla hv micro vtx on here. So if you want to crank like 800 milliwatt on a three inch, this one can do it and you have a button on the side there for changing bands and channels and power and in the very back right here, speaking of atlo. This has an mmcx connector on there most of the vtx’s recently that i’ve reviewed have the little ufl connector and man, the dipole pops off those ul ufl connectors all the time whenever you have a hard crash. Sometimes the video goes out on your next flight you’re wondering what the hell’s going on well, the ufl connector popped off. This mmcx is not snapping off unless you do it by hand, so that’s a really robust and rigid type of connector that’s. Much better and you’ll get a cleaner signal as well. They have that dipole kind of coming up here on this tpu support bracket with the capacitor back here, and i pushed this capacitor down a little bit because it was kind of high. But so i think that that’s, a nice design, i’ll just zip, tie this down too, because that’s kind of that’s not good right there.

You want to make sure that that doesn’t get broken off, but i think that a lot of stuff i get from hollywood just seems to kind of be fun and and high quality out of the box. And i mean you can look at this one and tell this one’s a much better quad nicer quad than something like some of the eachine cheaper stuff, but then again, ishii and stuff’s, 100, cheaper, and but you get what you pay for guys and this one also Has uh before i let you go five uarts on there, which is quite a lot for a 20 by 20, stack, also running f7 processors. So a lot of possibility for this one upgrades. You can run s bus receivers on there, ibus spectrum crossfire. You can add gps to this little flight controller, so it has all the bells and whistles you could ever want on, especially micro. So i think this one’s a cool quad. It was fun to fly and again super predictable. I mean it’s holly bro guys, so it is a good quad. The the nano 2 run – cam racer quad, the camera on here is – is high quality as well, so a lot of good stuff going on with this one. I think this one’s kind of a sleeper and not a lot of people are quite take notice of the racing three inch available, so compact, fast and fun to fly so and predictable you’re, getting something that you’re not going to be sending back to banggood for repairs Or asking them to replace this one, this one should be good out of the box um similar to get bar c stuff.

That i’ve had almost zero problems with so i’m, always happy with a lot of the holly bros stuff, but um. I feel like a tune. Could be a little better on here so that’s my that’s, my probably my only gripe about this one um as far as a very high end of throttle, some little bit of vibes in there, so um that’s my criticism for holly bro. Maybe the f7 needs to be tuned down a little bit, but very durable, very fast and a ton of options and just a much nicer quality quad. But thanks again for watching my honest reviews, guys. Hopefully, you learned something today in this video be sure to again comment on the giveaway video for the insta360 go brand new in the box and that flywhoo explorer so someone’s going to get a free, hex mini little quadcopter and a new action camera sent to their Front door free free shipping from drone camps, but give a comment on this video. If you liked it, please give me a thumbs up as well guys. I really appreciate all the thumbs up and the support on the channel out there. Um, you guys are everything to my channel. So thanks for watching and hopefully you fly safe and you have a good day – stay humble and be kind out.