Currently, right now you can pick this game up for 19.99 on steam and its just an all around great simulator. If youre just starting out, i definitely recommend jumping into a sim before you start breaking a bunch of stuff. Just like i did. Liftoff features some pretty good graphics, um its, not really pc intensive. So if you got a decent operating system in graphics card, you could run it no problem. The physics are all right. Um ive definitely played some other sims that i felt like were a little bit better in the physics area, but theyre not bad. There are a lot of different maps in this game for racing or freestyling, whichever you prefer. They even include joshua bardwells yard. I think the simulator really shines in the racing. Theres lots of different tracks, its very fast paced uh. They even have multiplayer, so you could race against other people, its really fun. Another cool feature about the simulator is the ability to edit your own track and create whatever kind. Of course you feel like or can come up with. I havent spent too much time in this feature to explain it well enough, but i have played some custom levels that were really really fun and challenging. So i definitely advise you to give it a shot and see what you can come up with. One of my biggest complaints with the simulator, though, is it, does not really have the ability at all to adjust the physics further such as gravity, which is pretty big to me.

Sometimes i can feel pretty floaty and another complaint is, if you set your camera angle, to one setting lets, say 30 degrees, and you want to bring it back down to freestyle. You cant do that in the game menu while youre already loaded into a level. You actually have to go into the drone editor and set it up again. Save your build and reload yourself back into the level, and that to me could be sometimes quite annoying when you start completing races and unlocking achievements. You do get experience, points that add up to gift boxes which allow you to unlock different frames, motors props cameras, antennas, anything to customize your drone and make it more personalized. A freestyle pilot myself. I do have to say that i enjoy this simulator quite a bit. Uh, its pretty endless with things that you could do, especially in all the levels that they offer the one that im showcasing right now is their newest addition to the simulator called short circuit. Hopefully, in the future they will be adding some drift cars to it. Im not sure, if thats already out yet and thats just a separate purchase, but that would be really cool to see if youve made it. This far in the video itd be greatly appreciated. If you hit that like button for this video subscribe and if you enjoy this kind of content, make sure you hit that bell also so youre notified every time this channel post new videos in the future.

Ah, thank you guys so much for watching this video. I hope you enjoyed it and if you were just starting out in fpv and wondering what you can do to get your piloting skills a little bit better, i would definitely recommend checking the simulator out there.