Now, why is it called a stunt fighter? Thats? Because when you fly this, it flies like a drone uh it can do stunts. It can go up in the air spin around like this and then come back level. It actually works. Youll see it in this video. It does it quite well its designed for you to have fun with your kids out at a park flying this around now. I will say: ive flown it here in the backyard ive flown it indoors, so im going to show you some of that video and it flies quite well its very, very simple, very easy to fly, no issues whatsoever, simple design all around and as youre going to See in the video i even test out banging into things, because this foam here ill show you its very, very flexible and ive flown it at night. So you can see some footage of me flying it here at night and it actually is pretty cool at night. Its kind of glowy, so i think, if youre out at a park at night with this or out camping, it would look pretty cool one other thing to mention when you go on the website. It looks like theres a camera in this thing because they talk about a camera and on the included remote theres, a button to take pictures or video, but theres no camera in the version i have you can see right here in the front it looks like maybe There was a camera on some version, i dont know.

Could you place a camera on it yeah? You could put your own tiny little camera on it like an insta 360 go and it would probably work and fly around with the camera on it, but uh. As far as i know, uh on banggood you cant buy this with the camera. You just get it like this, so how about i show you this flying indoors and outdoors here in my backyard check this out, all right were all set for our indoor flight, so we flip over the plane. Put the battery in the bottom slide it forward there. We go turn on the power switch and you see the beautiful lights flip that over and next its a little bit backwards. You actually put the controller on after you put this on so turn. This on these lights will go solid. There we go. They are connected. This is connected, you do have a light switch here. I can turn the lights off or i can turn them back on there. We are well leave them on, for this flight now were ready to go. The only thing you should do is do a gyro calibration. Pull these down and to the right like this there you go and thats all level, and it should fly very, very still in the air, all right our planes down there controllers here, you see you have a little take off and land button down here you can Press that and the motors will start watch.

They start you have to press it again to make it go up in the air watch press it again and get out of the way. So here it is in my living room, its pretty steady im, not really doing anything. If i go to the right, it goes to the right. Well, i guess thats my right and if i want to go to the left, i can move it to the left and there we go close to my hat cam and if i want to go backwards, i can go backwards. And if i want to go over to the right again, it goes to the right and if i want to go left, i go left and just to show you. I can fly this around the house, so here let me just break it down, so i put it in front of the other camera. Bring it over here, bring it down there, we go, it should catch it slide along the table. There we go get some wind speed and here we go were gon na. Take it around the house. Here we are there. We are lets. Bring this up. Go around the house, its very easy to fly indoors. I have it on the first speed. You have uh three speed, so ive got it on speed number one for indoor flight and lets bring it over this way. Now all the winded blows at the bottom uh. If that gets uh bounced off the walls.

Well then, it bounces back and then causes this to drift. So if youre flying this flight in a big open area, if youre brand new, that way, it wont drift and then bang into the other walls there you go go like this, bring it up there. We go and then turn it this way there we are, and if you want to land it its pretty simple, you just bring it over. You can hit that little button that you use for takeoff or you could just bring it down. Slowly like this, and as soon as it touches the ground, the motors will shut off, just hold the left joystick down and there you go. Okay now were outdoors. I have mr owl staring at us and to launch this im not going to use the up and down arrows. You can do it manually just by pulling these joysticks down and out and then lifting the left joystick up and there we go in the wind. So theres a breeze out here you can see it bouncing around the breeze, so im gon na change. The speed on here im gon na go from speed one to speed three, so ill go at speed, two at speed three. So now i should be able to fly it a little bit better. The wind lets spin it around and lets pick it up and bring it over here there we are there. We are, it wont, fly in on a super windy day.

I couldnt see it its much too light for that, but you know it flies right now, no problem here, im in my backyard, there is a breeze and uh yeah ive got it on the third speed and thats the max fastest. You can go forward its definitely a park flyer or a backyard flyer for certain here. Let me take it up, so you can see the little blue lights and there we go looking in the sun. Can you still see the lights thats? What she looks like looks very uh terminator, like the terminator movie, some sort of vehicle on the terminator. Its super easy to fly like a child can fly this uh. So if youre thinking of getting this for your kids yeah its its definitely a buy for your kids, because its simple to fly theyre not going to get into trouble and the foam is so bendable on this. Because look at this hell grab the nose. You know you could bounce it around in the air and then i just go. Oh, i guess ill keep flying it. There we go just keeps on going its uh not going to hurt anybody. Those props are not brushless motors. So if i stuck my finger in, they would just stop. They would not interview it anyway. If you want to do a flip hit the button, and here we go there, we go flip whoa. Try that lets. Try that where i dont hit myself with the head here, try that again going up and flip there we are nice one, but it does look pretty cool.

I think your your kids would have fun with that here. Ill stand on this side, so you can see it flip better. There we go ready way up in the air and ill flip it and going whoa thats, pretty cool, and if you want to fly low to the ground you can as if youre seeking something to destroy there, we go. Oh, let me just show you banging into stuff here. Watch this ill go bang into my house. Stand it over here smash right into the house. There you go it just bounces off! You see that look at that im even sideways! Well and look. It crashed but dont worry about it because watch this its very flexible, its bendy, its just all like a type of rubbery foam, while its foam but its like a rubbery foam. So i dont know. Can i launch it out of my hand here it flashes because it says: oh, no, you messed up the gyro, so it just means you have to put it down on the ground like this, and then you pull these down to the right and it will reset Itself there we go see the light stopped there. I wonder if i could throw it in the air and will it take off. This is not what its meant to do, but im gon na try this im gon na start it in my hand, uh lets see, get everything out of the way there you go.

It started and now im gon na, throw it up in the air and hit this button again. Here we go there, we go baby. She goes all right. Lets go land it over here all right, coming down for a landing im, gon na, take it backwards and im gon na try to land it right there. I can hit this button lets see what happens? Is it gon na hit the table? What landed on the table nicely there? We go pretty sweet next thing to show you is what comes in the box here we go. This is the box your stun fighter comes in, and this is a close look at the flexible foam material that its constructed of here you can see the core motors the on and off switch in the battery compartment. Removing the battery reveals a 580 milliamp hour lipo battery the battery is charged by an included usb charger. The buttons on the includer remote are well identified to let you know what they do and to power the controller. You will need to supply three double a batteries not included. However, what is included is a full set of spare props. You also get a micro, phillips screwdriver and you get the owners manual and checking out the weight. We can see it here. 94 grams. So final thoughts on this drone its easily designed as a fun toy and its simple to use with the included controller. The batteries just slide them in charge them up really simply and go fly hit this little button.

There we go see, im already started and if i hit it again, there we go and i landed in the flowers, my wifes going to kill me on that and the odds of you or your kids breaking this are kind of minor. As long as you dont start putting things in the props and stopping them while theyre turning it, it should last a long time its made out of that foam. Thats like super soft. It doesnt hurt at all all right. So what im going to do now is im going to put links below and the wind is blowing ill just send this all flying up into the stratosphere. Here we go, you know i sent it before and hit my flowers, but here we go see you later. All right guys, so with that i say thanks for watching this video here it comes its still going, come back again, whoa anyways ill turn it off. So thanks for watching this video, if you have any questions on that product, well, then post them below, and i will get back to you and if you enjoyed this video, please give it a thumbs up and ill catch.