This inexpensive drone automatically hovers in place while it tracks your movement. Find it here

– Optical flow position hold automatically maintains hover position without pilot input.
– Includes two cameras including 720p HD camera in front and a low resolution 480p camera in the belly. Both can be used for taking video or pictures.
– Auto tracking capability will point the drone in the direction of your position.
– Gesture photo taking capability. Make a V victory sign with your fingers and it will snap a picture.
– 3.7V 650mah battery with white Losi connector. 3.7V batteries with white Losi connectors are very inexpensive and widely available. They may also be used with this drone to keep flying (just wrap a rubber band around the drone belly to hold them in place).

– 650 mah battery only provides about 5 minutes flight time.
– Auto tracking feature only works when under app flight control. On top of that it's not very effective, and easily breaks lock due to WiFi lag.
– Drone continues flying if it loses signal from the controller. However it will automatically descend and land if it loses signal from the app.

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