I think that thats important, so if i do move this to one side like this, does mean, then that that screen will move, that screen will move and with that screen move it will um suppose this would work like that see. In theory, you know its only important that i can see the comments coming in ha, so we are able to see bits and bobs and be able to analyze some footage thats. What were here to do good evening, everyone, as you come in to see whats going on. I should be able to keep an eye on things as we are working thats the theory anyway, but that may not necessarily work now. Does that work like that? Even if i bring it up a little bit a little bit bigger, then youre kind of seeing everything thats what i wanted to be able to do thats what i wanted to be able to do anyway. How is everyone we want to be able to keep things going? We want to be able to say hi if you are joining me for the first time and as people start to log on and off i do ask you to pop over to my own website: have a look at it. Patrickconland.Tv sign up for the newsletter. Surely, im alert allowed one simple plug uh yeah? Surely im aligned one simple plug before we get started now getting back here. I have this lovely bit of lovely lovely bit of cinematic drone video to show you, but in the meantime, as i said, as people are coming on as soon as we have five people, we will start and, in the meantime, check out my website and make sure You sign up to the newsletter and then you will be introduced to all sorts of nice goodies.

That will come your way, thats. The idea anyway, whether we managed to pull it off is another thing anyway. Back to tonight. How is everyone i hope your autumn is starting off? Well its not going to be easy to get the drone out when the when the weather changes as it tends to do, but listen we can get some decent footage looked at and see. Can we learn anything from it thats what we want to be able to do, and we can see it right up here that looks good and then, if i were to bring this even over here, i wonder: does that even make sense for you if i were To do this, does it keep changing? Yes, it does so thats not going to work, but its only a way for me to be able to see it so ill. Keep it over there anyway. Even if i were to do it, lets lets just try something else. If i do this, make it bigger and then bring it down here, just trying to get the best angle for you lads, because its not always easy, you know to to see how you can best appreciate the footage thats, why im kind of always looking for a Different way to to show it to you without having to take up the whole screen whats the idea anyway. All right can i see it like that yeah. I should be able to keep an eye on the chat at the same time, thats good isnt it.

Let me know if this is good enough for you to say you dont want to be faffing about too much as people are coming on anyway. This is a lovely bit of drone. Footage lets have a look as people are coming on. What do you think this is taking place in mallorca theres? Nothing wrong with that? I just love the fact that hes got his color correction well, sorted hes, doing it at the golden r, which is a key to making the drone photos. Look even better and hes matching it to his music, along with other little bits, have a look first shot. No more than six or seven seconds how many times do we start our videos and we are there and it doesnt even were there for two then were on to number two and again its going to the music. So you already have here after seven seconds on to the next one lovely little reveal into where the boat is thats, the center of the focus and hes going towards it. So he has one of the 20 key shots. There we go, and it goes and on to the third shot again into the sun. Lovely nd filter on still has done some work here, so its easy for us to see that the the detail thats going on im just going to try im just going to check something here in this bottom corner. Yes, it is correct. Sometimes you can go the other way around and number four revealing it from another angle of the bay and then we get a shot of the man himself thats important, i think thats good.

Definitely a good idea off. He goes nice little view of i take it. Its niklas christie and were seeing the islands down below and were working were working hard to get it into the sun, its a little bit blown out there, but nonetheless, we cant see it its keeping us with points of interest, so were able to see the coastline And at the same time, its not too high, which is something that we always want it to be, we dont want it to be too high. We want to be able to see the detailing in each scene there. He is walking a lot golden hour, folks so important to do it during the golden hour out and listen to that listen. You can actually hear the footprint lets hear it. So hes actually got the footprints out, which means hes, recording the audio in in his jacket or in his uh, or has a lapel mic on perfect perfect for wheres his buddy. So he gave us some introductory scenes so whats going on hes telling us its about its in mallorca and then he goes through to it being a little bit faster. I just thought it was really. It was a really nice introduction and theres things. We can learn from there now. You know im a big fan of it being a story, but it was good enough to get them 380 000 views, which is more than anything ive ever got so theres, something to be said there again, dont forget if youve just joined us to remember to head Over to the new, well improved patrickconland.

tv sign up to the newsletter so that you can enjoy it whenever i post new stuff and whenever i send you different bits and bobs to do with all the different things that i do. Look how crisp and clear he has made it. This is in the midday sun, but weve got some sound effects. Look at the lovely avenue now that is just beautiful both in and out the sharks. Oh wait a minute a little bit of our our um torrey of turkey, whatever we call it the towers and and turkey scene. Here we go again: three four uh at the at the music. Listen to it look 40 seconds. We get the same now see how, from 47, see how many weve got here, one two three four and then a nice transition just to show us a little bit of footage on the windy roads. Look at that how nice would that be in mallorca, wow. I dont slept there anyway. Okay back to it, were going a bit faster now to cut to the bait. This is a good added. It probably would have taken quite a bit to get it together. Nice reveal shot there, bringing the car into the same classic. One of the 20 best shots theres some beaut look at the way i see when the sky is bland. Leave it out, leave the sky out, keep whats in focus. What you want us to see in there for us to see and again i i just love the fact that he has brought us along with them and its not too.

Oh here were doing a few tricks. There was a little bit of forest there isnt it nice the way its contract theres, a contrast between the colors, the caper couple says: hes monetized, yeah 000 followers, i know yeah. I need to have that sort of thing going on hi leo. Yes, i know, but thats what were aiming for. Is it not were not aiming for that sort of thing, but its the fact that theres, a lot of different bits and bobs of footage go being thrown in there gosh. I always worry about people that sit right at the edge like that. Theres no need for that youre just making it hard or easy. Should i say making it easier. The drone footage is just lovely. You cannot deny it. When are you going to get out nice? I wish it were may yeah sitting on the edge just make sure you got a pair of pants on that arent too slippery. There could be problems now. You cant see a lot of these people. A lot of these younger youtubers are trying to also take elements of what is it called again that the tories of of turkey, the the tower of turkey um tower of turkey? No, no! No! No! No within youtube uh youtube. Today, turkey, because it came with the tower of turkey – is it what is the name of that famous bit of footage that everybody ah watch tower of turkey thats, where a lot of these people are actually uh, taking inspiration, from which i highly suggest that you look At so its from the watchtower of turkey, its the analytic anyway thats a lot to do with the sort of transitions that are being used.

Lets keep going thats one of the best thats one of his best shots gosh that almost looked like it looks like its an fpv drone thats it. The transition was good there. It was almost seamless, nice again see, were keeping the interest in whats going on down below. Oh my god, look at these yahoos look theyre doing the rock climbing at least they can fall into the water if it doesnt work. Theres. Quite a bit of footage has gone into that theres, no doubt about it, but even just a little swoosh makes it thats so much more interesting, listen, one of the lessons all were doing is trying to pick up um tips and tricks from people who know more Than we do analyzing the footage and trying to get a little bit more out of it to take it on when we go out to do our next project. So from nicholas christie, we do see that hes going out very much at the best hours to shoot. His footage nothing too high and it has used some sound effects. Listen to this one. Did you hear that, just as they went over the top of the mountain of an orbiting shot here, uh around the orchestra? Oh a bit too fast that one for me. I suppose he wanted to show us. I hope, theres no sort of comparison here with heres a pistol here on the mountain top theres a sound effect coming again.

Nice and weve got two different ones: someones, saying kipper, saying yes, its got got ta, be an fpv got ta run and pick up the miss i catch. Yes, thank you for joining us, not as all right, just pop in and say, hi im just checking out what the other guys are at oh wow. I like that transition. Now. Look i dont like the comparison here to know whats going on, but anyway perhaps we all think were gods. Okay, transition up nice. That was good. I was a good at it im the sound effects of the car nice jack oshea nice for you to call around and say hi good to finally catch a live session again. Thoughts on the mavic 3 40 minute flight time on 30 kilometer range who on earth is going to let it go 30 kilometers out of their view. I agree with you, jack theres. Absolutely! No need no need theres a time whenever the basic needs of the droner are met and thats all we need to worry about. We really dont need it to go, keep getting better and better and better get out and use the darn thing. First, thats. What i say thats my thoughts i dont think ill upgrade mine just yet the mavic air 2 hasnt even had a had that much um. I would just say flight time so ill just be holding on to it. It has everything i need got ta grind and create more stories, thats.

What im thinking, but definitely no need the only advantage of having the new version would be longer flight time thats what id be thinking motorcyclists. So there looks like a great place to bring the old motor good evening. Unlimited vertigo, well its a good afternoon, for you, as i say, make sure you like this little live stream, always helps towards the analytics. Make sure that you head over to patrickconland.com and sign up to the old newsletter if thats, something that you are interested in in the meantime, i am watching footage having the chats and also learning from the guys that have a lot more experience than i do in The drone world and weve picked up lots of tips and tricks from nicholas christie and hopefully itll serve when we go out to do our stories and when were using our drones to add to whatever it is that we are planning to create and from necklace we Loved his transitions, we loved all the shots. We liked the fact that he was filming in 4k, but more than anything he has some nice little subtle. Let me just check to make sure yes, he does. He has some nice little subtle. How would i say, um sound effects that are just nicely dropped in now it does seem like he has been using some ideas from the watchtower of turkey, video, which i highly recommend that you all go and check out, but in the meantime, ive just been enjoying What he has put out for us hes done a backward shot there and we love that transition.

Yes, thats one of his better ones see just the subtleness of the sound effect and the car lovely through the trees like it takes a while to get all that going, and he also included here a little bit of the sound effects of the motorcycles going by. So its not even every single scene, its every few scenes hell drop a little sound effect and keep the interest lots of nice reveals lots of nice. Music makes me want to go there and ultimately, i think thats what you want and if youve done that, if youve achieved that youve achieved a lot really has that backward transition thats what we were looking at there, so hes actually reversed the clip, because if you Do go back, you can see. Let me see this is it for and then you can see the cars down here actually going backwards. I think not that it particularly matters anyway, still a great shot im back again through the trees. Lovely shots here nicholas has an amazing beginner versus pro fpv video stunning cinematic fpv flying in it: okay, okay, okay, okay, thats good to know unlimited vertical hope everyone has signed up to my newsletter, just like bavarian sky pixels has. Thank you very much. I appreciate this support. Therell be lots of interesting things coming along there. I really should pop that down. I used to have a little thing going along the bottom. Where did that ever go to lets just check that out after the show, make sure i get that back again, we used to have all sorts of little bits and bobs going by helping everybody just keep an eye on what was going on sure i cant start Messing about with it now when there are people here, i have a goodbye.

You have a good eye. I have a good eye yeah for all those details, its all about the tires, the details. It does a good job, so he purposely has actually done it. I like this lets just get the scene again its a lot of it now is going backwards here we go here comes here. It comes all right. Okay, now, before we actually get to that, so when hes shooting this scene, i suppose he has another all right. That drone there fine thats his backwards scene as we had seen and were going to see a little bit more of that lovely rule of thirds again with the nice nd filter. Okay, this is from the front. This is through the trees, probably with the fpv. Ah, so its the actual drone itself, hes put it just lets just do one from behind okay, so hes, seeing that on his screen and hes. Just i got it, i get it for a minute. I thought there was another drone out flying somewhere else and then he was going anyway. So lets see the way it does this this. This added at the very end, look its coming im back there, the crescendo ends. I still got the lovely and we saw that earlier on lovely golden golden. Oh, what happened there so and ends up with the night scene, nothing wrong with that and theres an ad coming up in two minutes. There you go when you plan and schedule your social media.

With later you can focus on your business. How are you doing guys? I hope you enjoyed this little cinematic drone video yeah. This spot is just oh and then he goes on and tells us a bit of a story all right, so he will tell us the story of whats going on okay, i, like it whats the setup like as im, not saying. Of course, a lot of them are following his his ideas. Yes, now it makes sense. Oh, like it was a cinematic drone sequence and a short review about the mavic air 2 and also another video, where i give you my five top tips to get better cinematic footage. So, okay, if you check them out already, you can check them out here. Ah, theres a reason why this guy is 450 000 subscribers. So now ive been flying the mavic air 2 for around 2 months. I think and ive been testing it in all kinds of scenarios and i have to say that im still very happy with it. Okay lets quickly pause this video theres. Actually one thing that happened on the last days of majorca and it turned out to be a super funny. So, im going to show it to you now nice, but in command, see thats that so some coder would be the guy that all these boys are immaterial yeah. So what happened? There was, i actually flew backwards and i wanted to fly the drone through the palm trees to get a really epic shot.

Sam called the style, but as im not saying kohler, i totally picked it up so yeah. I actually broke the gimbal of my drone, but i was able to fix it with glue im, not sure if you can see it here, um yeah is this swapping things working again gosh. It was very lucky wasnt. He good message. Um lets go back to the video okay. The only thing that changed is that i like this little thing here, hes put in this little where he says: okay hold on and ive been testing it in all kinds of scenarios, and i have to say that im still very happy with it. Okay, see that so he says: okay, so he pauses it puts his his little paw symbol on lets quickly pause this video here and then he goes in and explains a little bit. I like that way of doing it. So if you havent finished your story properly, throw something else in there now for anyone who is just joining us. We are looking at this young fella here nicholas christie, because we got to learn from these guys theyre doing better than us if they have 440 000 followers or 50 000 followers, so they must be doing something right, so we got ta, learn from them. If youve just joined me, please do go over also and sign up to patrickconlan.tv and youll find all the interesting bits and bobs that come out in my own newsletter.

I actually thought he was imitating the watchtower of turkey, video but hes, not hes, actually doing a little bit more of some colder style which theres nothing wrong with i like this little waist, you can check them out here right. You check out his different tips that hes doing thats great. We will ive been flying for around two months. I think and ive been testing it in all kinds of scenarios. I have to say that im still very happy with it. Okay lets quickly pause this video here, so it keeps it interesting there theres actually one thing that happened on the last days of majorca and it turned out to be a super funny. Drone clip so im going to show it to you now all right, thats, a nice dive end in the crow and then boom uh yeah. So what happened there well im wondering where that sign. The fight came from. I actually flew backwards and i wanted to fly the drone through the palm trees to get a really epic shot. Sam called the style, but as im, not sam kohler. I totally picked it up so yeah. I actually broke the gimbal of my drone, but i was able to fix it with glue who manages to fix it with glue everythings working again thats, a good message. Um lets go back to the video. What was wrong with that changed is that i tend to shoot a little bit less in the hdr mode and a little bit more in the normal mode, okay, just because it sometimes gets really really grainy and the dark parts yeah.

So its really good for shooting against some situations, but besides that im actually shooting a normal mode. Now so for everybody of you, whos still thinking about buying the mavic air 2, i can still really record theres a new mavic air coming out this case its oh here we go unlimited right here. Awesome sound design in the whole thing. Yes, one lurio! I agree. The sound design is amazing, and i also left you two links in the description below one is to the mavic add two, and one is to some really good nd filters that you can use with it yeah if you want to buy them, buy them by my Link, i thought that is actually making it quite good. One is to the mavic air ii, and one is to some really good nd filters that you can use with it. Yeah if you want to buy them, buy them, buy my link. I like it. I like it, but besides drones, i also wanted to talk to you about some other topics. First of all, i wanted to say a huge thank you to everybody who subscribed to this channel. We now reached 5k on this youtube channel and also 5k on my instagram. We reached 10 000 subscribers or 5k hes, not 450k. How long ago was this whoa thats, not bad thats, some growth dont. We think the nd filters that you can use with it yeah if you want to buy them, buy them by my link, but besides drones.

I also wanted to talk to you about some other topics. First of all, i wanted to say a huge thank you to everybody who subscribed to this channel. We now reached 5k on this youtube channel. This was uploaded in august 2020. It is now october 2021.. He has gone from 6 000 subscribers to 450 000 subscribers hes done something right, oh and also on my instagram weve reached 10 000 subscribers or photos. However, you want to call it and yeah its just amazing to build up this small community and i really appreciate every single one of you who watches my videos who likes my videos who also comments on my videos. Those comments are actually what really drives me and what really motivates and push me to create more videos, so yeah a huge thank you to you guys for subscribing, so well done to him folks. That is really really good anyway. Thats all we wanted to do for today, little 30 minutes where we could jump on. Have the chats. Thank you to everyone who has spend some time. Looking at all the bits and pieces, we just took one creator in this case nicholas christie, and we had a look at his footage and we liked it a lot. So i think thats. The way to do it is to have a look, because you guys arent telling me oh 450, just to yeah. I know i know theres something hes doing properly there ill tell you that much so theres a lot we can look at so lets.

Keep an eye on this little channel lets give him another sub because he definitely deserves it, done some good things, and we will try to take the good bits that he has and imitate it in our own videos thats. What we got to do folks, thank you for joining me this evening. I hope that youre all well dont forget to also give me a little thumbs up if youve enjoyed following along in the live stream and finally, the last little shameless plug lets, bring it down here. Dont forget to check out patrickconland.tv and sign up to the newsletter and all the different things that im working on my drone enthusiast, creative companion, the mavic air 2 and all the different bets. That is something which we will be working on over the next few months. So if you want to stay abreast of whats happening, just drop in, say hello and sign up to the newsletter at the bottom or at the top, it should appear after a while. Thank you very much and ill chat to you again.