I hope i just hope that youve been watching my last video, which i actually put out there pretty fast and its this one here, which has the dji mavic air drone tips, plus footage of hoth lighthouse and dublin. Did you see it and did you like it? Thats the question that i have tonight of all nights im just going to put the chat in here, because i know you will start chatting away to me – have a look at it as youre coming on. Have a look, tell me what you think. Oh, i i think it i i think it it turned out. Well, i really do look and then i would then i went into a series where i just matched a little bit to the music. More than anything because of the fact that i was interested to just see if i could match it to the music and give you some other shots too don joyce hello, um, android audio, oh hi, everyone dont forget to like the old live stream too, when youre. Here have you been out so believe it or not? This actually was color corrected too, in spite of the fact that i didnt have the proper nd filter, but, as youll see from the video, i actually had to somewhat improvise to avoid getting too much of the sunshine over to what would have been my right hand. Side, so i bring it in a bit of an alfred hitchcock moment where you do try to at least you know include yourself for a few seconds and then off.

We go again to the main footage. Now, if you see there that was applied afterwards, where it was rotating nicely, and then i honed in a little bit more so its just really and where i positioned it on the actual video is something which i thought was interesting, because i did want to be Able to afterwards go through the story, so i started off the video with what looked like um, a bit of an intro to capture the the attention and then i went on to show the footage before i told the the actual story. So it is, of course hoth lighthouse um in dublin for drone knight, whos there and yes, don joyce yeah theres a little bit of sinking of the music there. I did include a little tiny, tiny bit also, so that effect was actually. It was actually just a normal piece of footage there, so that, of course, was one of the money shots so thats. Why? I guess the money shot as they would say, was this one where it comes out where i actually was flying backwards and it wasnt actually reversed in post. So i had my little forget about that little bit there for a second, and that was just really to keep the attention and then nice footage, okay, so obviously the best pace, the best shot, is what i put in first in the sequence, i think thats important. Sometimes we we, we think that the viewer is going like this wasnt, the first shot i took.

This actually may have been the fourth or fifth shot. Once i got my my positioning, correct and ive done a few test shots. So if you are going out there, i i laughed at your comment on my shocking moment: video yeah, okay yeah. So if you are going out its not always about getting the initial um shot and putting it in, firstly, sometimes you got to hook through the different bits of footage that you had on your outing and choose the one that came out best and make sure thats The very first one that you pop in: why would you not you got ta do it? You definitely got to do it and theres no reason why so alan has popped in to say hello. There too, which is good, um, so yeah, no doubt about it. Weve. We we have to be able to do that to choose good old health. I dont know how many times ive done, videos there yeah uh. So this was obviously my favorite shot. It was flying backwards and lowering the camera at the same time and thats where thats, what youre, seeing there, what the little subtle sound effect is to see as its coming in now. I probably if i could have went back and did it again. I would have tried to get a little bit of footage just of this little thing here. Look what would you call it? Can you see it from this angle? Let me just say you may not be able to uh.

Let me see if it does appear. No, i dont know if you can see it. No, no. I was trying to no itll not appear there, so ill bring it back down, but see this. This sort of its i dont, know some sort of radar. I would have liked to have got some sort of wishing effect of that going around. That would have really helped anyway, so that again is only lasting within that 10 to 15 minutes of seconds, which is what we want before we do a simple transition. Definitely a simple transition. What was the wind like on the peninsula? It was good, it was fine. Yeah thanks for asking waddle arrow definitely was it was grand you know there. I know that youre out there in america, but you know it wasnt too bad. Definitely um that day, thats why i took advantage because here once you get a good day, youve got to take advantage so hi everyone whos joining us now. Yes, so were just going through im just going through everyone. Whos joined that dont know each other. Please say hello to each other: make sure you subscribe to each others channels make sure you like this little live stream, if, indeed you are enjoying it. Let me know if youve done any other videos yourselves if youre new to the group. Please do tell me your name, because i do like to try and remember waddle arrow. I i i know youre from solano county, but i forget your name but do remind me and thats important to me so to speak.

So that was the little bit of footage. Then, and then we do we, we honestly go back up. The transition is going to seem to be an in and out okay. Well, it will look so that ones coming out and then were bringing in a different angle, but going forward but mixing it up like we saw last week when we were looking at the guy who had a fabulous video from that area within thats kevin from within Um from within was it was was up in iceland. Yes, that was where we were looking at, and it was just amazing, uh and thats what i tried to bring in there when i went out afterwards um hello, unlimited vertical 2. Thank you for joining us. John up in canada, so yeah this was really imp. It was. It was almost taking the lessons from the live stream that i myself was talking myself through last week and trying to implement them here with the resources that i had. Considering, of course, that i had the issue that i had forgotten one or two of the of the filters which i wasnt too impressed with, but as don joyce said, the amount of times that we go out and we forget stuff is not the best anyway. So here we go, it sees just the last little bit and again quick shots, because these are the ones that where i was testing out, i like the mix up for sure.

I just find it moving forward forward. It means by moving out doesnt work. Okay, thats good thats, good yeah, no doubt about it. This was one of my favorite was my second money shop money shop, money shot? And yes, i thought it was just beautiful the way the sun was catching it in the winter sun and then one going across with a little sound effect. And then we end with the final one, and that was the best that i could get out of the the drone flight itself. Did i get a last one? Yes and then this one and there i just probably, should have just cut that edit in a tad later, because i do think it does move slightly. Let me just check uh its very unnoticeable but yeah, and then we just bring out the last one and im actually going from left to right and post. So ive got a bigger image there and im actually moving and im actually going in at the last minute to just show you whats going on at the end, and then it goes out into the sea and thats. When we start the story, the zoom in the zoom in in post, during the rotate that was great well there, so thats, but again its really just the imitation isnt it its imitating. Those guys that know what theyre doing and to know whats going on anyway. Have any of you, and that then is the story, so dont be afraid to head over there and, as you can see from the map.

In the background i did look to see where i was going from beforehand. Last time i wanted to do that lighthouse. There was a fire in the hill yeah, so there were helicopters, picking up the water. I remember that all right, absolutely so it would have been it would have been tough and you wouldnt have got out, but its lovely at this time of year. If you head over at about three or four oclock in the afternoon, you will definitely be able to get that anyway enough about me. What about you guys dont think anyone would notice the movement, but you well listen. I cant be sitting on here preaching about all these different moves and then not implementing it myself. You got to practice what you preach its not what they say anyway of any of you guys. I was looking at some of your videos earlier and yes, there are some good ones now. Have you ever heard of this guy um javin dovey? I think he does some good little bits and he gave some good tips on the mavic. R3 lets just see this shot here that he brings in for us. If you leave an nd filter on your drone, its going to force you to have your aperture wide open, so it gives some really good tips, and i think this was a good tip here, but nd filters, which i forgot feel free to pick one. I have videos, okay capture, your life career, all right all right all right, okay, lets, say capture life, um connection and i had issues with subscribing, so i went in to check everybodys look youre still unsubscribed what is going on there.

I was working hard on that. Let me see how did i change that because yeah i dont know why it unsubscribes me to some of your stuff. I wouldnt, oh yeah, because sure i looked at this earlier on. I was looking at that and i loved the drone chat and you were asking people uh. I thought that was really good. Now lets have a little look at here and see now they now i dont have the mpv drone, so im not sure about this one. You know i just i dont know: what are you thinking? Are you thinking of going out and doing it its the analytics all right? Okay, a quick rep, a quick rip, youre, a brave man. You are a brave man. You know the youtube. Algorithm is a joke. Why its not helping smaller creators? I do not know, i do not know right stevie. What do you got for us? What are you doing? This is well. At least your intro was pretty fast. I like the fact its not too long. That was really fast like it and off we go so a little intro. We like that, tells us what he has quick rep love, love, quick, rep, dont, tell us its not gon na be much of a vlog. It might be a big vlog for some people. So dont worry about that ill. Do some acro acrobatics! You got all the you got all the new york lingo going on here mode, just having fun today, all right! Okay! So why so stevie tell me this: why do you not hashtag the word dji and fpv in the title, ive heard that really helps it? Does it does it? You know what are your opinions on this john and canada? What do you think in the meantime, lets go bit of a stranger things, music going on there now these are.

Can you see the comments suppose yours are looking at the comments on the side lets see if i do it like that makes them a bit bigger for you to see all right. Okay, here we go perfectionist notice. I hit extraneous movements in my transitions, but that happens sometimes yeah nice, video dont, think im. Okay, all right! Okay, here we go whoa whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa whoa; oh my god, im gon na get nervous; okay, it should be in the hashtag, ah yeah, but put the hashtag in the title too. Apparently it really helps in the title put a hashtag thats. Just my. I dont think the hashtag, oh okay, don joyce, all right wow, you dont think they help. I thought they did now. Location would be important and you dont have a location here, stevie. So stick that in all right here we go lets watch this shush a minute. Would just die, see whats going on, we got ta, be able to to see this fpv drum footage might eventually get me on to getting one well. I dont think so. I cant even keep a mavic air two in the air right here we go goes over it first time, youre right, oh god, nice, yes, whoa whats, that tree gosh all right! Here we go its going through its going true nice, one yeah really good. Where are you going with these trees? Jeez thats, a good bit of piling? My thing is, though, oh there he goes over and above loop, the loop its like a fighter jet.

It is like a fighter jet, i dont know. I just think that that that would eventually be it would be quite um marianne domi, as they say in spanish, i would be id almost get motion sickness. I wonder: do you ever get it when youre actually flying it and are you lads down in the car park there is that part of the crew? Do i suppose, when youre doing the little vertical flips up? Is that helping you really? Is it helping you grow like get up to speed faster than the average person here were going through again perfecto get motion sickness with the st with the simulator, not when im actually flying okay, interesting with the range of that thing id like to see up that Tread hill and then cruise close to the canopy on the way down jesus im still in the beginning stage, unlimited vertical. What is going on? Do you have one of these bad boys too? Huh john tell me, i cant remember like its a good distance away there. That bridge i got rid of my dji fp at the sum total of three flights, my stomach couldnt. Take it. I hear you yes, alan. I would be the same. I just dont. I dont know i mean i might go for one of the smaller ones that you make up yourself with a bit of a ways on them, but like for the for the price that youre paying for the big the whole sense i dont know i dont know.

I hope you enjoyed the quick grip uh. I hope you enjoyed the quick rep. Of course we off and on did im packing up and im gon na get out of here ill catch. You guys in the next one peace, oh yeah. I know you didnt tell us about that. In tennis there was a whole picnic going on look. Oh, we didnt get to the after party there, stevie eh, oh yeah, oh heres, a quick vlog yeah cause im gon na go and have my hot dogs and my beers thats, not very fair. Is it just throwing it in there just to make us jealous, like even your one hair, big smiley head on her huh, damn it? I want to see around that. What was going on summer seats out you under the tree got his old bud light opened the after party yeah thats. What i want to be invited to anyway. That was really good. It was really interesting and oh youve got even a all right. Weve got all sorts of people there that are doing ah, but what about what about this? One here, which is look damien here, looks like hes gon na have a crash with his fpv drone at full speed. This is just so that you can take care. Look whats this, oh no, oh! No! This is what were talking about. This is what this is. What could happen, of course, the musics a bit all right were coming down its too fast just want to see this just want to see this crash and top speed.

See does it happen, slowed it down for us anyway, here its coming. Oh, you dont fly into yourself, demian thats. The bet that i would worry about. Will we see it now here comes, i take it dont crash into yourself, thats. All i can say right. Where is this full speed? Okay, i take it its coming now. Gosh do not crash into yourself, though. No there, you are what wheres the wheres the crash the top spade. No, it didnt come in; no, no, no, no! No! No! No! No uh! Where im on my fourth unit, so ah no that didnt work at all when that happens, i hit whenever. So. Where was the crash? It never happened. Dji fpv crash at top speed, but there wasnt a crash at top speed, damien wheres, the crash. Where is the crash? My friend, huh didnt, see it stevie youre welcome. I look forward to seeing more dont just be include the b roll. I love the one. I invite everybody whos popped in to look at the actual um dont you just oh dont. You just hit when people put up a video says its gon na be a crash video and then it doesnt come at all thats, not cool dont like that. Oh wow thats not good at all, but anyway you know like heres another one where theyre saying it happens in the alps. Gosh look at the color correction on it. I have a real crash lol, no quick, clickbait yeah, exactly jesses popping in too so i like the way this one goes.

This is just on the basis of the fact that we really were just looking at uh stevies fpv drone footage, which i am not going to get involved in as it stands right now, but im interested to hear your thoughts on how can this ever be used For cinemagraphic purposes, thats, my issue is: how do you use that stuff afterwards, as part of a story? Is it just to get out and have some fun and im trying to work? That out? Tell me lads tell me what is the purpose of the dji fpv drone? You know, okay, it looked amazing in the volcano over iceland there a few months ago and the time it went in and out of the place in venice. That was amazing. That was really good, but on the average day for the average person, how do we find that? Does it getting hung up 25 feet kind? As a crash, probably yeah? Look at this one. Look i like the fact here that this guy uses some sound effects gosh. I take it that youre a lot further away than what the camera makes it look like like the the good one about this is the sound effects that have been put in, like so theres a lot of wishes and wishes and wishes that come in so thats Good youre definitely getting to see a lot more of the scenery, but i wonder how far off the ground they actually are.

Suspose going up through the middle of a valley is pretty impressive, all right so its when youre in next to the trees. We did slow that down quite a bit yeah. This is the terrain. Three feet would just find it very, very difficult to control and that footage is pretty good the way it was in anyway, the one that i wanted. So did it actually crash because thats what we wanted to see here – this is another bit of clickbait lets just see all right. Are we going to crash it here? Oh, i can see its very close to the ground, no all right, hes coming back again. Oh was that it there was a bit of kibbling there. That was it. It wasnt really a crash now to be fair, but the the the fpv the ffpv drone flight uh in venice is the one that i would find. Okay narcissism. He wants a cri yeah. Of course, this is the one that venice says: youd never seen it before. Is this the one that was going inside the different? No, there was one that was made. No no dont see it. It was definitely a little bit there anyway. That footage is pretty good and uh well worth for you if you like that sort of thing, but i think that its just not for me right now, yeah, i feel, robbed again lol anyway folks. This one is a short one this evening, just because of the day of the senate, because of some guests that are over and theyve kindly left the room to give me a chance to say hi to all of you.

I do want you to continue to upload. I do want you to go on and give me something that we can work through together. I do invite you to go over and check out my latest video if you havent pop an old comment or comment on it. If you can patrick, if you find the time not this later, watch the following video, my name is chrissy and and phil provideverse, beginning cinematic fpv. But yes send me the link, please through instagram, find a nice cliff today, yeah. That would be really interesting id like you to um, unlimited vertical, to send me that link, and i will actually take it here, because i will look at it afterwards, because i do want to get my head around aware that you can, in some shape or form Be able to look at it so thats what i will do folks. Thank you very, very much for joining me again this evening, where weve had the chats ive shown you a little bit of the footage that i was able to shoot last week, and i do hope that you will uh get out there and do more this coming Week and then we can comment on it and you can share your thoughts on it and please do let everyone else know. Eight oclock on a tuesday night is the time that we want to be able to uh check out each others. Drone videos its been great.

Thank you very much for joining me and ill catch us again.