I did not want to have to make this video, but not clickbait. Here it is my v copter is dangling. My arm is snapped off. So well talk about that in this video. Now this is your first time hearing or learning about the v copter from zero. Zero robotics uh ive actually been following zero zero for the past couple years. Now i did a bunch of videos from them at ces. It was just something unique when it came out. A couple years ago, or when they talked about it a couple years ago, it was definitely one that stood out to me and a lot of other drone enthusiasts, because it was so different than the traditional drones that were seeing on the market. And i did talk about this a little bit more on my previous videos. So if you guys havent seen my unboxing video of the v copter from zero, zero make sure you guys check out above as well as down below in the video description. So this video is not really like a review video its more of like. Let me just show you what happened when i was documenting my first couple of flights with it how it performed, when i kind of put it through some push tests, how the video quality is and, of course, how the optical avoidance is, and that is where my Mistake happened, but we will talk about that in this video and you guys are new here.

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Some footage of me kind of pushing the drone seeing how well itll recover and seeing if it actually will flip over. While i was kind of pushing it around all right here we go what Applause look at that oh thats, so cool all right. Let me uh go behind it and ill put this on the camera check this out. This is awesome. Applause, like i said, i filled my backyard, but now i have an open field here. I do want to take it out. It just looks so cool and its actually holding you know folding, hover, nice and stable. That is pretty cool. Give it a little spin around here and its actually surprisingly, pretty quiet that out Music, its holding its holding nice and steady lets go up. Let me move back a little bit so yeah a little bit more view of it, bring it back down: Music Applause, nice and steady, its going up and right back forward Applause, Music, wow. This is cool Applause, Music wow! It is surprisingly pretty stable and its not even like lifting up and down like something you see. Some of the drones will kind of rise lets. Go uh lets see how this does bean copter just doing a quick little hover test Applause, Music, solid! Look at that Applause, so the center of the sentence in the back, so it did lift up a little bit. Music Applause wow, like i said, the build quality, is actually pretty nice.

Let me just move it over here: Music Applause, wow Applause – that is cool Applause, Music. I got ta play a little safe. I dont know what to expect, but overall this things its holding up. So here we go. This is going to regular mode all right. Well, its hovering and, as you can see there, even when i push it kind of whipped right back into uh the initial starting point, so thats good and there it is just a little stability test. Just to show you how well it does on hover. Also kind of pushing it around to see how well it recovered, like you saw in the video, i think it did a very, very good job after the next part of this video. I just want to show you some sample footage now. This isnt me trying to get anything special, anything dramatic and, basically just showing you guys. The raw video of what came out of the copter and my objective for that day was to take this up in the air. Do a few different flight paths and put it up against the mini 2., and i wanted to use the mini 2 as a comparison, because it does have the same sensor size as the mini 2. So i felt like it was a little bit more comparable if youre looking at getting a drone to you know, compare the cameras, so the footage here is really just me free flying.

I wasnt able to like, i said, get the footage i wanted to get to do the comparison, because this is just me recording, as i was just doing a couple first flights flying back over this little hillside, nice and smooth so far, im only about 400 meters Away so nothing too too far, im not going to push it just yet just want to see how well its uh its going to fly. First of all, and of course, if theres going to be any breakup, any transmission errors and things like that, i dont want to be too far away um. I know exactly where its at its right on this hillside right here. So, if anything does happen at least i can go and grab it fly it back around here. Overall, it is flying nice, 82 percent battery left and cruise back around over here where the baseball field is at curious. If there is anything in here where i can adjust the sensitivity of my sticks, i dont believe so im not seeing any too many custom controls, thats kind of a bummer im, not seeing any really custom controls, even for the video like. If i can change it and manually adjust uh, you know some of these things here unless im, just not seeing it but im clicking on you know the basic menus and um, where i would think theyd be and its its not coming up so lets see here. Calibrate sensors obstacle avoidance, okay, return to home return, yeah im, not seeing any anything thats dealing with um deals and manual, so it says obstacle is detected ahead.

Okay, im flying so this looks good. I did turn obstacle. Avoidance on lets. Just go right where the baseball field is at a couple light posts over here. Maybe so i can do a little short little orbit around that thing. It would be nice if i had a little bit more control or adjust sensitivity of the sticks. Im not seeing that as an option, but it is flying nice. Let me throw this into sport. Switch it back over here, rip it around yeah. This thing is flying really really nice. I am very surprised, i mean surprised and not surprised. I guess, but this is nice, it i mean its so cool because it just looks like a bird up in the air uh. If you can see it right now, let me fly it to the side and look at that. I mean if you, if you didnt, know and its nice and quiet so pretty cool, look at that currently in sport mode, so it should be kind of whippy and look at that if i just go around Applause, Music Applause and thats, just a couple clips of Me free flying, like i said i wasnt able to get a proper flight in to do a comparison, because some other stuff happened, but just wanted to show you what the image looked like out of camera and, overall, pretty good. I mean its. Not you know the best as far as dynamic range goes, but pretty decent.

Considering the camera size, like, i said, im putting it up more against the mini mini cameras. So with that said, i think its not that bad stability, it looked pretty good up in the air. I didnt see much like crazy vibrations. Actually, i didnt see the vibrations like i had with the hubsan uh. You would see a lot of vibration in there. So, overall, i think just free flying the footage, looks pretty good for whats expected out of a smaller camera like this, and the one thing thats great is that the v copper falcon does have obsolete voids here on the front, as well as on the bottom uh Heres a couple clips of me just doing some close range testing as far as the obstacle avoidance on here to show you that it actually does work with obstacle avoidance on its on right now and im in manual mode, and i it says obstacle is detected ahead. So if i actually go forward im actually pushing forward on my right stick and it is not moving, so let me go back a little bit. Let me actually put this here and im gon na fly towards me and just see if it will detect me so im actually going forward right now and its not even working. So let me move it over here. There you go okay, so the optical blades is working its uh distance away its pretty good its like about 15 20 feet away from me, and the obstacle to buoyance is actually sensing me.

So let me come back around to the camera. Lets see that if i go towards you lets go to the side because theres no optical points on the side so lets go this way. Music. All right lets go towards the camera and see if itll read the camera yeah obstacle volumes is actually stopping because of the camera. So let me actually turn it off turn off obstacle. Boards turn it off, and now it should be free to fly there. You go so its free to fly now, but obstacle avoidance is there and its working as far as just some basic ones. I will probably, of course, test it some trees and things like that. But at least you know it does work theres a couple sensors on the very front and a couple on the bottom Applause. Now that i know obstacle avoidance does work. The next thing i saw in the app it was able to do is follow me. So i switched it over into omni, follow and wanted to test out to see if this would actually follow me when i walked around. So as i was testing out the omni follow, i saw that it was working fine. It was uh selecting my subject, which was me and, of course, in an open area. It was following me now when i did want to test it out a little bit more, and i you know in my mind, i knew obstacle. Avoidance does work, so i wanted to see how well it would do just if i walked through an area where theres smaller trees, and this is where the crash actually happened.

While i was walking through the trees, i saw that the v copter pulled up to the leaves and actually kind of slowed down. So in my mind i thought it was automatically turned on. I thought the obstacle avoidance was automatically on when i switch it over to omni follow mode and then once i took a couple steps back and then the drone kept following me: thats when it hit the branch and actually took a full tumble. Now the drone didnt break when it hit the tree, it actually broke when it came tumbling down and hit the ground itself, and the reason why it crashed, of course, is that obstacle avoidance was actually disabled because i disabled it when i was testing it on my Previous flight, when i was doing that close range obstacle avoidance test, so i cant really blame v copter for that. But there are some things that i think could have eliminated that or at least notified me that things switched up, that i wasnt in obstacle avoidance, because i was so used to some of the other drones like the dji ones, giving you an alert, giving you a Notification giving you some sort of icon indicator in the ui of the app that obstacle avoidance is on or off in order for you to turn obstacle avoidance on or off, you have to go into the menu and then turn it on or turn it off. So when youre flying the drone, there is no icon, like you would normally see on something like the dji fly up, you would see that little red obstacle avoidance icon on the left, as well as on the top, and if the obstacle avoidance is off, then itll Be red itll show you visibly there on the actual app that it is nice and red letting you know there is no obstacle avoidance on and in the ui of the vcopter app there is no icon.

There is no obstacle avoidance icon to. Let me know its either on or off theres, just not even an icon there to show me that obstacle avoidance is even there. So, of course, i assumed that when i switched it to omni follow mode, which is the follow me function, that the obstacle avoidance by default would turn on in order for you to have a safer flight. But after speaking and hearing from zero, zero robotics that obstacle avoidance does not work in omni follow mode, of course its a little too late. But it was interesting to hear that the optical voice, isnt on when youre doing the omni follow, and that was just one thing that i think flying and kind of being spoiled by the dji system that you would assume one it would be on two. I would be notified on the app that it was on or off and three that it is part of it, because thats why you would want obstacle avoidance to have the ability to dodge obstacles dodge things that are in your way, while its following you. So, while the same time, you know i cant just necessarily blame the ui for not having it in there, even though they did mention to me that in an upcoming firmware, they are going to be putting that icon and that warning in the system so that the User, the operator like myself, will know that its either on or off now, unfortunately, the firmware is a little late for me.

I already crashed it, but its really good to hear zero. Zero robotics know that that exists, hear my story and also make adjustments around that. Also, another thing i noted to them was that i didnt have any manual controls when it comes to photo or video. As far as changing your iso changing your shutter speed, they also said that in a future firmware update, i believe in december the same one, probably that theyre going to now put the obstacle avoidance icon on the ui. They also say that they should be able to add in the manual controls for photo and video and as well as photos right now. It only shoots in jpeg and of course i would love jpeg and raw. They did say in a future update as well. Probably in the december one that theyre supposed to add in the raw capability, so this isnt like a full review of the copter because of what happened. But just my initial impressions, first and foremost, like i said, build quality flight stability, the the the video that came out of it everything looks solid. The uniqueness of the drone, i think, is definitely the the biggest selling point of it price wise. It is pricey for the specs you get. Of course you can get a you know more, affordable drone like the mini or even the air 2s. At this point you are really buying into. I think one flight time which i still need to test, but i think its just the uniqueness of the drone that is is kind of setting that price up a little bit higher.

The one thing i did like about it is that when this thing is up in the air, it actually does look like a bird, so you probably can get away with flying it and people not really thinking its an actual drone. They did request for me to send this back to them, because they do want to pull the flight logs off of it and make sure that theres nothing else that might be wrong so hopefully ill be able to get a replacement for it to do a full Review on it, but i just wanted to give you guys a little insight of what happened with my v copter. If zero zero sends me a replacement one to do a full review, i will definitely put this a little bit more testing against the other drones on the market and reporting back to you guys with all of those side by side comparisons. So with that said, make sure you guys are subscribed to the channel if you guys want to see some future updates with what happened here as well as, hopefully i get a replacement to do a full review, so i can provide you guys a little bit more Context around how well and how good the quality is on the v copter here shout out again to epidemic sound for sponsoring this video and, of course, if you guys got some value from this video, a big like could be much appreciated. Also dont forget to subscribe.

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