This is just so cool it really just it’s. So good, hey guys me david and welcome back to another lego, star wars review. Today we have the imperial probe droid fresh off the press with set number being 75306 it’s, an 18 plus adult collector set, and it will have 683 pieces. The set will retail for 60 us dollars and should be released on april 26th. 2021. If i’m right. So this is a set that we kind of knew about from you know, text based rumors over the last couple months. We had no idea what it looked like up until now, and i got ta say off my first impressions, just looking at this box i’m pretty impressed with it it’s way better than i had anticipated uh, i kind of imagined a black pro droid, like probably many Of you, a lot of you probably thought the pro joy was more black than gray, but you know what i think gray was the right choice, because this looks really good on the black backdrop right here now. This set was provided by lego, hence the not for sale sticker, but that doesn’t mean a positive review i’m going to review it as if this is a set. I just bought and that’s what we’re gon na do so let’s go ahead and see what the probe droid offers guys. Wow i’m very very impressed with this set much more than i had ever anticipated to be, and it was a great build.

I have to say: building the probe droid you’d think it might be a little monotonous with all those arms and the weird techniques, but i found it to be a very fun and enjoyable builds. I felt like i was: building hoth from empire strikes back and that’s a very good thing. I also have to say the techniques they used are some techniques that i really really wish. I used for my kashyyyk moc, specifically the way they have the uh slopes in a in a 360 degree circle for the probe droid. That was a technique. I was always experimenting with when i was building kashyyyk um for different, like wookie towers and stuff, like that. So it’s really cool to see like actual lego designers, come up with really good solutions for these type of things that come up in lego, star wars. So that makes me really happy is when i build something hey. I learned something new that’s, something you’ll definitely find quite a bit in this set, which is really really nice. Now, if we take a look at the actual probe droid first off, it does have a 360 degree head, so that head will fully articulate all the way around which is really cool. So you can get different directions or different. You know viewpoints of the head there’s a lot of different eyes on the probe droid, so you can kind of turn it whatever way you want. As for the arms below, i believe there’s, seven or eight of them, i want to say seven and they’re all poseable in some different way.

They don’t all just move, but some are kind of stuck in one position, but you can kind of turn them around. Some can move in different directions: some even have a little piston attached to them with a little claw, for example, so it’s pretty fun. You can definitely you know, experiment with how you want to present that i think lego did a really good job, something else. That’S really cool is they included the bb8 head and a new color being dark gray. I think that was a nice little tidbit inclusion uh. I believe this year, we’ve also gotten some new colors of that bb8, head and other sets, but it’s really cool to see it in dark gray and this set. I know a lot of lego, star wars. Builders will love using that piece for other mock building purposes, but yeah a lot of great details. Coloring looks great. The hoth part looks great. I love how they integrated the plaque. Just job well done lego. After building this set and seeing it in person, dark gray was definitely the way to go now. If you go back to empire strikes back and you really look at that haa scene, where the probe droid enters. It definitely skews dark gray more than it does black. Because of the kind of the reflections of the light and things you could go either way you could make this black. You can make this dark gray. I’M glad they went the dark, gray you’re out because it really does stand out in a really unique way.

If you had made this entire thing black, i think you would lose a lot of the details that are here so it’s a great combination of black. A little bit of translucent orange here and there and of course, a lot of dark gray, and i think it really turned out so well by building this like little snow platform and integrating the plaque here. This was such a great idea now. I know this is like the first like buildable droid, without a minifigure off the on the side, but i think they made up for that with you know, including the plaque and doing something very unique down here: i’m, not really upset that we didn’t get a minifigure Of the probe droid, even if we did it would just be another little micro build it. Wouldn’T have been like a special new mold they’ve, never done that before and i wouldn’t have expected if they threw a minifigure into this, that they would do that anyway. So not a big deal from my perspective, but maybe you feel indifferent about that, regardless. I still think what you’re getting here is a fair value for sixty dollars. I think it looks really really nice. I love again what they did with the plaque. This is just so cool it really just it’s, so good it’s, so good. It works so well. Also, if you’re ever gon na build a hothmoc the terrain here, the the pieces and stuff that they’re using is really really good.

I think you could easily kind of copy this. You know just get a whole bunch of these type of slopes that they used here and a little bit of dark gray for rocks and make a beautiful hot monk just using these kind of techniques they used here. So great inspiration for a hot monk here on just the bottom area i mean overall, i think the pro droid is just really neat. Looking and i’m just really surprised how much i actually liked it. I wasn’t looking forward to it based off the rumors and now that we have it – and i have it here in person – i’ve built it it’s a great set, i don’t think, can go wrong with this it’s going to look great with all your other buildable figures. Like bba, you know grogu it’s up to you guys, i will leave a link down to where you can buy this set. It is an affiliate link, helps out the channel out of this wave that we’re getting here in the spring of 2021. This is launching against the scout trooper and darth vader helmet. If i had to pick one set out of the three, i would probably choose the darth vader personally that’s, just because i’m, a darth vader fanboy, but if it was my second choice, i’d, probably go to the pro droid. I still think this is a great set. If you can buy all three, you know: do it i’ll leave links for all those sets down below? Let me know what you guys.

Think of the probe. Droid did this, you know meet your expectations. Did it blow your expectations away? I am very curious to see what you guys have to say down below. If you want to see. Also, all those helmet collection sets compared i’ve got a video coming up for that, so hit the subscribe button. A little notification as well – and let me know what you guys have to say as well down in the comments while you’re at it hope you guys have a great wonderful day.