Take a look at set number 76195 spider, mans drone duel. It contains 198 pieces and released in late 2021 uh as part of the spider man away home set lineup and it retails for 19.99 usd 24.99 canadian and 1999 euros. This set contains two minifigures and uh. According to the box is inspired by marvel studios, spider man homecoming taking a look at this side build. First, we have the vulture uh with his vulture wings um. I want to get this out of the way right off the bat i really dislike. The turbine builds. It just its in the way in terms like when you display it. Like you, cant even stand up properly. It seems way too oversized uh in terms like the wings. It just feels like it was attached on there and said yeah. This is good enough uh. I i personally like the older one better, just from looking at the images i dont know just my own thoughts. I guess, but like you can kind of adjust the turbines that far like not much you can do. I mean like again. Why would you want to be able to pose the turbines? These just seem way too oversized. There are a bunch of stickers used in this build, as you can see right here, all the details right there are using stickers, but in terms of posability you can close that far can go backwards that far and for the feathers uh you can close them like That but keep in mind that cant happen where itll pop off uh and same thing goes for putting it back, say thats about as far as it can go.

Uh you can can get into some weird interesting poses, make it look like its flapping, its wings or whatever works for you on the back of it, not much detailing. Besides that uh stickered nexonites shield piece and you can remove the jetpack off of the vulture, like so thats. What that looks like uh. He just uses that translucent neck bracket, but yeah lets have a look at the main build now. So here we have the spider man drone uh. This build quite impressive for the piece count i would say: uh you got the little propellers like overall uh. You could probably hook this up and make it into looking like a real drone like it definitely captures that regular sized drone look, however, for a minifigure scale, definitely a bit large. I dont think this is going to be anything specific shown in the movies. It just seems like something: lego came up with themselves for the detailing again they use stickers all throughout the build, as you can see here so thats all right, i guess i do like the black and gold color scheme. It does look pretty nice now to have access to the minifigure. You just flip this down and boom. You can see that spider mans already piloting the vehicle and he just sits in there using those two studs right there and that can be closed back up for whatever use. There are also some stud shooters at the top there and to fire those you just push down and it will shoot out like so now.

One thing that can be kind of annoying id say: is this little string, piece or webbing whatever that you want to call it? Gold, webbing, uh and thats mainly used for you to take spider man with uh, the included built web piece, and just basically, you attach him to the bottom of this, like so, and its kind of made to look like yo hes flying hanging on to the drone. While attacking or whatever so kind of interesting play choice, it can get a bit annoying having it loose there. So if youre wanting to have it just sitting on a shelf, i recommend taking this lifting it up a little wrapping it around right here, and it can connect to that piece right here and you just its kind of out of the way its an ugly way Of getting it out of the way, but its technically a way of storing it uh anyway, speaking of storage, if you flip up the back end here, you can see that theres a little drawer built in or storage compartment, and you flip that down – and there is A little spider, techno spider guy that you can pop out so thats a cool, little detail or play feature. So and of course, when youre done with it, you can just simply shove it back in there uh. It does take a little bit of fiddling with close the compartment and youre good to go so yeah, not much else to say about this drone build other than uh pretty decent.

Looking build so yeah with that information on the way lets have a look at the minifigures. So here we have the two minifigures included in this set on the left. We have spider man in his black and gold suit, which looks alright. I definitely like the amount of detail used in it, but if im being completely honest, im, not sure if anyone else has made this observation with the minifigure. But it really looks like somebody turned the black and red suit inside out or just one of his spider suits inside out. It just looks like that kind of detailing could just be me, i dont know um but yeah, although otherwise it looks like a pretty cool suit. I guess uh moving on to vulture now uh, definitely a different design compared to the one shown or released for the homecoming version uh. Now he does have a stolen gem and a stud shooter uh as his accessories, which are interesting choices for the stud shooter uh. No claws, i kind of wish there would have been like i dont know, maybe even using the roller skates would have been a good part usage for a stand in for claws. I think, but removing all of his uh helmets and accessories and whatnot. We are able to see a better look at the facial print and uh, my goodness that is a terrifying facial print and it gets worse, uh well, maybe a little bit better.

But on the opposite side, it kind of shows that, like the goggles are removed, and you can see his face a bit better, i dont like this. I dont like that facial print whatsoever. I wish that there just would have been a regular face printed on there. Uh, it just seems a little bit ugly, but you can kind of see there is some back torso printing kind of looks like a little backpack of sorts, which makes sense um. Now, if youre wondering what does vulture look like with that mask piece on with this alternate head thats, what it looks like uh, even putting on the helmet, you can see it a bit better. I mean like it just it just looks like a regular pilot honestly with that facial print, when you put it like that, so id say the alternate face is much better to have that in, but overall, just a weird facial print, taking a quick flip through the Instructions you have the box art along with that qr code. If youre wanting to build the set digitally – and there are an advert – has been at the front there for that uh, nothing too special with the instructions worth pointing out, i would say uh and going all the way to the back. You can see how that looks. You do have some advertisements for some of the infinity saga marvel sets, and then you just go straight to the parts listing and then the win at the back now in terms of extra parts id say you do get a decent amount.

Most of it is the extra webbing in gold, but still i think that this is probably going to be an exclusive piece just to this set to have those webbing in gold, but yeah thats. What i got in my copy of the set for extra parts overall id say this is a pretty mess set. I mean, like the vulture, is a pretty disappointing, build in my opinion, uh, mainly just with the inconsistencies of it plus the minifigure doesnt, look anything cool. I, like the original one, better uh spider, drone, its an all right, build uh. Definitely you can have some fun with that, but i dont know its a drone literally a brick built drone, uh and then like this is probably the only way you can get your hands on that black and gold suit of spider man, but yeah id say. If you really want to pick up this set just for those figures or just the build go for it, but its its an all right, build, especially for the price youre, paying id say, um, but yeah anyway, thats more or less my thoughts. Let me know yours in the comment section down below if you enjoyed this review, consider leaving like subscribe if youre new to the channel hit that bell notification itd be very much appreciated and uh yeah again. Thank you. So much for watching and ill see you all in a future.