Its called spider man, vs mysterio drone attack its set seven six, one, eight four: it comes in 73 pieces, its a junior set, and it comes with three minifigures: the black and red spider man suit, nick fury and mr new mysterio and yeah um. I also really love the art. Of course, i, like the art, looks really nice. I love the spider man suit, like the new iron spider suit, and the only reason why i got this was just because of these two minifigures thats really about it. So yeah. Also, nice spider man emblem and yeah i hit the back. You know whats it easy to learn easy to build. Oh thats, simple, simple, simple um, and here we have the two books i checked. I dont think there was any advertisements when i first saw it. I dont think there was no all right so yeah so now lets go on to the minifigures lets start off with the black and red spider man suit. Here we have the black and red spider man suit, and this suit weve been waiting for. So so so long from lego to get and finally we got it and it does not disappoint. This minifigure is really really nice. I just really like it like. I just i dont know why i just really really like it. I also like the new uh spider man mask they give us. I think this is probably the best spider mans mask weve got in lego and i just really love the light.

Printing. The torch print all looks really really nice. I also like the white spider man. Album thats also really really accurate as well and yeah its a little bit weird that we didnt get armpit for this one. I mean i kind of wish that we got it, but at the same time it doesnt bother me that much, but i kind of wish we got that as well, so yeah amazing minifigure. I i just really really really like it. It also come with this. So oops oops that this is how its supposed to be so you connect it and boom there you go, but for now ill just have like this also lets, compare it to a custom, a custom made thats right. I mean a custom black and red spider. Man. 2, oh my god, so i think i did this during quarantine last year, and i was just i just wanted a black and red so badly, because lego didnt give us any so i just took us. I just took a blue and red spider man suit. I already had – and i just got the blue parts black, but then i realized that at the movie the album is white, so yeah yeah, so yeah and also like you can tell the news the new spider man face. This looks a lot nicer and in my opinion, of course, so yeah and you can also tell us – you could still see a lot of blue left blue, so yeah pretty bad custom, but like thats, just one black and red too thats.

What i mean by one by myself so yeah, like i said, an amazing minifigure, nine nine point: five out of ten. Next, we have the new mysterio, and this mean, if youre i, when i first heard it i was like. Why would why did i make the new mysterio when we already had an amazing one from the far from homestead, but then i realized, oh yeah, that one that we got from home far from home, wasnt really accurate. This one is really really accurate, though heck its pretty much taking right away from the medium, so that why not compare so here we have the original fiber hemisphere, and here we have the uh new one that we got and see. Lets compare so yeah this one. Like in the movie, mysterious torso is basically all gold, and this one was lacking a lot a lot of gold. I had gold, it just didnt really have that much it like a little bit. Well, this one its basically all gold now and it looks a lot a lot nicer, its more accurate and all that, like even the leg, pretty, is a little bit different, its a little bit tweaked as you can see, theres like a its like its like a Little bit different, you know some gold on in and it just looks a lot nicer like i said, like i remember thinking, it was unnecessary to make another mystery minifigure, but i think lego did a lot better and yeah.

I didnt even know. I didnt think we needed another one, but im not really really glad we got one so yeah in the back print. Of course you can see this ones, just all all gold, and this ones, of course, basically its, not gold. I mean this gold, not that much though, and im im not sure. I think i, like the blue, dome more than the gray one. I i think yeah i think now i made up my mind. I, like the blue one. Now i just wish that they gave them this mysterio, these power blasts and green. That would have been so so cool, so cool and yeah im not really sure. If i like these new these new capes, they just feel a bit too small. You know i i kind of like these. You know a little bit more and thats in my opinion, though so yeah so thats mysterio nine out of ten, we have nick fury and im not going to spend too much time on this one because we know weve already gotten it in other sets. I remember this used this thing used to be exclusive to just that: star tech, uh that start playing set and thats its appearance. So many more sets so like say its its im, not saying its bad, like this minifigure is amazing. Its super accurate to have link for your looks, and it looks really really good. I love the taurus spring like pretty raw.

It looks so good as well its just that what once a minifigure appears so many sets. It gets tired, even though how good it looks. So yeah, i said nice, nice, minifigure, im just kind of tired of getting this in so many sets so yeah. So as thats the minifigures now lets go on to the build. So here we have uh the car. The police car, i think or when nick fair is driving and it just very very easy to build it. It yeah, i said its a four. Its a junior set im, not gon na, spend too much time its just a just nice junior police car – and this is just this – is just a nice junior drone. Listen so yeah like theyre, really really bland and really bad builds but, like i said, the junior set, so i cant really say that much. I cant really say that much about it because you know the junior set so yeah. That is it, so that is it for today, guys like i said, i really. The only reason why i bought this set was for these two minifigures. If these minifigures really whats worth this, actually no dude, these minifigures are really what makes up these sets. Really. I just wish this wasnt twenty dollars, because it being playing dollars really really got me mad, so yeah. I wish it was fifteen dollars, but anyway thats it for today guys and ill see you guys on oops oops.