So of course you get spooderman, but black spooner man, which looks great like look at these details. He got even arm printing and yeah. This figure looks great 9 out of 10. yeah. So enough about spooderman, so here we go vulture scary person and he got a stud shooter one of the most scary guns in lego. You can shoot your siblings eye out its pretty great ill. Try it myself, he can like fly and stuff. He has some like yeah great detail. Basically here we got spoodermans drone um, which can fly also, so it has this like string thing here that spooderman can hold on to so yeah. You can like hold on to this thing and like shoot golden web, which is really cool, you get like a bunch of these golden web stuff, which wow pretty dope and uh. Of course, you could put the figure inside so yeah, Music and yeah, and you can like fight off vulturing like ho ho ho im gon na steal, all your diamonds and hes like no, you cant, because i have a scooter, copter and now im gon na kill. You with my wings thing and then he can spin hes like oh, you can like spin like a beyblade uh, so yeah. I definitely recommend to buy this like this side is good. It has good figures and stuff, and this booter copter is pretty great yeah. Oh yeah, one more thing Music and he can like poop this.