Man. Uh norway, home set well its no way home, but it says its based on uh far from home, and this is the spider man. Vs mysterio drone attack set 76184 um, so yeah. This is a four plus set. So its not very, this is not very complex and should be pretty easy to build its got three minifigures spider man, nick fury and mysterio, and see this box is a little beat up and stuff. But you can see a one to one scale: picture of spider. Man there and on the back here you can see theres quite a few gadgets that come with the set theres uh a drone like one of mysterious drones, theres a car for nick fury and all uh pretty easy to build so yeah uh lets see whats inside The box i can assume it would be a set Music okay. So in the box we have two bags and two instruction books as well as this one piece which im pretty sure is for the car. As you can see there, there are hardly any parts, so it should be a pretty easy build, so yeah lets get into the time lapse, build Music, so there we have it guys. This set is finished so now lets get into the review. So the build for the drone, like everything else in this set, is very simple, uh, yet very good. So its obviously you know four plus sets so its meant to be a simple design, and it is very simple, very easy to build you.

Can you probably even look at it and figure out how to build it without even um, without even needing the instructions, its that simple but um its? So its really good? For you know four plus um, you know people, you know young kids, just sort of starting out uh building um but yeah its a really good build and it looks very accurate to the drones from the movie and it does have this play feature. So you can actually uh shoot these little green discs out of it. So you just put them in this slot at the back and ive, never actually seen a launcher like this um before so its pretty cool, put it in the back and you just sort of push it, you get it and then you can just sort of push It out – and it comes with three of these this, so you can do that uh yeah, so its pretty cool um. It does have this little printed piece at the front, and i do i also like how theyve got the um. The guns here that arent play guns that actually look a bit more realistic to the actual guns, as well as the play feature, because i know a lot of sets. Um just have the play features now so its good that theyve got the actual, realistic, looking guns there, as well as the the play feature so yeah thats, basically it for the drone uh. Now we can move on to nick furys car so ill.

Just take nick fury out of it, so you guys can see it a bit better. Um hes got the this car first off. Hes got these hooks on it, which can hold nick furys guns, so you can either have the guns there or in his hands um. So thats pretty good. You can keep the guns there, which i i kind of like, because usually i like to have the the guns on the build, not not all the time the characters loaded up with all their accessories um. As you can see, the cars are very, very simple, build just like the drone, so theres the the steering wheel and and this entire bottom piece. So, as you saw before, this is all one piece, this uh dark gray thing at the bottom, so it was a very simple, build and uh. You know very easy, for you know four plus, because its made for younger people than usual um but yeah. It is a pretty good, build uh, its got. You know hooks at the back like uh. I guess you can get um when you get spiderman to hang on at the back or whatever you know like theres, a lot of uh hooks. You know theres theres uh, a lot of um different uh potential theres a lot of potential theres. A lot of different potential play. Uh features with this um yeah, so theres, a nice printed piece at the front as well all round solid, build very simple but looks good and um does a pretty good job in this set.

So now id like to quickly go over the instructions. Now, theres two instructions to this theres uh, one for the the drone and theres one for the car. I would have liked it probably more if there was just one instruction manual for both of them, but its okay um, as you can see, theyre very easy to follow compared to normal sets. So theyve got theyve got in every single page. Theyve got one side for all the parts you need and then another side which is showing them putting on the main, build so uh see on this side. Weve got um, you know the string and then it shows the string being attached. So its just its very simple ill get to the actual build and it it outlines the pieces when they put on the build so its much easier to actually find them. So its a uh, its a much easier instruction manual to follow and um its better designed for for four plus, you know younger kids, so yeah. So those are the two instructions. Theyre pretty you know, theyre, pretty simple easy to follow for the simple builds. Also, another thing worth mentioning is because it was such a simple build there werent many little pieces, so there were basically no spare parts left over, which i found really really good, because a lot of the time theres all those little studs left over from each thing And um the only thing left over was this extra little jewel and aside from that, there were no spare pieces, and this is a pretty cool spare piece to have so very good in that in that aspect.

So you know not many loose pieces lying around. So now lets take a look at some of the minifigs, so the first minifig we have here is spider man. This is his suit from far from home, but also uh his suit that he wears at the start of nowhere home its the black and red one. Its very cool i, i love the design, size, um, sort of long overdue, because i didnt make a minifig of this suit um two years ago for um, far from home, so its pretty good to see uh lego finally, making one now, as you can see its Very highly detailed, its got the dual moulded legs, uh and printing on the legs, torso um and head, and, as you can see, uh, which is different to the other spider man minifigures lego has made in the past. The uh mask has actually got these. Uh has actually got shading sort of in the uh in the lenses which is pretty cool but yeah, all in all, a very good spider man, minifig and pretty good to have in this set. He also comes with this accessory, like this uh, this string uh webs with um webs with this like bigger web on the end, so you can just sort of clip that onto spider mans hand very easy and you can have him sort of you know webbing up Whatever um so yeah thats thats the spider man minifigure next up, we have the mysterio minifigure, so he actually comes with two accessories.

He comes with this jewel um, not sure why maybe just to show hes stealing something or whatever committing crime im, not sure. If thats really accurate to the movie, though hes also got this uh. This control here, which has really got some nice uh printing on it, which is just sort of uh the con sort of showing the control for the the drones. I suppose so yeah pretty cool um, pretty cool control there, but yeah ill just take the accessories away. So you can see uh the minifigure a little better here, so this is actually a really cool, mysterious minifigure um, as you can see its got some really nice printing just to show mysterios armor there on the torso and the legs would have been nice to get Some printing on the side as well, but i guess you know you cant get too picky with a um with you know this with a cheap set like this um hes got a cape, its its a cape with only one hole in it, so it doesnt sort Of go around his shoulders, it just sort of goes out which i think is more accurate to the movie. So i kind of like it and hes also got this amazing helmet piece like all mysterio minifigs, so hes got the you know, sort of light blue head underneath and you put this thing on top and then that makes completes the look so yeah, as you can See its a pretty nice mysterio, minifig and yeah great great to have in this set also, i forgot to mention mysterio also has printing here on the back, which is a great inclusion.

Considering you cant even really see it because the capes there, but its just nice notes just there as well so yeah, so the third and final minifigure we have in this set is nick fury, so he comes with for accessories. Hes got these blasters here, not blasters, not star wars, theyre, sort of guns, um, but theyre odd, because theyve got you know like these glowy things on the end, so its more look like blasters um, so ill, just call them blasters, but yeah ill. Just take them away, so you can see nick fury a little better himself as you can see, uh pretty simple minifig um hes got you know the face printing, the eye patch. Obviously, the eye patch sort of stops its a bit awkward, but you know cant really print around here, but its nice. They continued it on the back. There um, as you can see, as were looking at the back hes, got some nice back printing here to show uh. You know the back of his trench. Coat and hes got the front. You can see it coming all the way down. Um hes got the shield logo in there and yeah, just a solid, nick fury, minifig and great, to see him also added to this set um to top it off with three minifigs, which is you know, a great number for a set of this price. Speaking of the price uh, this was like 33 australian dollars, which i think is like 20 us dollars around, that um, so yeah its its a pretty good price.

Considering you get three minifigs with it, so i definitely um. I definitely say its worth: it uh. As far as minifigs go, so thank you very much for watching. I hope you enjoyed this video. I hope you enjoyed the review um so yeah. I would. I think this is a pretty good set to pick up um price, its pretty pretty good. You get um pretty good, you get three minifigs with it, which is pretty good uh. You know pretty good for the price, so all in all, i would probably recommend this set its pretty good anyway, thanks very much for watching the video guys hope you enjoyed it. Um, if you did leave a like that, would be epic or subscribe to the channel, um and yeah.