Today we are looking at the brand new set loosely connected to spider. Man no way home, and this is actually set number seven. Six eight – and this is the spider man vs mysterious drone attack. This is actually a four plus set and is available for 1999 usd or 24.99 canadian. I was actually able to pick this set up early at walmart here in canada, thanks to my friend, sensei stealth, who again came in and helped me out getting these sets early, and i think that this is really cool. I think its interesting. It says on the box inspired by spider man far from home, so the fact that theyre going back to old movies and just bringing back some characters from that in suits from that. I think, is really really cool. Of course. Well, talk a little bit more about that when we look at the minifigures, but for a set this size, four plus and the figures, i think it might be a smidge over price, but it is licensed. It is marvel i completely understand, but these figures are really really great. So without further ado lets go ahead. Lets take a closer look at this set and here is the shield vehicle – and i guess its also just kind of like an unmarked car, which is fine, but it also has like some lights there on the top to make it be like a police car um. I think that it would have been cool if there was a shield logo printed on the front.

I definitely think that could have improved this a little more. I definitely think that its not necessarily lacking, but i just think that it could have made this small little build a little bit better, but the printing there on the front for the lights are pretty cool, as well as the front grille and yeah. I think that that is well might could have been a little better, a little smoother but again its four plus its fine. It works its pretty good on the back here, theres actually a spot. If you wanted to put furys uh little blasters or i guess they could also be like thrusters, if you wanted to or just guns going forward or to the back, you can flip them around different ways, but of course, on the inside theres, actually a little steering Wheel there and you could take fury and actually sit him on inside there to drive the car, and i guess on the back as well. You could have spider man just hanging on to the back going to a crime or something like that or just going to stop the stereo and, like i said before, this is actually a four plus set, so you could see here on the bottom. This is actually all one piece, these light gray axles. There are actually attached there, so you cant really remove them um, but for four plus its already assembled like that and again you cant remove them its like.

I dont know how its connected or anything like that. Its obviously not dual molded but um. It is definitely attached on the inside there and heres a four plus version of the drones from far from home, and i, i guess its fine uh. I definitely think that again, another use of a sticker or sorry more of a print because they dont do that in four plus sets, but definitely going to use something i do like how the transparent green is underneath that piece and it does look like a drone. I dont really have a problem with that its kind of interesting how hollow it is on the inside there. You do have a print there on that one by two tile, which is reused in a second youll see but uh you see in the back here. Its actually has a disk launcher so pushing on the back itll, actually launch out a green two by two round disc and theres, actually, three included in the set so one to store inside and two extra ones. So here is the new spider man suit and actually back with far from home. We never got this suit, so this is the first time were getting it the upgraded suit, and i love the suit in the movie and im so glad that we are getting it here and its in a cheaper set as well for people to go and get That so, i think thats really great.

It is really detailed. Like look at that, we have dual molded legs there with printing, which is not very common for marvel this year. They have really stepped it up, and i love the torso printing as well. Its really detailed with, like, i think, its just dark gray, but it also could be gunmetal grey. It doesnt really have a shine, so i think its just normal, but that head is actually used in the large spiderman no way homeset in the sanctum as well as it does appear in the minifigures series from what, if but spinning it around here on the back, You can see it does have some back head printing and it does have that white symbol on the back. There really really love that so detailed and i love how it carries over from the front there, but also included with this – is actually this giant web uh attached to the giant web string there. So you could have spider. Man shoot that at mysterio – and here is nick fury – and this is the exact same figure that we actually got from far from home and hes actually appeared a lot. Since then hes actually appeared in some of the avengers just normal sets. We got as well as the advent calendar from this year, but it is honestly the best and most detailed, nick fury we have ever gotten. I love the detail there on the face. Its even got some shine there on the eye patch, as well as with the torso.

I really love how it actually carries down and uses the palpatine robe pieces there for the legs. I love when that piece is used and integrated into different themes. He also comes with these two big blaster laser things, not quite sure why, but it is included and its yeah. I guess it its its here, not sure why again, maybe its shitari weapons that shields made or hydra i dont know on the back. You can actually see that hes got some back torso printing, as well as some printing on the back of the head, wish that lego did printing for all the way through the head, like itd, just be so much better. If the eye patch actually went all the way around – and here is the mysterio figure – this is brand new brand new torso, printing brand new leg. Printing amazing – really love this figure. I love the gold torso. I actually really prefer that i think to the old version. You can see that hes got this little walkie talkie with that same 1×2, tile, which is meant to represent, like a controller for the drones. He also comes with a red jewel for some reason, not quite sure why that is, but but removing the accessories. You get a better look at him here and he actually has the four plus cape, so it has that little arc there and less of the fabric on the neck. So i really appreciate that, and this fishbowl piece here in the glittery color looks incredible.

I love that in this color and underneath hes got a bright blue head, which is kind of interesting spinning it around here on the back to get a better look here at the back cape as well. As you also can see how detailed that back. Torso printing is well there, you have it everyone that is my review of the brand new spider man no way home spider man, vs, mysterious drone attack set, and i think that this is a pretty good set honestly for the value that youre getting. I think obviously, the biggest draws are these three figures getting nick fury in a cheap set, getting this really sought after suit that people have been waiting so long for since the last movie and uh. This new mysterio is a really great update. I think, as well. Very, very detailed, just like the old ones, but i think the gold torso just looks really incredible and the side builds theyre, four plus its a four plus set. I mean what are you really expecting, but i think that its its a pretty solid set – and i love the concept of going back to these old movies, so im a big fan of this for sure but anyways everyone. I would love to hear your thoughts on this set. Are you going to be picking this up on october, the 1st and as well as if you want to you, can actually check out my reviews for other marvel 2021 sets that weve looked at already on the channel, as well as theres, going to be some spider Man no way home reviews for the other sets that i will link at the end as well when those are up, but i hope you guys did enjoy this video and i hope you all have a great day.