So i guess im pretty excited to build this thing. So yeah im gon na go, build it and ill be right back so yeah the set is now finished um. It actually looks alright. Now, okay, first of all, were going to take a look at the minifigures. So here is the spider man minifigure and, as you can see, this is the black and gold suit version of him from the new movie um. Really nice, minifigure, um, yeah, really nice printing. He does have um arm printing, as you can see, which is a little bit um strange, because the other two spider man minifigures from the other, sets the other two sets. The upgraded suit and integrated suit. Didnt have arm printing, even though they definitely should have and well its a little strange that this one has on printing but the other two dont uh heres. What the back of it looks like very cool um yeah is the other side um and back to the front uh. Really nice figure um. He does come with one accessory so yeah he comes with these um little web that hes shooting out of his website um. I guess its nice to get the those little these little web pieces in gold yeah its really nice um. He does come with, of course, the other word pieces that it usually comes with in gold, so you get all of these in gold, its nice. On sir, i honestly dont think he will be using gold webs in the movie.

I mean he might be using gold webs in the movie, but i really dont think he will be because i just think this is just a merchandising thing. You know, but anyway, thats just thats it for spider man, so lets move on to the vulture. So here is the vulture minifigure um, as you can see, um hes, a very nice looking minifigure its really nice to get an improved version of him from the homecoming sets, because this is definitely a much better looking version of him much more accurate to the movie. Um, you can lift this up. I might actually just you know, take his helmet and all that off, so you can see like underneath it but thats. The back looks like, but yeah ill just take all this gear off, so you can see it better. So that is what the back of the torso looks like as well um see i just put that coming off: uh heres, what the um front of him looks like you can see his mouth there and the uh he has an alternate face, which is his um Full mask opened up there, you can see his eyes and all that yeah uh, really nice, um, printing, oh yeah, i said nice to get an upgraded version of him. Far from home. No homecoming sets yeah uh ill. Show you what he looks like with his wings on and all that so yeah um. This is what his wings look like.

Um. You can move them around inwards and outwards there. Oh yeah um yeah. He has these little jet turbines, which you can move as well. You can also move these little parts on the top of the wings there um yeah, and also you move them on this side, of course, as well. Yep um theyre all stickers for these, which was yeah a little bit of a disappointment, but anyways not too bad. Like i dont really care to be honest with this stickers anyway, thats what it looks like it swings on from the back and yeah its also a sticker almost feels like theres, like literally no prints in this set. To be honest, its, like everything, is a min heres a sticker, so its like you cant, even stand him up with his wings thats just how humongous they are. So i have to end up angling them like that to stand them up, but yeah hes, a really nice minifigure um. He also comes with two other accessories, so yeah. He comes with this little stud shooter gun, which is supposed to represent that gun thing that he did have in the movie as well as this purple diamond, because he was stealing like the chitori tech to build his weapons um. So i think thats what thats supposed to be um but yeah thats, clearly the gun he had in the movie, just a stud shooter, um yeah. You already know how stud shooters work, so i wont bother demonstrating for you and probably going to end up losing the start anyway, but anyway you do get a another spare one in case you do lose it, but yeah thats it for the vulture.

So lets move on to the build of the set so yeah this build of the set. Is this giant like black and gold drone that kind of resembles a spider? You know, if you look at it like that, you can see it kind of well. I didnt actually notice that it looked like it was supposed to resemble a spider until i was kind of building it um because it doesnt really look like it on the box. Anyway, you get these little propellers on each one of these little spider leg. Things um got stud shooters there i wont demonstrate it because you probably know sticker of the spider man logo there because, as i said, theres pretty much no prints in the set everythings a sticker. These stickers, on the back here, um stickers there for these little on the legs there on each one of them, uh, stick it on the front. The camera can focus on that um. There you go um. This is a nice piece, its kind of like a chrome gold, which is the little cockpit uh which you can put spider man in just hold up a second, so yeah thats. What it looks like with spider man in the cockpit um close it up and have him say that hes driving or flying the drone, sorry um, but you can also uh put him on this gold thing, which is supposed to be his web line. Oh looks like so you can have him holding onto that little gold web line there.

You can lift up the drone and say hes swinging on it, while the drone drone flies around and hes yeah its pretty cool its just attached. To that little thing on the back: there yep its pretty cool, also on the back. If you lift this thing up and then you and that you can see if i can actually just get it out here, yeah, you can theres a little spider drone in there. Uh, its a pretty cool piece to be honest: yeah um, so you just put it back in there. Um hold up a second, so im gon na walk its kind of a tight fit in there. Okay, there you go um anyway, so thats that part of it um um. I mean yeah thats. What the bottom of it looks like. I guess, if you just wanted to see that anyway, so yeah um, it really um. I guess its all right. Looking drawing builds of course, uh yeah, so yeah thats pretty much it thats. All i have to say about it. So here are the instructions see you just have this thing on the front: yeah aint too special and again on the back like in the um sanctum set um theyre advertising, the infinity saga sets hold up there see, but again i just find it really weird how Theyre advertising the infinity star sagas heads which is tanya but uh theyre, not advertising the other no way home sets so its just a little strange and yep back its the usual back of the instructions, of course yeah and thats it for the instructions.

So that is it for this review of the lego spider man no way home spider, mans drone jill, yeah overall yeah. This is an all right, build for the drone uh yeah. Well. To be honest, this is probably my least favorite out of the three spider man. No way home sets because well i mean first of all, this is supposed to be inspired by spider man homecoming, but thats only just saying that, because vultures here um other than that uh, i mean, of course i dont actually think hes gon na be using this Drone in the movie, um and yeah lego is known uh for coming up with some random vehicles for spider man in the past, except this is one of the only times ive ever done it for a movie um, except for that one in 2004 for spider man, 2, which we dont really talk about, but yeah other than that you do get these two really cool, minifigures, very nice upgraded version of the vulture as well as this black and gold suit spider man. So i guess i recommend it if you really want those figures. Those are some really awesome figures. There um yeah really nice to get, but i guess thats pretty much it. So. Thank you guys so much for watching this. Video.