Sorry, so were just going to be taking a look at the homecoming far from home monstrosity. This is spider. Mans drone duel with 198 pieces and two minifigures retailing for 20 in the united states lets take a look at those figures. We have an exclusive spider man suit in the set. This is an outfit that does appear in the new movie, at least theres funko. Pops of it, but this is a spider man homecoming set, so they just kind of i guess – ruin the accuracy by putting this in its not like a big deal at all, because weve gone spider. Man homecoming figures before for spider man, so its really cool to get this figure in such a cheap set, because i really like the gold thats going on here, including pearl gold hands using some nice side, arm, printing and some torso printing and face printing at the Back another unique aspect of the set is inclusion of those traditional web pieces in pearl gold designs, thats interesting. I havent seen it in that color before, where you get some more variants of those pieces. Some of them can be attached to vultures, build its actually part of the official build, but lets take a look at the vulture minifigure. So for the vulture minifigure, the build of the vultures wings is different from say, the previous homecoming vulture. We got this design using a bunch of stickers on these one by fours kind of wish.

That was just printed a bunch of times, but then they would have to do an inverted design, so i kind of get it and then theres some stickered shields and some sticker two by threes. This has a lot of posability as well, where each of these end talons are clipped on, so you can move them individually. There also. We have a miniature ball joint with this turbine here, so you can move this all around then theres a clip at the base. So you can flap that back and forth and the same pose ability is found on this other wing as well with those individual movements mini ball joint and that clip at the base and then at the very back of the vulture minifigure theres that stickered nexonite shield Piece as well and actually doesnt look bad from the back, even if it is the underside of some plates, and this is just connected to the vulture minifigure with that neck connection piece there, which all stripped down we have this stud shooter right here. You guys know how that works, uh, purple gem as well, and then some nice torso printing, which is a new exclusive torso print face print, but well take a closer look at that with the helmet removed, its actually really nice. Getting the visor piece in just a regular, clear, thats, the first time were getting that piece and that color also like getting that sky police little. I guess apparatus at the front there which connects at the neck, but with that part removed you get a better look at that front.

Torso printing, even the front face printing where they actually have a mouth design there thats cool the alternate face too, is pretty awesome. We have a better look at vulture and design. There is a little bit looking like michael keaton, so im glad that they finally have a vulture michael keaton, appearance, heck, theres, even more printing that was obscured by the helmet. This is an extremely detailed minifigure. I love it and then theres the main drone build which this spider drone is interesting, using gold and black as the color scheme, but it matches that minifigure its, not something i would have expected from a spider man vehicle and its nothing seen in homecoming. This is a original creation by lego, but i had to be honest, its not terrible. I was expecting to dislike this more knowing its a drone, but even with the official pictures. Something was interesting about it, so we got a lot of gold pieces here and they use two different golds. Unfortunately, pearl gold is the one thats primarily used. I kind of wish they just stuck to pearl gold, because this looks fantastic in latisse gold, but it just looks out of place with all the other pearl gold elements. Of course, preferred would have been all the elements in latis gold, but thats apparently hard to produce or something like that, but anyways that front area is a cockpit which you could open up and fit the spiderman minifigure sitting down its a pretty snug fit.

It even uses that part thats used a lot in the marvel mech sets that are 10 each january. You can see it in black at the front there and thats actually closed off with that. Next nice shield piece stickered on anyways spider red, is safe inside there, hes concealed pretty darn, well theres, also two stud shooters at the front dang. I think i lost those forever. We have some more stickers at each of these ends where theyre on those roof brick pieces, and i like how theres four propellers those are just fun to spin around, but for each of these ends, theyre all the same, build where they use this uh roof. Brick piece the vent piece and these ends in the pearl gold elements and theres a sticker in the middle and then two stickers found towards the back which this design is clipped on. So you can lift it open like that, and then theres this little box inside open it up and theres a little spider drone. This is a piece that has appeared in other themes before it actually appeared in quite a bit of monkey. Kid sets if im not mistaken, but its still an interesting design to get in such a cheap set, but finally putting this back into the drone closing up that back and then this hood part, you can see theres this attachment, which is just attached by this t, T piece – and this is just a string so that spider man could fly along with the drone, which honestly looks kind of ridiculous swooshing around, but its a lot of fun to play around with the only thing.

Thats. A shame is that this whole part spider man cant hold on to so he has to hold on to the ends of this part, because this is just too thin for a lego, minifigure hand. Anyways thats it for the build of the set lets. Take a look at the packaging and the final verdict, the box for the set is actually really nice. Looking like the colors just work. Well, i love that city background and i really do like these new marvel 2021 boxes, but anyways at the back. You can see some different shots of this set and, at the end of this theres, an advertisement showing off those infinity saga summer sets so overall, the spider man no way home homecoming drone duel that part. This is so ridiculous to me is a random set like this is just random, thrown together this big old drone thats black and gold, which you dont associate with spider man, but okay, the spider man, including this set, is a great figure that has that color scheme, Though the drone itself, its not the worst build, but its not great, like its its just weird ill put it in the middle there and then the vultures wings builds are, are pretty cool but its something that weve done many times before. I, like the new, updated vulture figure, which finally has some michael keaton in it, but with all things considered for a 20 set, i dont think this is a super strong marvel one, but its not terrible by any means it just kind of comes out as a Little bit above average to me, i think, especially because those minifigures id give it a 6 out of 10.