I am the master, welcome to another episode of legends and theories and im going to review the spider man. Drone tool set and lets take a look at the figures quickly: heres, the black and gold spider man is fairly detailed and unique. We havent seen a suit really like this before in lego, and then we have the vulture hes really cool. He has this kind of like flight mask on. I think that these goggles are kind of bulky and they should have used the older piece im really sure they still produce that and look at the back side. You can see kind of the jacket but ill take this all off for a minute, so you can get a better look at him and see his head printing so well pop. It all off lets take a look at the front side of his head. He just has an opening in the mask: the amateur is accurate and on the back, you could pop the on the mask fully popped off, so you can see his face in the back. You can see the back of the jacket and kind of a connection point for the wings and fully reassembling vulture well be able to take a look at him with his wings on after we take a quick look at the wings. So here are the wings vultures backflip attaches there, these just kind of move around pretty basic bend here and these also bend.

Looking at the back very simple at the back, i need to take vulture simply and clip them on like this, but i think he looks a lot better when you grab the original version of the vulture wings from homecoming pop that vulture off and take this one And simply clip him on getting a far more detailed vulture than you do in the other one, and i think the best thing to do is to ultimately well combine the two of these together. So you get the sticker detailed details from this one, combined with bigger size and more cool version of this, and at the back you could also probably swap these out ill either do a little messing around, and i think, if you take the two of these and Combine them into one, you can get a very cool design, but thats not to talk about right now. Lets go. Take a look at the final build of this set. I also feel like to take a quick look. These are the two vultures compared and looking at the final build. We have the spider drone, and this has a rope for well its, not even in the camera frame. Yet there we go there row four spidey to grab on to ill have to do is get his hand grip in there, yeah youre shooting a web. These can turn and then, if you have an annoying time, putting a spider man on there, its a lot easier to get them off, take spider man and open this hatch.

You have a small control center in here. You can take put spidey on close it up and have him fly. I have two statutors here going to the backside. If you pop this up and open this, i hope it doesnt happen. Again. You get a little spider drone and if you dont put this back in the right way and make sure it bounces, then this gets stuck underneath the disassembled entire set to get back to it. So be very careful how you put this back in and im gon na, do that right now, since im not gon na be looking through but yeah, you could do that close that back up, you could lower this a little. If you wanted to youre not probably supposed to and yeah its a its a decent build, it looks cool and i dont hope it had well. Eight limbs like a spider but still looks nice. Maybe these could have just been popping up both ways or theyre made a little thicker but yeah. I think this is a really nice set, definitely great for the figures. I definitely recommend getting it, and this is coming out about two weeks earlier than i was initially thinking of two or three weeks, because im usually going to put this after a bunch of reviews. So i didnt have another one on this friday and yeah. So after this, we will also give a review coming out next week of the big, far from home set and then the week after ill be doing.

Reviews of the batman sets since ill be in the beginning of november 1st, and they should be in from shipping and finally, the week after that ill be reviewing moff gideons light cruiser so thats the lego plan for the next two weeks. Sorry about the jump cut there, someone started yelling, i need to cut out and yeah and i dont ignore the one i think in the far from home, video where i put in uh. I know my home one from next week where they put in a different plan, but i changed my mind. I just do this one this week so when that comes out im – probably not going to edit it out im – probably not forget, but ignore that and go to the one i said this week. I do hope you will enjoy and ill see you all. Next episode of legends and theories, thank you for watching this episode of legends and theories. Please subscribe, like the video share.