Cyber drone set uh. This set is 10 us dollars and it comes with one minifigure. This minifigure, this head was actually introduced in 1996, but it was like uh sort of like gray and they decided to reintroduce it um, but in like teal first setup is the cyber drone. Don’T know if that’s, actually what it’s called but that’s what i think it’s called cyber drone is pretty cool. As you can see, um it has a little cockpit there’s, some like ball joints for the hands. It has some guns on the side. This is the mecca. It has like a drill or gun arm. Then it has this thing to grab things it’s pretty small, but i kind of like it that way, because it doesn’t take too much space and you can put a lot of them. This one i’d say is probably my least favorite. The little speeder thing. Don’T know if it’s a speeder but that’s what it looks like to me and i’d say that’s. Why it’s my least favorite, because it’s kind of like a speeder without a lot of protection? In my opinion, and then you also have this space place that goes well with this set. I reviewed him in my first youtube: video uh, lego, minifigure, review um. You guys should go check that out. If you want to but i’d say what i’d do is i’d have a couple of these in the air and couple of these on the ground, with a lot of space place in the middle uh and that’s all for today’s video.