We’Re gon na have a good few videos um coming out over the next day or two of a big lego order that i did uh for some stop motion films, i’m gon na be doing so. I figured i would start off with this one uh this one set is gon na be broken up into three parts, because when most people review, you know the lego creator three in one sets they buy three of them um. I just have the one so i’ll do one review showing off the spare parts left from one model and talking about one model, another video talking about the second smallest model and what parts are left from there and how the actual model is, and then the third Video, probably the longer one um, with the the main build, which is what you see there highlighted on the box uh. We are using my new um lights that i got from stop motion they’re like proper photography lights. So there is going to be. I have two, but i only have one up right now, so there’s going to be a bit of an inconsistent shadow um, but either way i still think it looks a little bit better so getting into this set. It is my the lego creator, three in one. I don’t actually know what they called this set um, but it’s got a minifigure with it. You know most three in one sets: don’t have a minifigure in it, and this is my very first in one set i ever bought and it only cost a tenner or is it 11 on uh the lego stores, so yeah it’s, pretty good so getting onto the Minifigure there he is here’s our robot really good.

You know really good print on the chest. There um nice and shiny and metallic it kind of looks like the old space theme uh. You know that little symbol there on the chest, but it’s quite reflective there’s. Some printing there on the back and some very, very subtle print on his head there as well and then there’s his actual face, and that is on a trans, blue um, minifigure head and that just looks really really good. So that will be the this. Is the minifigure showing off for the whole three videos i’m, not going to be showing him off in every video other than putting him in the build? So speaking of the build, this is the smallest one that uses up the least amount of parrots and it’s. The little mech uh it’s kind of cute um when i seen it online. I i don’t know why i kind of thought it would be a little bit bigger than what it is um, but we got some good features. You know you got some good articulation there. Some ball joints little clippers here for it for his hands to to grab things uh. You have a little visor here that can come up and down. You can put the robot guy in there, so let’s just do that for the sake of showing it off there’s. No control console in there, so just imagine he’s like linked up with his head or something and he can just sit in there.

The legs don’t bend, but they can swivel around and spin, but they they they glide, just fine um and then on this arm. Here this one articulates and has like. Well, you can have this as anything. You can have there’s an attack, mech and that’s a cannon or you can have it as an exploration, mech and it’s a mining tool. You know it’s it’s up to yourself really um and that’s. Really all there is um, you don’t have to put the figure in there. You know you can pretend that this thing is the what’s powering it like that’s his his head up. There uh, you can just take this off if you wanted and just have that as the head and have it as an attack robot. I might do that for a film or something um, but it’s yeah it’s, a very small, very, very small thing um. This is the instruction manual anyway for it very, very, very thin and very small and the spare parts that you are left with. If you decided to just build this model, there is considering. This is the smallest model. There is a substantial amount, but i will just show you roughly if i can just get it into my hand. There we go. You are left with loads of tiles and transparent pieces and fins and technic bits and bobs and there’s just so much left um. If i just scoop that there we go there’s so much left from the mech, so if you decided you wanted to buy this just for the mech, you will have a substantial amount of pieces left um to you know, build what you like, and you know, use That for for custom parts but that’s it for the first part of this review, uh that is just the mech um.

I will probably try and cramp all of these three together into one long, video, if possible, i’m, not very good with computer stuff but that’s. The first review guys the next one we’re going to be reviewing the speeder and showing you what spare parts are left from that and what the model looks like itself.