Look at that spider man vulture, is pretty awesome. Looking as well but the spider man is incredible, so basically ive paid 17.99 for a kit just to get that spider man figure um. The set number is seven, six, one, nine five as 198 pieces thats about nine pence per piece and im in love with the new uh marvel packard that theyve started. Doing. I really really like that. Decal there but heres the little things one by one is the spider man fagin, because youve got a bit of the cartoon style, pacquiao not a great deal and then the back of the pack weve got the uh traditional action shot that they always seem to like Doing and then youve got just another two items, so youve got the drone and vulture here pretty neat looking set to be fair, it doesnt get much to impress me as we know. Is it bricks? Yes, im going to like it. I always let them get them, especially a gold one. All the webby bits are in gold. Oh three bikes, three, two one, oh my god, thats everything just prove it wiggle the box. Well, clap and hence the old guard. Look at all those stickers. I mean they are nicely printed, they are nice stickers and they will clearly add something to the belt, but yeah, not a big fan, not a big plop everything there. So it makes some sort of sense and lets have a quick flick through the booklet.

I got a nice action shot on the front, which is slightly different to the other shots which we like, and that confirms. We have three bags three bags of bricky goodness and you start off making vulture just a quick flick through. We dont need to look at every page and, of course, the big bit the draw itself is safe to last really, does i really do like the spider, aesthetic on it? It really does show on there. It doesnt show so much on the packard, so that was a nice surprise. I wasnt expecting that, but it makes sense because its spider man and then obviously well its got a bit of advertising at the back. So weve got its not the hulk buster, but i always want to call it that youve got black panther youve got the benatar emergency set, still need to get that and then your part list at the back again, because its so few pieces theres, no brick separator, Which is a bit of a shame. I would have liked one because i know im gon na need it. I always have an issue with these so yeah. There we go, that is the spider. Mans drone jewel set a couple of hundred pieces, so maybe half an oversaw building so ill go away, ill, get this belt and i will be back and ill. Let you know what i think of the bricky goodness on this set. This is a cracking little set.

Absolutely thrilled with it um so first off well, look at spidey himself, so youve got the black suit there and that is so detailed. I wish i had a much much better camera, so you could see all the detailing on this. So so youve got the front. Torso and leg print youve got arm prints, youve got the print on the back of the torso and then on the face. Obviously, youve just got the mask the spider mask for the head. That is just so incredibly neat really is and then put this in his hand, got the gold web there and youd have plenty of spares, so you can make additional gold webs, but that that figure is fantastic. I think its awesome um. You also get a tiny, tiny, teeny, tiny, cutie, wooty spider, which lives inside the drawer ill put it in the drawer in a minute but hes so cute. I presume its like a little grenade or something its yeah impressed with that. So first off. Well, do that put those there and take his helmet off, so this is vulture and its clearly stolen the gem. Some description really like the flight jacket is wearing there and then youve got face mask for the flight jacket and his head is just basically colored to be the helmet. But we do have two facial expressions which you can only see the grumpy one properly because pulling the head off is a pain because it doesnt really sit well because youve got two pieces on the neck.

Stud youve got the clear bit here and then obviously youve got the piece for the face mask and just about see, theres a rear print on the jacket there, but it is such a pain to pull it in beds. There we go get his face mask on. So thats the rocket figure, but of course he has his wings. So youve got the im going to say the engines. I know nothing about this particular character, but i do like that you can adjust these on the sides, because the way theyve been built and yeah theres a lot of stickerage, but it works well. The reason that bit is uninteresting from this side is he clips in like so so he can wear it like thisly justly and then on the back. Of course, you can fold these wings anywhere. You want, and you just got a little tiny bit of detailing to the back, so that is cool figure, but the main bet has to be the spidey drone. Look at him. Do you know because its a small pack, only the 200 pieces um it really doesnt. Do it justice? This is an incredible little draw. I love the fact. It really does emulate the spider yeah. Its only got four legs in the spider as eight, but it really has that feel of the chunky back abd the abdomen area of the spider and the narrower head. It just looks its immediately recognizable as being a spider.

This bit, folds out and spidey, can sit in there, so he can actually sit in and fly the drone and then on the back here. This bit opens up my hand in, and that opens out a little cupboard and the weird spiderling thing i dont know if its a bomb or an additional drone or what the heck it is, but that it does fit in there because i have had it in There we got and then once it said its safe, its locked away. We open that up, take that out to spideys hand and he will fit in there thusly. So this bird is in there take that wire off. I presume that sauce that you can hang off it get rid of those. So there you go. I can go that a little bit better oops there we go got that stand up. Leave that open, so you can see spidey there you go so that is spidermans drone jewel set number is 76195 198 pieces retails in the uk for 17.99, and it was a really quick build as well. It was only a 30 minute build, but the play value on this and, to be honest, the display value im absolutely over the moon with that little spider shaped draw thats much better than i anticipated. So thank you very much for watching this. Video do hope you enjoyed it, have a great day and ill see you again very soon.