The spider mans drone jewel, and these are the bits there bag, one two three, those pieces there, the booklet and then that piece there. So its a seven plus and im going to start doing this now with my eight year old son and see how we go so this is bag one completed there. You can see that theres some spare pieces there just in case you lose any bits. A couple of the bits were a little bit fiddly for my eight year old, so i just had to give a bit of a hand, but just really went wrong just on a couple of bits and also the stickers which are there, which are a little bit. Fiddly to get on so they dont go skew with, but apart from that, its definitely um more than doable for that age range. So this is bag. Two complete and a few little tricky bits on there just watch how um theyre going together a bit easier to go wrong, especially with younger ones, but apart from that fairly easy to go together. So this is the finished product. As you can see, this part is separate from the main drone um everything all spins around and everything, and these actually launch which im going to show you here. So you push down there. They actually can you see, so you do need to be really careful with that, because theyre quite powerful and the same is on here.

You can do the same with this person here um, but its really good, actually um, really good interactive toy. He hangs off the rope there so as its flying around and youve got spare bits there. Lots of bits um, but obviously just be careful with little ones with eyes, and things like that um and you might just need to oversee on the instructions to make sure that um everythings going together correctly. Otherwise, you could end up with problems of things being out of place, but its really good.