This has 198 pieces, two minifigures and it retails for 20 dollars in the u.s. This was released on october 1st, and it is one of the two sets inspired by previous movies in the mcu spider man franchise, which is why it has vulture. But the suit that spider man is wearing here is straight out of the no way home movie. So its kind of just a weird mishmash heres, the awesome black and gold spider man suit. We dont really have a name for this everyones just been calling it the black and gold suit, but it appears to be his outfit when its turned inside out, like just the regular black and red suit, because the lining looked like this in homecoming. So, im really interested to see what causes him to turn his suit inside out in the movie, its rumored, that he gets paint splashes on it, which sounds kind of stupid to me. But i think that this would be a really awesome thing for him to wear against electro. We do get gold webbing in this set first time ever and i really love these web pieces and they look fantastic in gold, but im just gon na go ahead and get that out of the way so that you guys can see more of the suit details Itself, like i said this is just a gorgeous figure. Im really happy with this. I know a lot of people have been kind of divided on what they think about this suit, but im just really happy to see that it has arm printing um.

All of the spider man minifigures in these no way home sets are pretty deluxe for just regular lego, marvel sets and honestly theres, not really anything. I would improve about this one. It would be nice, of course, to get side, leg, printing and side head printing, but those are not needed whatsoever. I just really really like this figure. This vulture minifigure is just absolutely insane. Its very heavy hes got a huge built up like wing jetpack assembly on his back. Ive had to put him on a 1×2 brick thats, not included in this set. I actually stole it from the eternals rise of the domo set, because i have it sitting next to me on the table and i really love the original vulture figure. But i never really liked his helmet because it was just like the flat iron man one. I really like what theyve done here using these pieces from sky police for lego city. I actually wanted to do this myself, like back in 2018, but i just never bought the pieces to do it so im really glad that legos done it, but for now lets focus on the wings. I really love the built up wings on the original vulture figure from 2017. It is one of like my favorite marvel minifigures and i think these ones are pretty successful. I think i like the old ones, just a little bit better, but these ones do have like some pretty impressive turbines on them and theyre very heavy, like i said, which is why he really wants to fall down, but youve got some nice sticker detail back there.

I just dont love part of the way that they move so theyre a lot better in terms of um in terms of sizing like just like next to a minifigure. I think that they work a lot better and you do have like these adjustable wing tips, but i dont like that. Theyre on just like regular bar and clip hinges over here. It makes them like, i said, just really, really heavy. So if youre trying to like fly him around, like they move a little bit too easily for me, i would have preferred if there were ratcheted joints on there, because i believe the older one had ratcheted joints, and i just liked that better, because i think it Made it easier to pose him up, like this figure, its going to be like a lot harder to get him to stay in poses. But as you can see, they are really flexible and i do just i love the vulture as a villain and i just love being able to like fly lego versions of him around and you do have some very nice stickered like designs on the wings. But again there are an obscene amount of stickers on the wings like while i was building this like youve got 10 on the front and then youve got another one on the back. That is quite a lot heres a closer look at the minifigure. Without all of that sorry, you can see the reflection of my ring light and his helmet there, but you can just flip that visor up and then hes got that really nice kind of like breathing tube piece, great torso design.

He just has a regular stud, shooter and a purple diamond and then at the back he does have one of those clear neck brackets that you can attach the wings and with the extra junk removed, you can get a better look at his face print and torso Print really love both of those like i said, and then he even gets an alternate face, print and great back printing. I really really like that. Alternate face print um, and i mean it might have been nice to get one. That was just like completely flesh, colored and a hairpiece, but i just think that its really awesome that he got an alternate face at all. This is not a figure that needed an alternate face, so im glad that lego went above and beyond and theres a quick look at his alternate face with that breathing tube attachment. So aside from vultures jet pack, the only build in this set is this giant like quadcopter drone for spider man. I love the color scheme here and it was a pretty interesting design using like these a frame pieces to get that quadcopter look. But i have no idea if this is going to be in the movie, i feel like theres no way it is right, like this really seems like something that lego would make up, which is fine, because the movie has a lot of spoilers so im just hoping. We get some more accurate spoilery sets um like in 2022, but i mean i think its cool.

Like i said i really like the black and gold color scheme. I love the sticker designs here that look exactly like spidey suit and especially this one on this little shield, like, i just think its really awesome. I love getting this nexo knights piece in this like drum lacquered gold. I dont know if weve seen that before and you do have a couple of stud shooters on top those are pretty easy to fire off just hit some deviants off um off screen. But you can open this like cockpit area and its actually using um. One of the like little mech pieces that were introduced with nexo knights and theyre now used on the smaller marvel max. So you can open that up and you do have like the smallest little seat for spidey and there are no controls which is kind of a shame. I would have even taken like a sticker in that piece to show like some controls. I just like it when you know youve got like actual details, but he sits in there and he looks really good again because the color scheme is just so consistent. I really really like that appearance and then he just folds up pretty tightly and you can just see him through the little gaps in the side. You do have another sticker. On the front. Sorry, i forgot to mention that kind of looks like spider eyes. So thats cool other than that, though theres not like much else to talk about the like the propellers move because theyre on frictionless technic pins, but you cant really or sorry.

I guess the rotors, not the propellers um, but like theres, nothing to to make them all spin at once. Youve just got some more stickers in here, and then you cant even like adjust these things really. So it really is like kind of just for the look of it, but i do like the design, because this isnt something that we see from lego. Often there are some things going on at the back, though, if you flip up this part with the stickers theres. Actually, a little storage compartment back there, and that has one of these like kind of techie spidery designs from like the comic based sets in like 2018 in like december 2018, so thats cool dont know what thats all about dont know if its something from the movie, But again probably not, and then you also have this little like rope or i guess web at the bottom. So you can adjust that and you can actually like kind of angle it up and down a bit. So you can get some different looks. But the idea there is that you can just grab spidey out of the cockpit and then i guess he can just set the the drone to autopilot. Because i mean it is a drone right, not like a vehicle and then he can swing from this web. So thats cool um, i mean i like this piece. I just kind of wish that lego had used the regular string, because you do have to put him all the way down at the end, and you can fly him around but, like i kind of, would have preferred if we had just gotten his regular webbing in Pearl gold, a because it would be a really cool piece and then b, because then he could grip it along like any length and not just at the bottom.

That basically does it for this, build though, like i said it, doesnt really do much. It just kind of looks good and its fun to look at and it is fun to mess around with, like i do, love it when minifigures get to dangle like on strings off of ships. So i do really like this feature. There are actually some really great extra pieces in this set, including the full set of those golden web pieces which again are just gorgeous and an extra mouth breathing apparatus for vulture weve got a typical, 20 lego box. I think its really funny that vulture is like running on the ground, even though the whole point of vulture is that he flies and then youve got that little inspired by homecoming. That is the wonderful integrated suit from the new movie, which looks really really nice and then around the back. Youve just got some of the play features and then hey look, vulture is actually kind of flying for once the instruction manual is fairly standard and at the back we do have an ad for the infinity saga sets, but nothing for the other no way home sets Which is kind of strange overall, i think that this is a pretty great set. I really love both of the builds here, its very nice, to have a regular, just mcu vulture out on the market, with a great build for the wings after four years and spider. Mans drone is a really interesting build.

I really like the design of it, even though i doubt its gon na be something that we see in the movie, and i love the minifigures. Both of them are good. I think that this is great value for twenty dollars. The only things that i feel like these builds are kind of like hard to play with um, i dont know theyre definitely hard to pose up like youll notice. This is not the most like attractive pose for, like the end of a review. I cant even get spidey to be like going to this side because of how much tension there is in that string, but i dont know just like playing with these seems like it would be really hard like ive got. You know big hands im an adult man at this point um, but like like flying with these things it just it just it seems like it would be annoying because vultures wings just want to like move everywhere. They wont stay in one place and i have to say i do like the way they come in like this, because i think that thats, a really cool look, but i dont want them to be like that all the time. So, just imagining being a kid and like trying to play with these things and then like vultures wings are like going everywhere at once and, like you, cant get spidey to do anything you want. I dont know it just it just seems kind of irritating to me.

So i do think that it would be better if vultures wings were ratcheted at the point where they joined the body um or if the drone was like just a less awkward size like this is a pretty awkward build like we dont, see stuff like this from Marvel often it looks like more stuff should move like it does feel kind of flimsy here, even though its not really going to break unless you really tug on it. So i dont know like the builds look really good but theyre, just not my favorite. In terms of playability, if theres any set, that, like i needed to put on clear, stands to display it well, it would be this one so thats my review of this set. I still think that you should buy it if youre a spider man fan, especially for that awesome, black and gold suit, but dont forget to comment like and subscribe and check out my website, goldenninjo3000.