Today we are looking at the brand new spidey and his amazing friends set set number 10782. The hulk vs rhino truck showdown. This has 110 pieces and is retailing for 19.99 usd or 24.99 canadian. I was able to get this here early from mastermind toys here in canada, but it will be officially launching on january the 1st everywhere else. I believe so without further ado lets, go ahead and lets take a closer look at this set here is the hulks little truck build and its cute its fine again, you got ta remember this is four plus okay, the expectations that a lot of people have for This is really misconstrued and you just got ta remember this for kids and i definitely get that feel here. Theres no prints here, which is kind of unfortunate. I think, because that is one of the best parts of four plus sets – is theres no stickers but its fine. I, like the use of the big fig hulk hands there in the front to uh. You know punch rhino or even i guess, if you wanted to have it like ram into the car and push it away. I think thats pretty cool. I like the axles there, also in purple and uh. You can actually put the hulk in side. If you want there, of course, there is the seat, and then you can have the little steering wheel for him to drive and on the back.

What you could do as well is actually attach the web piece there and grab spidey, and you can actually have him like dangling on to the web. So i think thats pretty cool that they are being very mindful of where they are putting these little pieces here, because you could see if we move this away and look at the rhino one theres actually a spot right there in the front to attach it. So what you do is you take your rhino figure. You place someone inside there and you attach the web like that and it actually entraps him inside. Like spider, man was webbing up the truck. So i really love that aspect of that. I think thats really smart and then the rhino head there in the front its cool, how its like the mechanized version of the rhino being represented here, and you see that in the suit as well, youve got a horn there in the front, which maybe should have Been white um, but i like the black because it goes with the tires and the orange and everything like that. I think its cool. I wouldnt necessarily associate orange with rydo, but i think its fine. There is a panel on inside there which i think was updated recently and i, like the tile piece here in the back thats, been used a lot for like armor in behind here theres this little play feature and you actually open that up because it ties into This small little build, which is, i guess, meant to be something from maybe a museum or probably more likely, a bank and inside its got this little vault and inside this container youve got a gold, ingot and a jewel.

So what that allows you to do is, if you put it on inside and move that away, you can actually go ahead and slide that in to the back of the rhinos truck and close it on up and hes trying to get away so pretty neat, you Could also, i guess, if you wanted to web this up by attaching the web piece there, and i guess it also just gives you like a spot to have like spider man just kind of hanging around so pretty cool youve also got this small little hot dog Inside a garbage can for some reason, and then youve also got this glider, which you take your spiderman figure and you just fly around with it and its interesting because doing that actually makes him the same height as a regular minifigure, because hes using mid legs. Because now hes one stud taller on the back theres, actually two missiles, which you just push forward and uh. I guess they break off, but yeah they dont go too far, but its fine. I i dont mind it now, with the web pieces a few things you could do the main thing being that when you actually have the web, youre meant to like throw it on to the bad guy and catch him like that, something else you are able to Do which we see in the biggest set, because it comes with two of these pieces, is if you have multiple of them, which ive got one of the other sets.

You can actually attach the two web pieces, so you take uh it here and you close it on up like that: entrapping your enemies inside this little web net, so thats really cool that you have the power to do that if you have multiple of them and When you get the bigger one or two of these sets, you will get two white ones, so it looks a little bit better, but yeah pretty cool here is the spider man figure based off of the show. It is very cartoony like look at the size of the eyes, but i will say in comparison to miles this is so much more detailed. I love how the printing is just like its just its there on the torso so much more. It fills up so much more of it and again the face looks pretty cool. Unfortunately, when they print white on red, it comes off as pink, and you can definitely see that theyre in the eyes, unfortunately turning it around here on the back, you can see. Hes got really good back printing like it looks like a regular sort of figure back head printing love, the symbol there on the back and the shadow that its got there, i think, looks really great and its got mid legs, which honestly maybe makes more sense for Spider man, because he is a kid hes, a teenager, but i really love this figure heres the hulk minifigure, and i think that, like myself, included a lot of people are really excited for this figure, because weve never really gotten a minifigure version of the hulk before He did actually appear in two promos from lego shop at home and we got minifigure versions of the mcu outfits, but weve never gotten this and a lot of people said you forgot the mighty micros and i did because you know what i dont consider that, like Its not a minifigure to me like its, not one that you could mix in with your other figures, because the eyes are all messed up, and just so simplistic and cartoony.

This is a little bit simplistic there in the torso. You can kind of get that sort of vibe from it, but i think, like the dual molded legs are amazing, with purple and light green and then youve also got like the ab printing and everything else really love that the hair use there. The messy hair in black, i think, works really well and then youve got this like smiling expression and taking the hair off and spinning it around. You could see. Hes got some back printing again very cartoony, but this face. In my opinion, i dont think really works. I would have liked one that hes more angry and fighting. I dont know why it like goes round and then flat so kind of a weird face. Honestly hulk i dont know were looking and here is the rhino, and i love rhino. The fact that we have him here is really great again. It is four plus it is based off the show. So it is very simplistic, but i love this helmet and neck attachment piece that they they have created. It looks great. The top horn is a little too tiny, i think um, but it looks really awesome. I love it in gunmetal gray would have like for the whole torso and arms and hands to be in gunmetal gray, weve, never gotten gunmetal gray hands but anyways. The the torso, though its very simplistic and im going to remove this here you can see what it looks like from all the different angles and hes got this face again: very cartoony, maybe thats why the hulk had that smile be flat like that, which you also See here and the torso printing very, very simplistic, but spinning it around here, no backhead printing, unfortunately, and then youve also got like the rest of like the exo suit theyre printed on which looks pretty cool, and it does look neat honestly when you do have it Attached here with the helmet piece, all in all, you know getting rhino amazing step in the right direction, so great to have him.

Finally, back after all these years, anyways everyone. What do you think of this set id love to hear your thoughts? Your comments? Are you going to be picking this up on january 1st? I know a lot of people want to get it just for rhino. Some people want to get it for hulk, and some people want to get it for spidey. I think its a good set its four plus it does the job. I cant really complain too much about that, and you know saying like its too simplistic for the figures and all that yeah. It is but its accurate to the show, so its just awesome that we are getting these sets this isnt a part of the marvel line, its part of the four plus line that numbering so its not like its taking away set numbers from uh. You know the normal marvel theme, so no complaints on my part but be sure to subscribe turn on the bell notifications, so you dont miss out on future lego spider. Man set news and reviews, but i hope you guys did enjoy the video.