Lego set three one, one one one lego cyber drone: it is a creator set three in one and im really excited to share this with you today. I originally wanted to get this off the store shelf, but i had to come back for it and when i got it it was gone so um i had to get it online. Um yeah so lets. First take a look at the box on the back. Here. We can see every um build, there is theres this little speeder and this little drone or more of a mac than a drone, because i think the drone has to be controlled, um wirelessly by something else. And then there is this um like helicopter thing, or i think its supposed to resemble like a helicopter, but it is jet engine on the top. There is just more box artwork displaying what there is um an actual size, an advertisement for lego life more stuff here and not a whole lot. Besides, just some more box artwork so now lets open this up and Applause check out everything here, so um lets. First, take a look at the instructions here and all these little um pieces here before we look at these set. So first of all, we have this little legoland flyer here basically says kids go free with a bit um, some more artwork here and all that stuff. There we have three instructions for each of these and a little win on each side, which, basically, you can go review the set as well as an advertisement for some more sets, maybe ill get one in the future.

Who knows, but anyway, lets first start by building the set. However, one of the main reasons i bought this set was because of the minifigure. If we get a close up look, you can definitely see its been modeled off of some minifigures from the original 1980s and maybe late 70s space theme with even some printing on the back. This is all printed on a transparent head, and the body is also pretty interesting with a lot of silver parts with the original space theme there on the back, we have some printing. These legs, however, are a chrome silver, and then you can see some gold highlights right there and there in between his belt and his chest plate. So for the first build. We have this mech im, not a huge fan of this build because of mostly two things. These legs and how they rotate for some weird reason kind of loosely and because they just completely um, gave up on good making a good design for the back, but um a few good things are. This thing can open up fitting the robot dude in here pretty snug and theres, this laser cannon thing or like a taser, jab or whatever. You want to think, and then this claw thing which might be able to like pick up um trash on the side of the road. If this is a community service robot, i dont know but um yeah thats it for build. One lets take a look at the second build for today, so build two appears to be this speeder type, speeder type thing, and it has um assuming these are like laser cannons.

These are control panels and these would be the um steering, and these are stability and the person can stand here while this would propel them through air or whatever they need whatever theyre flying through. So this seems like an okay build. I dont really see a whole lot wrong with this. Its um stands, pretty steady on its own and doesnt seem to have any problems, so i like this definitely more than the mac for the last build of today. This is the main build. We have this helicopter jet thing. You can definitely tell its meant to look like a helicopter, but it has these jet engines um. You can either these blue things, which im assuming youre like the jet exhaust, then these are the two jets here. These are for stability, and then this also here these can move up and down. If you want to have like a vertical take off or like veto, whatever its called, and then this can open up. You can fit mr robot in here pretty well and snug. Oh, oh, he has to be sitting back, however, and that works out just fine, so um. That is probably my favorite build in this um in all the builds weve seen today, because well its the main build the other ones. Just um seem like they were kind of not given the it just seems like they were just trying to fill. Some builds out, um, maybe not with the speeder, but for the mech.

It was definitely unfinished but um anyway. If you liked todays video, please like and subscribe and ill see you all later in the next video.