The set code number is three three one, one one, one that’s pretty weird sorry of a fast start. I just haven’t done a youtube video in a long time, and i hope you guys enjoyed this video i’m doing gaming now and i changed my logo to three minifigures. I think it’s super cool, so let’s get into the build first up. We’Ve got the guide of the cyber drone. This was actually a remake. This guy well not the set, but the guy was a remake from an old lego set, so that’s cool and i built the drop ship like i said in the whole video – and it goes right here like that and it lands back and looks like them. Just like that, that’s cool, the wings move, these things move the back, that’s cool with that, and this is the box it’s kind of hard to see one set. If i can actually wait, you guys might like this better oops. I like that. So this that you can build either that speed here or that map, let me show you the back, so i chose that one there. You could also build a robot or a speeder, so that’s that – and i hope you guys enjoyed this video. I hope i see you in another video some other time so see you later bye peace. Also.