that’s a lot of ones cyber drone. This includes 113 pieces, ages, 6 and up and retails for 10 usd. You get. Two bags and three instruction booklets for each model in this set here’s one third of the set all built up now. Let’S take a look at that minifigure according to the shop at home. This minifigure is plainly called robot, but i’ll just come space cyborg, because i think the name fits better. But, as you can see, this minifigure has got metal, gray, legs and a torso piece, and you can see the reflection coming off the minifigure and on the torso. You can see that this minifigure has a space logo that’s, why i call them space cyborg and then on the back. You could see more printing, but the highlight of this minifigure is, of course, that translucent blue head. That looks amazing. This minifigure reminds me heavily of the robo guardians from the system sets back then, which i think that is a nice callback to the old sets here is one out of the three builds in the set, which is the cyber drone list, looks really good. I love the color scheme and the engines can move up and down like this same with that side, and if you move on to the back, you may think that these can move, but unfortunately, it can’t, because it’s locked into place by these technic pieces and these Flaps can move up and down like this, and this is a look at the underside of the drone and if you open the cockpit, take your minifigure and then sit him in there like this and then close it.

That is what he looks like in there. My second favorite build or model in the set is the mech, and this looks really cool. The feet can swivel. Unfortunately, there is no articulation on the leg, so you could just probably slide it around like this. If you want and on the left side, you have this claw arm, and this could potentially hold things like if you get your minifigure and hook it on there, it kind of doesn’t work. So if you want, you could probably modify it, but on the right side you have this blue cannon. There is a ton of articulation via ball points where you can move this up and down and 360 degrees, and these cannon pieces can also move up and down. As well, there is also cockpit, and if you pull down this hatch, get your minifigure and then plop them on that 1×2 space and then close it up here is what it looks like. The futuristic like speeder build, has to take my number one spot. For least favorite build from this set it’s kind of plain plus. I have another issue with it, which is the front right here. The front of it looks very plain: with that wide open spot, i don’t know it just doesn’t really work for me, but the front can move 360 degrees, which are these engines right here, and the flaps at the back can move up and down same with these Ones right here there is blue energy coming out from the back, which represents these translucent blue pieces, which yeah, i said the other way around, but the there is a 1×2 space where you could plop your minifigure like this simply and yeah there’s, not really much with This build the box size for the set is a 15 box size and, just by me saying that you can already tell that this is a well done set with the price per piece ratio.

And if we took a look at the back, you could see all the models in its glory, taking a look at the first instruction booklet, which is based on the mech. If we flip all the way to the back, you could see an advertisement for the rest of the creator sets and another ad for the other ones, which i think that treehouse is really well done. I’Ll probably have to get that soon, i’m, not sure on to the cyber drone. This one is yeah, of course, the cyber drone, but if we all the way to the back, nothing in the back but the same advertisement that appeared in the mech and then finally onto the futuristic speeder, there is nothing except a win ad. So, in the end, this is an amazing set. You get 113 pieces for 10, which is an absolute steal, a stellar looking minifigure with the translucent head and three pretty good, looking models that you can build so overall, i rate the set a 10 out of 10.. If you did enjoy the video be sure to like button comment and subscribe, if you want to, i hope you enjoyed the video.