It contains 113 pieces and one unique minifig create a droid twn 401, as you can see by the box. It is showing us that there are three models that you can make from this one set, so lets jump into it and build it together in the set. We find two bags and three instruction manuals on each model and were going to be starting with this one. First, this is create a droid twn 401 who is unique to this set and also has a transparent head Music. So just added the plastic cover to the cockpit here and it can open like that and we can chuck the minifig in there Music Music. So there it is this cybercopter all finished up used most of the pieces. With the exception of a few spare pieces, it looks functional. It looks really nice, obviously its nothing too big or major, but there we go all finished up now were going to be building this mech Music. So there we go added the same plastic cover again just repurposed it and the minifigure sits in behind it Music. So theres both the legs done. They do move quite a bit due to the repurposed parts and there it is weve got the mech. All finished up really looks pretty decent for whats involved in the pieces that are used. You got the two arms and everythings connected on the ball joints, so its still quite flexible and movable the legs are stiff and straight they dont bend.

They do rotate around on the same spot, but thats pretty much it so now were going to be building the final model, which is this cyber bike: Music, Music – and there is the cyber bike all finished up, and you use probably about half of the pieces in This set so um yeah, pretty straightforward. Youve got the little thruster at the back. Youve got these nice wings on the side and what look to be like guns at the front, so lets jump into reviews and review all three models overall for buildability its interesting, because its youve got the three models. So i mean its delivering what it says its going to deliver on. However, as youre building it, you kind of find that each model becomes more forgettable than the last one. There is a bit of fun when youre building it, but once youre done youre kind of left with something thats very basic, very simple, so theres the creative effort there, but the designs at the end kind of fall short. So for that im giving it a 4.5 out of 10. for looks, i found the color scheme interesting with this orange and that kind of bluey grey other type pieces that kind of complement each other. I thought that was nice. I found the best looking model. Was the cyber chopper at the beginning, but that might have been just because it used nearly all the pieces in this set. However, i found that the looks were sacrificed in order to provide three model builds so for looks im, giving it a 3.

9 out of 10. for playability. There were the three models which helped to excite a futuristic play environment, so for that it was kind of fun. However, it kind of limits your imagination, with where you can go with that these sets are not for display. They are simply just to play with so theres no kind of display, element or factor involved there so for playability im, giving it a 5.4 out of 10.. So the total overall score im giving this set is a 13.8 out of 30. thats it for today, thanks for watching guys, if you found this video helpful or entertaining please hit that like button.