. So this is a new kit in 2021 and i’m very excited about this. So it’s a drain, one it’s a bigger kit, and so it is 113 liquor pieces and it is called the cyber drone, so let’s open it and then open it and see the other way. Two three bags and reinstruction liquids: Music like that boom and so i’m. Rebuilding this one, then after i’m done this is my in in the next video, then i’m gon na be building this one in the next video, okay, bye, guys, Music, hi guys, mr again and i’m, with my friend’s public. This was a very fun build and it was a cool one too. I do really love to sit because being movies, so you can go down. You can go. Oh, like it’s, very cool like egg. I like it so let’s start off with the porcelain force. So we can just take them out real, quick, so i’ve never seen this type of heavy phone there you go so yeah the head and the bottom is very cool. I this he has a back head too, is that a head? Okay, stay! Sorry, guys! Okay, so yeah, so this is it that’s the back, and this is the front and the in the pen like kind of grayish it’s, the back. So here it is so you can move these around and the cockpit opens – and you can put this stick to post inside and set the box inside it right now laying down – and this is the back it’s like he’s gon na move too wait.

You can move down like that.