0. The latest edition of an incredibly popular, fast folding electric bike lets check it out Music. This thing really is the cult classic of the e bike market in the us. Its got a huge fan base after seemingly coming out of nowhere a couple years ago and with the latest addition here in electric xp 2.0. We get to enjoy the features and performance we know and love from the first run of the bike, but with several important upgrades right off the bat, we still get our fast 28 mile per hour top speed, making this a class 3 e bike, though it actually Ships in class 2 mode with a 20 mile per hour, top speed that can be modified using the handlebar mounted, control pad and screen. We still get our powerful 500 watt motor in the rear, too theyre rated for a peak of 850 watts, and we still get our included rack and full metal fenders, which are important for rainy areas where fenders can help. Keep you dry, though. Now the bike has a higher ip68 waterproof rating, so you can really ride in wetter conditions without worrying as much though you should always do your best to clean and dry the bike after deep water excursions just to improve longevity. Other major improvements include the new hydraulic suspension fork, which actually surprised me in my review of the original electric xp. I said i didnt mind the rigid fork since a the bike had huge 4 inch tires to cushion the ride and b any low cost e bike.

That tries to add a suspension fork will usually cheap out on a junker bottom shelf spring fork and its just worse than having a rigid fork since itll fall apart quickly. But in this case the folks at electric e bikes must have been listening because when they added a suspension fork, they opted for a good hydraulic oil fork. Instead of a cheap. Bargain basement fork its only 50 millimeters or two inches of travel, but it makes a big difference, especially when you head off of smooth pads or even just stick to roads. That could use a little bit of love and speaking of tires as part of the suspension equation. Theres another important upgrade here. The electric xp 2.0 has dropped from four inch fat tires to three inches, which makes them more like a balloon tire than a true fat. Tire that also makes them more nimble, while still preserving a pretty cushy ride. It also saves a bit of weight too, which is good, since the bike actually became a bit heavier due to some improvements in its ruggedness. The frame is now more robust and stronger built, including a beefier folding mechanism and an upgraded rear rack that rear rack is designed to hold 75 pounds or 34 kilos of weight based on the extreme safety factors that lawyers make companies use in their weight ratings. You could probably have a full size, adult riding back there without a problem, but im not saying you should do that point is the bike is even more robust and designed to last.

It even has hard points for mounting upgraded storage. You can get the cargo pack to add a front rack and basket, plus a rear basket onto the bike. Turning this thing into a veritable cargo e bike and keep in mind its still a rather small bike, too, it folds up into a pretty small package, not as small as a narrow, tire, folding bike, but still quite packable to put in a car fan boat, plane. Rv or whatever, and somehow im not even done talking about the upgrades, there are wider handlebars here for more comfortable riding and speaking of comfort. You can even get the comfort package that swaps out the seatpost for a suspension post, and it adds a gigantic spring saddle that feels like youre sitting on a barber chair, while flying at 28 miles an hour. Its an awesome upgrade highly recommended, even though the stock seat is already quite nice and big. The comfort package, though it just ups the ante even more with all of these upgrades, the only quote unquote downgrade i could find on the bike, is a slightly smaller battery. Dropping from 500 watt hours to 460. yeah its a bummer to see a smaller battery anytime, but i found that the efficiency of the bike improved slightly so im, actually getting about the same range that i got on the first edition of the bike. Its probably due to the lack of 4 inch fat tires, which are known to kill efficiency, so im still getting somewhere around 20 to 25 miles on throttle only riding depending of course on.

You know, rider weight terrain. You might not always get that, but its a good base figure and then, if youre, doing pedal, assist riding youll, probably get somewhere in the 30 to 40 miles, though youll only see the higher end of that range when you stick to pedal assist level one now, Those range levels are probably fine for most commuters and recreational riders. For the price, though, which is 999 dollars for the whole bike, i really think youre getting so much bang for your buck here that this is unreal. I mean its a fast powerful folding e bike. Thats comfortable and affordable whats, not to like sure i can complain that it doesnt have a torque sensor or that the mechanical brakes would be nicer if they were hydraulics, but thats not really the point of a bike like this. I can accept a few sacrifices like those if it means you get a more affordable e bike with good performance and thats always been electric specialty, making the right sacrifices to bring excellent performance for the cost. There are better ebikes out there sure, but you have to pay a pretty penny to start shaving off pounds or to spec a bike with fancy components so for under a thousand dollars. This is a great entry level ebike with awesome performance for the price. I mean this is the definition of bang for your buck and its really hard to complain about much when youre getting a deal like this speaking of deals.

If you happen to be watching this video in the first month, it was posted, you can take advantage of electrics black friday sale, which starts at the beginning of november, runs all month and for the same price of the bike, you get included three accessory packages. The comfort package, the upgraded headlight and the folding bike lock the base price for the bike is still 999 bucks, but you get a lot of cool accessories thrown in there too. So not a bad deal at all Music. Thanks for watching everyone, we hope you enjoyed that review of electric xp 2.0. If you did why dont you give this video a thumbs up and dont forget to subscribe, so you wont miss any of our future electric vehicle. Videos well see you here next time, Music.